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AMD vs INTEL - Battle of the Budget PC's

what's up guys it's a from tech source and welcome to my comparison video between the two best budget builds on the channel in the red corner we got red Viper which is a $650 AMD build featuring the r3 1200 and in the blue corner is Blue Lotus a $730 Intel build featuring the i3 8100 these prices are based on the time of making this video I did a video on both of these builds so if you guys want to check out temps overclocking gaming performance the whole nine yards I'll drop a link to them down below also I did a full step-by-step detailed build guide on the Intel PC with overclocking the GPU so if you guys want to build one for yourself or just curious on how to build a PC then feel free to check that out as well I'll leave a link below so the purpose of this video is to do a quick comparison between both of the pcs and figure out which one gives you the most performance and also which one gives you more value but Before we jump into the comparison I do want to give you huge things 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compared to the locked 3.6 gigahertz from the 8100 temps were pretty good for the most parts the GPU did get a bit toasty since we pushed it to its limit so expect the GPU temperatures the 80s for both of the builds however if you're not gonna be overclocking the GPU then you will be looking at mid 60s to 70s for both graphics cards in terms of acoustics the intel build is noticeably quieter than the Rison build without the side panel however with the panel on you can't really tell the difference when we look at gaming benchmarks between these two pcs we can clearly see that the Intel build performs better in every single game the gap between FPS is huge on some games like overwatch doom and even GTA 5 while the gap kind of narrows down the further we go on the list of games this gives us a total frame count of 1035 from Intel compared to rise ins 849 and if you look at the cost of the build from the time of making this video the Intel PC actually gives you more frames per dollar than the rise in build well what do you know the Intel build is also the better choice for the long run because of its expandability the 500 watt power supply can support up to a 1080 and an 80 700 K with additional two SSDs so you pretty much covered with any upgrades in between that the MSI SD 370 board supports overclocking so if you do want to upgrade to an 80 600 K or even an 80 700 K then they will get the job done you also have the option of adding more storage whether it's an MDOT to drive or additional SSDs and get this guys this case even supports a 240 millimeter radiator in the top on the spec sheet it says that it can only support up to a hundred 54 millimeter fan but I was actually able to barely fit in the cooler master master liquid 240 CPU cooler with two 120 millimeter fans which is pretty crazy the fact that you can buy a case like that for only $26 is crazy in fact I think the original price is 50 bucks and it keeps going between 50 and 25 but if you guys are planning on building that PC you might want to snag that case because the price might go up again so the best budget bill that gives you the most value and the most performance is Blue Lotus however if you guys are on a tighter budget and only have around $650 to spend then the Rison build sounds more appealing now if you're looking for an editing and screaming PC and you're going with the AMD build that I do recommend upgrading at CPU to the r5 1600 which is a six core twelfth read processor and if you're going with the Intel build I recommend up getting that CPU to the i5 8400 it's gonna cost a little under a hundred dollars more but you are getting a six core processor unfortunately it doesn't have hyper threading so you only stuck with six physical cores but for spending around $200 that is a solid six core CPU also you guys aren't to spend extra money on a cooler because both of the CPUs come with a stock heatsink the i5 8400 is a loc'd cpu so we can't even offer clock it so buying an aftermarket cooler just doesn't make any sense I mean unless you have the money and you want a quieter and cooler CPU that's up to you and as far as the RFI of 1600 I think you guys can even overclock that 23.9 up to 3.9 gigahertz using a stock heatsink so I don't recommend spending any extra money on a cooler what I do recommend though is upgrading your RAM from eight gigs to 16 gigs if you're gonna be doing heavy editing that's definitely gonna help you out with your workflow but that pretty much wraps up this video I hope you guys enjoyed it if you did show your support to the channel by dropping a like and if you didn't please I encourage you guys to leave a dislike you already know how it is I'll drop a link to all the parts I mentioned down below if you guys want to check out the build guide or if you want to check out the performance both of the pcs I'll link those below as well thank you so much for watching I love your faces I will see you in the next one
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