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what's up guys it's Adam tech stories I'm welcome to a special unboxing video right in front of me we have a mystery box from AMD now I'm not gonna pretend not to know what's inside obviously they sent in their brand new rising 2 processors however the box is a little too big just four processors so yeah there's obviously some other things in here which I don't know anything about so with that said let's go to unbox it so while I'm unboxing this I don't want to give a huge shout out to my website deals our tech guys this July it's gonna be our 2 year anniversary it's almost two years that the website has been running and for those of you that don't know we pretty much search the internet throughout the day and post the best deals that we find from Amazon Newegg and eBay across four countries it's honestly one of the best places to find deals on PC parts and pretty much every other tech category so if you haven't already check it out and I'll drop a link below I would really appreciate it alright so let's get this out of the way oh-ho okay I can see why the box was heavy so we got two different boxes in here we have this okay and this so we've got a tiny box here which looks like it can fit two processors and then we got a massive one for I'm guessing motherboards RAM sticks all that kind of stuff so let's go to the box this one first actually it's yep pretty much called it we got the new horizon 5 and Rison 7 second gen processors get these out of the box over here so this is the Rison 720 700 X it's an 8 core 16 thread processor the base clock is 3.7 gigahertz and it can go up to four point three gigahertz and this one over here is the 2600 X 6 core 12 thread processor with slightly lower clock speeds than the 2700 X so guys these are raisins second generation CPUs which are basically a newer version of last gen that was launched around February of last year I believe you get slightly higher bass and boost clock speeds better gaming performance and improved efficiency while sticking to the same a m4 socket and keeping the same TDP except for the 2700 X which has a slightly higher TDP than B 1700 x of last year and just to clarify for you guys the 2600 X is basically the newer version of the 1600 X and the 2700 X is the newer version of the 1700 X just to clarify a little bit for you guys and I think all the new horizon 7 CPUs come with their new rave prism cooler it has which has a built-in LED inside but don't quote me guys so this is their new wraith prism cooler which honestly looks very similar to their Wraith spire the only new difference i see is that the actual fan blades or the actual fan is transparent which is gonna actually light up when you turn it on and you still get the same LED ring around the fan as well all this is on their NDA so I can't really talk much about it I don't know if it's gonna have a better performance than a previous cooler you guys are just gonna have to wait and see and the benchmarks alright and the risin 5 I think comes with their basic Wraith stealth cooler so doesn't seem like anything's changed here there are no LEDs on this one so another friends on the rise and 2 processors coming from first gen is that AMD switched from 14 to 12 nanometer production process which AMD says will yield 10% performance boost on its own while the higher clock speeds are potentially showing around 18% benchmark gains but of course we will confirm if that's true or not once the benchmarks are out another great thing about the new rising 2 CPUs is the price it's actually going to be slightly cheaper at launch compared to 1st gen risin at launch and because of this first gen rise in CPUs we'll get a nice price cut making them slightly more affordable also all the new rise and 2 processors coming from Rison 5 all the way to 7 are available at the time of watching this video so I'll drop links below if you guys check that out but anyways moving on to the big box let's see what's inside here okay you got a little cover over here it says bring your imagination to life okay alright I'm diggin it first up is the motherboard from MSI this is their new chipset for the rising 2 CPUs the x4 70 gaming m7 AC and then we got one more from Asus it looks like and this is their x4 70 chipset motherboard the ROG crosshair 7 hero there's actually one more thing in here and the RAM sticks from g.skill oh he's not actually the same ones I unboxed in my what's in the Box episode if you guys remember these are the new sniper X camouflage themed RAM sticks so yeah they send in 16 gigs thirty four hundred megahertz RAM sticks which are Rison compatible ok it's pretty much it you know this video really got me thinking I haven't done an AMD build in such a long time so I might do one on a channel the question is should I do a high end build or should i the way budget build I guess budget will be a little difficult because of the GPU prices but maybe I can do something with the a-series chips but anyways let me what you guys think or which you guys want a name the high end build or a budget slash mid-range build let me know your comments down below that's pretty much it for the video I hope you guys enjoyed it tossing your like would be awesome if you guys didn't like the video please leave a dislike I encourage you I love your faces and I'll see you in the next one
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