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A Simple $500 Budget Gaming PC for Beginners

what's happening guys I'm tax always welcome back to another build on the channel today I'm gonna be building a $500 budget PC to start gaming right now whether you're coming straight from console or maybe you want to get into PC gaming because all your cool friends are playing for tonight and apex legends the cpu we're going with is the i3 8100 and despite being a year and a half old this quad core lock the CPU is still beast at gaming compared to the 2200 G and the r3 1200 from a and B on stock the e100 performs much better in gaming and you guys can check the full benchmarks in this video that my friend Brian did from tech yes city if you're interested the motherboard we're going with is the gigabyte h3 10 ma which supports a gen processor so there's no need to flash the BIOS and for RAM we are throwing in 8 gigs at 26 66 megahertz which is the most that this board supports and to keep the average FPS above 60 and 1080p gaming we have to go with the rx 570 specifically the card from power color to stay within the budget this is the red dragon and it's going for around $130 which is a solid deal this card is beast when it comes to 1080p gaming and it outperforms the GTX 1050 Ti and it even cost less than the gtx 750ti so that's interesting for storage we're keeping it simple so one terabyte from Seagate and powering the entire build is whereas the power suit is an EVGA 450 bronze certified power supply and lastly everything is going inside the clean master box q 300 L from Coolermaster it's a micro ATX case with an acrylic side panel 2 USB 3 ports on the side and an included 120 millimeter we are fan I also like these cube designs on the mesh filters for the top and front this case only goes for $40.00 and it's perfect for this budget build all-in-all this build will cost you around $500 plus the cost of the CD key which is around $15 you guys can actually buy it from SCT comm and if you use my code you can get an extra 10% off make sure to check the link below if you guys don't want to spend full price on a CD key now I want to be clear guys this PC is not meant for future expandability so if you guys are planning upgrading parts within the next year or so this build is not for you it's specifically for people that want the best gaming performance right now around $500 without the hassle of upgrading parts or overclocking anything you just slap on the parts and you get to go now here's a better part list for both Intel and AMD for people that want future upgrade ability I'll drop a link for those parts as well as the parts that are going to be used in this build down below if you guys want to check that out but anyways what that said let's put these parts together and see how well it does in gaming I first came csgo we are on maxed out settings that looks like this time I'm not playing with medium bots guys I am playing with oh that was my apologies fellow terrorists but ever played against hard bots so I'm tired of killing easy BOTS or medium bots so I'm gonna try and test my skill alright Wow yeah hard bots aren't that hard apparently Wow my aim is so bad Jesus you would think benchmarking csgo so many times that would be good at it well yeah frame wise we're getting in the high hundreds low 200s depending on where we're going oh no I'm not gonna I'm gonna get this oh why am I so bad yeah low to hundreds high one hundred oh my I should just stay away from matchmaking honestly just stick to BOTS that was so terrible anyways as I was saying hi like so as I was saying average FPS and the high hundreds low at 200 so then again this game can run on pretty much any potato that's not really surprising really well yeah fluid gameplay no lagging no stuttering the 800 100 is kicking ass oh oh my god alright whatever moving on to the next game alright guys the next game is fortnight the game that everyone loves to hate or loves to play depending on who you ask I check out the settings real quick everything is maxed out in 1080p except anti-aliasing which is off and then post-processing is set to low okay so we're getting anywhere from 70 to 80 high 70s low 80s in the beginning let's get into a fight and see if the frames did I'm gonna die out here I know it oh all right ladies and gentlemen fortnight's all right next up is battlefield 5 we are playing domination multiplayer settings we are let's see we are on high preset we're getting in the high 60s low 70s not bad this game is definitely playable with the 80 100 and the RX 5 70 you won't be getting over 100 FPS but is still playable so if you guys want to play over 100 you gonna have to lower the settings down to medium but this is definitely playable over 60 in high settings I got you hey you get that buddy Oh alright well that is battlefield 5 ion multiplayer legend I'm moving on to the next game our next game we have apex legends for some reason MSI Afterburner does not work with this only fraps does so you guys can see the FPS counter on the bottom right settings we are using pretty much set to high this is by default and in touch any of the settings here and it's way for a game alright so on the ground right now average FPS we're looking at high 80s low 90s so far just running around no battles alright so except there's a fight going on over here so looks like in battle the frames did that down to the low 60s which isn't bad I mean the goal is to keep above 60 FPS and this is in high settings so do keep that in mind the cool thing is that there was no stuttering or lagging during the fights so that is also a really good sign oh my god I literally almost died oh my god what was that what you have apex Legends is definitely playable over 60fps on this five hundred dollar budget PC well it may not have future expandability but it sure does kick ass in 1080p gaming we were getting over 60 fps across most games and high settings with no lag or stuttering while keeping low temps and no fan noise like I said earlier if you guys want to sacrifice performance in exchange for upgrade ability then the a and B route is your best option once again I'll drop a link to all the parts I mentioned in this video including all the parts for this build if you guys enjoy the video and want to see more like it feel free to toss a like to show your support and if you didn't you know what to do consider subscribing because I will be building a budget gaming setup featuring this PC which is coming out very soon then you guys so much watching as always I love your faces and I'll see you in the next one
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