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AORUS GTX 1080 Extreme GPU | Overview

for an exceptionally silent and functional PC build the be quiet pure bass 680 X power as what you're looking for it's completely sound insulated with dampening materials in all the relevant places features a modular design with removable OD d and hard drive bays for various cooling solutions and it comes pre-installed with two pure wings two fans one of the things I love about this case is the cable management area there are plenty of pass throughs and grommets to help with cable management something I don't often see in most cases the pure bass 600 comes with a three year warranty and it's available in black and silver accents if you want to learn more check out the first link down below so gigabyte has expanded their eras line up to motherboards and even grabs cards in fact I happen to have their new GT X 1080 extreme 8 gigabyte graphics card in house and we're going to take a closer look at it it comes in at an MSRP of 680 dollars and has the same frequencies as their gigabyte GT X 1080 extreme cards even a design is practically identical however there is one major difference advanced copper backplate cooling essentially this hideous copper plate is supposed to fully dissipate the heat from the backside of the GPU most of the other card brands actually don't offer any type of heat dissipation and the heat gets trapped between the backplate and the PCB the large copper base plate comes into direct contact with the GPU and vram to efficiently transfer the heat generated from the interior cores to the heatsink keeping the GPU cool and stable especially when overclocked but is this a marketing term or does it actually work well to find out I went in and took apart the GPU and put everything back together again without a backplate and then tested the card with and without the backplate so here are the temps with the advanced copper backplate installed and here are the results after it was removed notice a difference there isn't any the copper base plate seems to do nothing at all in terms of temperatures even after overclocking the card the temps did not budge at all by the way the test bed I'm using for the video features the i7 7700 K 16 gigs of ram from crucial the New Era's Z 270 gaming nine motherboard and of course the be quiet dark rock Pro through CPU cooler everything else on the card is pretty much identical you get the same triple 100 millimeters stacked fan design with the double ball bearing structure and RGB of course the name of the GPU on the side the X in the front and the logo on the backplate are all RGB and you can control the light effect with their software honestly I think the logo looks really cool and LEDs are very bright compared to other GPUs I've seen however there is some light bleed near the edge and actually some colors give off a second color for example the purple bleeds a bit of blue and the yellow bleeds some green so I thought I would mention that so how much Headroom do you really get to play with using their new advanced copper backplate cooling well I managed to push the era's slightly higher than the EVGA 1080 by a mere 50 megahertz on the core clock however I was able to achieve a slightly higher memory clock on the FTW take a look at the times by benchmark we can see that the era's scored around 300 more but looking at the fire strike ultra benchmarks the gap isn't as wide in fact once overclocked the FTW card managed to score slightly higher in GTA 5 the errors performed significantly better in 1080 however the FTW did slightly better in 4k for some reason on hitman it was pretty much neck and neck while showing a few FPS increase after overclocked and here it is again the same thing ever scored higher in 1080p while losing in 4k against EVGA and once again on Metro last light they are both neck-and-neck and finally we got Tomb Raider the era's card showing a noticeable difference in 1080p so in total the era scored higher in most of the games than 1080p however the FTW card is slightly better in 4k resolution to be honest I was expecting a bit more from the errors when it came to overclocking a boost clock of 2062 megahertz is not bad but I have pushed other cards to that number and even some passed it like you 1080 founders Edition for example but I will tell you this the card is extremely quiet and cool even after overclocking in fact it's one of the coolest 1080s I've tested on the channel I just expected more Headroom on a card with an improved cooling technology but I think might rest of the video if you guys want to check out the era's GT X 1080 extreme I'll double ink to it down below thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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