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$800 Gaming PC - May 2015

what's up you guys aside from tech stores and welcome to the Azorean gaming pc build and i wanted to build a monster gaming pc for just 800 bucks and by the looks of it I think I did a pretty good job so I've been thinking about doing one PC build every month from now on and if that's something you guys want to see happen make sure to hit that like button that way I know to keep going but anyways without wasting any more time let's go in and start this video okay so I went with the i-5 4590 quad-core CPU because the performance you get from Intel processors are just amazing they are especially great for gaming if you don't mind paying a little bit more for this bill to work I had to get a quad-core Haswell chip which will be able to handle any game out there I was also able to overclock the CPU to 3.5 gigahertz which is pretty good considering that I don't have liquid cooling for the graphics card I went with the Sapphire Radeon r9 290 overclocked version and it features a four gigabyte memory a clock speed of 50 200 megahertz a single HDMI and DisplayPort along with triple fans pair this baby with the i5 4590 and you have yourself a solid gaming PC for RAM I went with two four gigabyte g.skill sticks with 16 megahertz memory speed and winning these in dual channel mode ensures you get optimal read and write speeds it's also plenty of RAM for basically any game out there keeping all the parts together is the ACE rock z97 anniversary motherboard it can support up to fifth generation intel i7 processors and 32 gigabytes of RAM with 3100 memory speed it also features six SATA ports and six USB ports because I wanted to keep the budget at the $800 mark I had to ditch the SSD and get a terabyte hard drive from Western Digital there should be plenty of space for most people and if it isn't you can definitely add more if you choose to to power up the Azorean I went with a corsair 500 watt modular power supply this build really only needs about 350 watts of power to one but I figured 500 is a good amount for future proofing any additional upgrades I also went with a modular PSU to make cable management a lot easier and if you guys want to save a few bucks you can go with a non modular version which I'll also link below finally I went with a corsair 300r ATX mid tower case you do have the option to get a clear side panel however I opted for the all-black panel it features two USB 3.0 ports an audio and microphone port along with the power buttons all located on the front of the case for easy access and it has plenty of clearance inside for even the biggest of graphics cards so how does the PC perform for gaming and benchmarks well that actually performs better than the neutron 2.0 from Austin his channel he did an $800 gaming PC last month and while this PC actually does a lot better for the same price point but I'll let you guys check out the results for yourself so before we jump into the gaming and benchmarks here are the actual specs of the PC and the clock speed you can see that it's running at a stable 3.5 gigahertz the motherboard temps are averaging around 37 degrees Celsius which is similar to all four cores on the CPU as well and if you look on the bottom you can find a graphics card temperature as well which is currently at 43 degrees Celsius so overall really cool temperatures across the board starting off the benchmarks we have the popular Cinebench r15 which is used to test the CPU and graphics card performance skipping to the end we have an FPS score of 111 point seven and a CPU score of 521 and you can compare this score with your own PC to see where it stands if you're interested now moving to a more popular test for gaming PC's we have the 3d mark 11 fire strike benchmark Azorean scored an 85 34 which is 83% better than all the results and you can see how high ranks up compared to other high-end gaming pcs so I really got a solid score now let's take a look at gaming with some of the most popular graphic intensive games like GTA 5 I run the benchmark test on this game and receive this score of 94 point 5 frames per second on normal settings but here's the actual gameplay with the frame counter on the top left for biofuel for and managed to pick up an average frame rate count of 69 point five on high settings for Metro last light on high settings I was able to get an average of sixty five point five frames per second for Bioshock infinity on high settings you get a very high one hundred ninety seven point five times per second last but not least we get a solid 130 frames per second for Diablo 3 at high settings as well so this PC can definitely handle graphic intensive games with ease so if you guys only have 800 bucks to drop on your next PC this is definitely the one you want to build anyways that's it for the video thank you guys so much for watching if this is something you want to see done every month definitely hit that like button and let me know by dropping a comment down below also other parts featured in this video will be listed in the description section down below if you guys are interested by the way I do have my Twitter followers both on the PC budget amount that's actually something I don't control and if you guys want to participate on the next PC budget amount make sure you have following me on Twitter and Instagram I was supposed a bunch of sneak peek and behind-the-scenes so those of you guys that have been following me there already know what part I was going to use for the PC build also make sure you guys stick around for the giveaway announcement for the PC one lucky subscriber will win this thanks to the unlocking company comm and I will have the details on that on a later video which is actually coming up really soon so make sure you guys stick around for that but other than that thanks again for watching this is that from tech stores I will see you guys in the next video you
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