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A Subscriber's Reaction at me Building him a Gaming PC

so diego is here he's here to pick up his PC that I built for him a little back story he reached out about a month ago and he asked me to build a PC for him and I said sure why not so I'm actually excited to see what his reaction is gonna be and he's actually downstairs waiting so let's go get him make it stoked he's down yet waiting let's check it out Diego what's up dude nice to meet you in person man he's not backup cam today okay all right I'm glad you found this place cuz usually when you go into maps it tells you to make a left yeah yeah then you came back this way yeah all right big day let's go men's do it yeah there's been a while you have to wait for that processor to come in stock man but I think I think it's worth it man I think I think the the wait was worth it cool cool so here it is man I'll crab me let me record this thing real quick hello hello I serious nice you bought a monitor too right I think nice nice which one was it the Asus one yeah nice yeah for every game IMAX a and he game you're looking forward to playing like then you call a duty maybe destiny - yes for I've got a console guy man he's switching over to PC master-race yeah both yeah exactly this guy - you didn't play on the freakin console - yeah and I gave him a brand new PC now he's hooked on that thing right at the top obviously and one of you I'm gonna give you the honors of turning it on first so here's that reveal you know what it looks like do you know there we go all right now hit the power button then Daniel perfect guy and you it so why did you reach out to me why we shout to you um three reasons pretty much great reasons I thought yeah there's only one way three guys one main reason I have confidence in you I knew you were excess wordings okay for watching videos after a couple years I'll take it here to the cable management oh my god I'll show you the kale manager by the way I spent I spent like two hours on the cable management this thing varies in my country you all right I'm dirty I don't know about PC I mean technically I do have build guys but you know yeah to build something like this though for your first time it may take some experience so you like him and you like let me let me pop this thing up listen to how quiet it is dough and these is all overclocked by the way push 287 under k2 4.9 gigahertz I over clock both GPUs so everything is basically pushed to its max you just set the girl - ting as a beast let me open this panel for you just the color scheme you wanna write black and blue with some silver accents yeah dude this thing is heavy you take it was so much it was it was so heavy to bring this up in the ground and put it on top of here but take it out man these are your your 2 SSDs in your one terabyte each I hook them up and write 0 so it's one drive and it's extremely fast so there's one thing that you really like about the PC what is it like one part you like the cooler okay nice nice I was hoping you would pick the cooler because it's definitely unique is that nice nice okay one thing you don't like about a PC do you have to pick one no one the least thing you don't like how about that is the least favorite part of the PC you can even pick the case I guess this lobster here that the hard drives right bears yeah there's a lot there's a lot I was thinking about taking these apart but it would look so empty just on the right side there's nothing there so I left that on there there's only literally like two SSD you can if you want yeah I'll be cool you can take like the top parts out and put like a figurine on top to kind of I named the sub-zero but this is obviously you can tell by the wallpaper but you can name it whatever you want this is just for this is just for the channel naming purposes but yeah man everything is there if you want to change the colors on let's say that grab his car is in sli bridge everything is hooked up together and let me show you real quickly but I want you to test out doom real quick and see how smooth it is but it's gonna be a 4k resolution too so this is like completely maxed out ultra settings 4k resolution any game you want to play man your PC can handle it just just know that ya later down the line if you want to screen videos if you want to videos or whatever you have a 6-quart he's 700 care so you put pretty much said on that getting like at least a hundred frames for case settings guys fully maxed out that's pretty cool go that way yeah isn't me some enemies thanks so much better mo oh is it what computer we coming from I think goddess I don't know take a picture of it - it's a 2001 it was like a prebuilt yeah people compact compact O's that Kathleen size - jeez it was a great great no it's black there's one one thing I do want to show you before you head out I install this app it's called pulse way and if you like it you can obviously understand it but basically it gives you the option of controlling your computer when you're away from your computer basically so you let you log in your app and you'll see the computers you can add as many computers as you want on it I've added a subzero this one's over here's my actual my actual computer and you can send command props to your computer you can actually check its CPU usage you can check the folders on there and the best thing that I want to actually use a lot is you can turn off your computer away from them even have to even be next to your PC yeah check this up you can power it down you can we start it you can even lock your computer so I'm gonna lock it real quick boom down it's locked so the next time you come in you have to basically put in the password I did put any password on yours obviously you can set that up later but it's really cool cuz sometimes when I'm like editing a video on my personal PC and I'm walking away it's gonna take like an hour to render or something I can go do my errands and stuff and I can completely shut it off while I'm like out there and have to be nowhere near my PC so it's a pretty cool app it is free I left it on there if you don't want it obviously you can install it okay and if you guys want to check it out I'll drop a link to it down below of course but yeah man overall rating out of 10 what do you think what do you think about this be honest 10 being your expectations were met you're completely satisfied we love it please 50 nice real nice one 15 out of 10 goes for deep toast even the lights right here are very notice that too did little details that sounds that's me man you know me I like to pay attention to the smallest details oh yes good call good call let me show you what I yeah do there was as you can see man there's a lot of cables to work with you know III busted I grab some coffee man I'm like I'm okay I mean to me let me work my magic man so behold luckily the case had a lot of space for cable management otherwise I would have liked Ben Craig gone crazy oh yeah everything's throughout a nicely ads and 3m tape I hooked up the NZXT what is this thing called the hue plus that's basically for the fans and the RGB strips as you can see 24 pin you got your SSD as aceite everything's neatly wrapped man they say our never had done this wrap them all computer I will never wrap this yeah a capable management is it's an art form you got to be patient with it then if we use a lot of velcro straps and zip ties you gotta learn the best routing pattern and stuff like that but maybe you guys submit you're still working on my gaming room there how's that coming along TV couch Gary thing going oh nice dude nice yeah what do you work oh yeah yeah what company you work for let's contact the manager real quick you see ya just gonna paste me to takings nice do they that's freakin awesome man yeah well now it's doing actually as you know Joe you I still recording Ugly Betty stop recording yeah okay all right so that's pretty much it anyways guys thank you so much for watching again Diego appreciate you coming out and oh you welcome and if you guys out there want me to build a badass pc like this I prefer to build it with you why didn't you want to build the PC with me it's because you're like shy you don't want to even at the time very impatient as to ask you alright so anyways guys if you want to we chatted up to be either build with me or have me build a PC to be part of this awesome series to make sure to let me know it toss me an email I hope you guys enjoy the series if you did toss it a like and I will continue to do these on the channel yeah it speed about you thank you so much for watching guys I will see you in the next video peace
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