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ASK ME #1 - Giveaway - $700 PC Build

what is it you guys it's a context yeah what is up you guys is that from Texas and welcome to a Q&A slash channel update kind of video and I normally don't do these types of on-camera videos I'm normally behind the camera doing unboxings reviews and stuff like that but I want to get to know you guys at a more personal level so I'll try and do these as often as I can but to stop the video I'm just gonna answer some of your questions I asked on Twitter and if you do have any additional questions you want to ask me you can do a hash tag ask Edgar through Twitter or you can drop them in the comment section down below and I will feature it in the next video alright so the first question comes from Anne Tomlin and he asks is YouTube your main job also are all these computer components review samples like they Gettys and I'll try and be as short and concise as possible but youtube is my main and only job currently I am a one-man team I do all the researching the editing the scripting the voiceovers and all that so yes it currently is a full-time job also the computer components are 99% of them are funded by me they are not review samples unfortunately I wish they were but I think the only sample I received was the NZXT case which is actually right there behind me and the the in one case which I did a review over from in when those are only two products I believe that were review samples everything from the Yeti video and that's my ultimate PC number one by the way if you guys haven't noticed but those parts are all founded by me next question comes from a zat I hope I pronounced that correctly she asks do you prefer Santa Monica or Malibu definitely the Bahamas so neither those yeah Chihuahua duardo Silva asks do you like Mortal Kombat if yes the new ones or the old ones or both okay so we're getting kind of off topic here but that's cool definitely the old Mortal Kombat series specifically the Super Nintendo those are the best ones of all times Lavanya main is asked which phone are you more excited about the s6 the s6 edge or the m9 I know you asked us about a few weeks ago before the m9 actually came out but if I would answer at the time I will definitely say the s6 the m9 they're really they really weren't that many improvements on the phone and actually you really disappointed on the m9 currently I actually made a video on that explaining five reasons where you shouldn't buy the m9 and the s6 edge kind of seems gimmicky so I was actually more interested and the s6 because of its build quality Samsung finally finally after five years decided to go with a more premium build so I'm really excited to see the s6 in hand and see how well it compares to other flagship phones so yes it's that lovely philip Glickman asks in your how to paint your GPU video how did you keep the 780ti letters black after you sprayed them quick and easy answer to that is I used a black fine point sharpie and I just traced over the 780ti letters simple as that sar faz asks can we have a cheap budget PC build with every step before I answer this actually when I quickly announced what happened with the Zion build we filmed all the portions of the videos into the benchmarks and we did the actual how to build video but then Bob's PC got corrupted and we lost all those files and so we just kind of gave up on that video but to answer your new question yes we're definitely gonna be actually a budget bill that's coming up soon and I will be talking about that at the end of this video my good friend Scottie asks will you expand and hire others to help you grow tech source and yes definitely definitely need help there's just so much content right now that one person just really can't manage even if I do like one video a day I have no I have essentially no life there's no other personal time I have outside of text source so definitely wanna bring a few people over to help me out at least with the editing or filming potions so maybe like around the 200,000 subscriber mark definitely possible yes next question comes from Tyler's tech and he asks what is the best way to get your videos noticed there's a lot of actual answers for this one but to keep it short and simple I would definitely say do something unique I think the more unique your video is the more people will enjoy the content and they will need their feedback they leave comments likes I'll even share with their friends and if they do that the engagement level is high in the video and what YouTube does is they start to feature that video on the featured section on the right side of the videos so when that happens people stumble upon it they click on it you see it and that's basically how your videos get noticed that's how your channel grows so I don't have to stick with consistent content I would say at least one video we could be good to we can do it but content and being unique is I would say to me personally is the most important thing all right so that is it for all the questions you guys ask me I still get a bunch of the same questions every day so I figured that answer them right now while I'm answering questions and that is where do I get my wallpaper from and I answer that a lot and Instagram even on Twitter and even the comments section on below but I still get a bunch of them but I get him from facets da la and it's this guy named Justin Muller he makes amazing really badass wallpapers and I'll leave a link in the description if you guys want to check him out actually a lot of people from the tech community use his wallpaper so I'm surprised you guys haven't found that out yet but anyways that is it for the questions if you guys have more questions ask me you can drop them in the comment section down below or you can hashtag ask Edgar on Twitter and ask me there and I'll feature in the next video all right so moving on I'm gonna give you a quick update on what kind of videos you guys should be expecting in the next few weeks but before that I should mention that the office store is still happening I know I promised you guys early 2015 but that is still on my list and it will be done before June so don't don't give up hope yet another cool announcement for you guys is I'm gonna be building a $700 gaming PC build and that's actually maybe a giveaway and it's gonna be sponsored by the unlock so I'm gonna be building that some time around when I hit 100,000 subscribers and the unlocking company is actually gonna be giving that away to one lucky subscriber so make sure you guys are on the lookout for that video and there'll be a lot more details when I do upload that video okay one last thing before I go I just want to ask you guys on a more personal note but what type of videos would you like to see more of on tech source I try and keep it balanced as much as I can but if there's a specific type of video you like to see more of definitely let me know in the comment section down below we'd like to see more PC videos more phone videos comparisons you want me to do reviews on food I mean whatever it is that you're interested in let me know in the comment section down below I will be reading every single comments but anyways that is for the video thank you so much for watching I know I don't really say this as much but I really want to thank you guys to all my subscribers and one watch my videos who left their feedback I really really appreciate you guys so much I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you guys and I also want to thank Dana Logan for making all this possible you guys are the best also if you guys want to reach me you can do so easily through Instagram and Twitter I am really easy to talk to and I always respond to my viewers so if you have any questions or if you want to ask for advice or just give me feedback you can easily do so through Instagram or Twitter but other than that thanks again so much for watching this is that from tech source I'll see you guys in the next video
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