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A Gaming Laptop Actually For Gamers? - Alienware R3

what's up guys it's a protect source and in this video we'll be taking a closer look at a lien where's 15 inch gaming laptop specifically the r3 model with the gtx 1070 the unit that dell has sent us has a price tag of $2,700 which is a pretty steep jump from the $1,700 base model with the increased cost however we get a beefier processor the i7 7820 HK as well as an improved display it's still 1080p but as a refresh rate of 120 Hertz instead of the standard 60 we also get 32 gigs of ram running at 2400 megahertz and lastly 2 terabytes of storage one terabyte coming from a more traditional 7200 rpm Drive and the other terabyte is from the m2 the read and write speeds are fast and the storage is easily upgradeable removing the aluminum back panel and you get access to your two RAM slots as well as a room to add four hard drives here's a mechanical drive and the existing m2 and over here are the two extra m dot two slots the build quality is nice the top panel is aluminum which adds a bit of weight when compared to its plastic competition and when you're handling a laptop this big it's nice having very little flex a lot of the weight actually comes from the 99 watt hour battery which gave me some pretty impressive numbers around 6 hours of use which is really good coming from a gaming laptop however that was from just everyday usage for watching YouTube videos writing scripts and browsing the web the PC mark workstation benchmark that I run on all my laptop tests showed a different result so the laptop is also thinner when compared to last year's model by 25% a lot of gaming laptops have light-up logos and keyboards but this laptop is on another level it has 12 different lighting zones all of which are user customizable the life strips on the sides are the first I've seen on any laptop I reviewed on the channel and they give the laptop a futuristic Tron look which I like of course if RGB lighting is in your thing you can always turn them off through the alien FX app but personally I like them especially when combined with the D brand skins we have on here I even added some carbon fiber around the keyboard it's actually improved performance by 10% believe it or not but seriously if you're looking to spice up your laptop check them out because they offer skins for a variety of laptops as well it's not just for Alienware I'll drop a link down below if you guys want to check it out above the lights we get some ports we got audio jacks 2 USB 3.0 we also get a type C and on the back we have an Ethernet some display ports Thunderbolt 3 and the graphics amplifier port it's very inconvenient that they didn't include an SD card slot considering I use that a lot while transferring video and audio files when editing a lot of gaming laptops in this price range include one so it's kind of disappointing to see that the art 3 doesn't come with one the display is great for gaming it's 1080p and it has the refresh rate of 120 Hertz with g-sync unfortunately it's a TN panel so there are gonna be some trade-offs first off the viewing angles are bad not so much from the sides but from higher or lower angles you can see drastic color shifting and secondly it's not that color accurate either don't get me wrong it's ok when playing games or consuming media but I would stay away from this panel if you plan on doing any color sensitive work the blacks on the screen lack depth and the colors are somewhat washed out they do have 1080p and 4k IPS panels however if you do want a better image and accurate colors but if you don't care about the color accuracy then the 120 Hertz panel is the ideal choice for gamers especially if you play competitively so this is the fund-raising camera test on the Alienware r3 it's shot at 720p and is the highest resolution the final you just kicked it out of you guys can hear that and the video quality and the microphone is actually not the best that's when you've seen a lot better in other gaming laptops it's also ready to use with Windows hello an alternative way of logging in using the front-facing camera which is great but I hope to see Elian we're implementing Turpin readers in the future the triple zone backlight keyboard is solid keys over two millimeter travel distance without feeling mushy on the left side we can find macro keys that can be programmed through the Alienware FX and overall I've had no complaints using it to game and it didn't take me too long to become efficient with it when writing scripts below that will find the trackpad which is unreasonably small I mean look at all this room Alienware had to work with I mean at least it has RGB backlighting my guess it is accurate and works good with multi gestures and the physical buttons have a nice mechanism even though well anywhere skimped out on the size of the trackpad fortunately they have increased the size of their speakers the base is strong but not overpowering they do distort a little near max volume but they're still very good the highs and mids are also very pronounced and it gets loud enough to fill an average-sized room however I would recommend some surround sound headphones for serious gaming so you guys can hear footsteps and games like pop G for everything else especially for media consumption you won't be disappointed by the speakers so with our configuration we were easily breaking through the 60 frame press hold and with some graphical tuning we were even able to utilize the full hundred twenty Hertz refresh rate in most games while still keeping most settings that high this wasn't really a surprise when keeping our configuration in mind what was surprising to me were the thermals when the CPU and GPU was pushed with synthetic benchmarks had managed to stay cool with no danger of throttling not only that but we were blown away with just how quiet it manages to stay even while under full load coming from the jet engine like a razor blade Pro I just recently reviewed it is night and day overall I would say that the Alienware 15 is a decent buy it has powerful specs great build quality a solid keyboard and a 120 Hertz panel which you don't see too often on laptops thanks to its solid and great cooling it's bigger and heavier than a lot of laptops out there you can also build a really nice desktop gaming PC with that budget so the question always comes down to is how much power do you really need while on the go because if you're buying a gaming laptop in the first place you're obviously gonna use it away from home however I wouldn't recommend this laptop for any looking for maximum portability my personal top two picks right now are the Acer Helios 300 or the new dell 75077 which has a gtx 1060 max-q design which is going for under $1000 right now doubling to both of the laptops down below as well as the Alienware r3 think as much watching as always if you enjoy the video toss they like to show your support if you didn't like it it'll fit a dislike as well and I will see you guys in the next one
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