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ASUS CHROMEBOX (M004U) - Unboxing + Overview

what's up guys Eddie from Texas and today I'm going to look at the new chrome box from ASOS like Chromebooks the chrome box is essentially the Internet and I'll explain what I mean by that all chrome devices run on Chrome OS which is a Google's operating system and because it is a google OS it relies heavily on Google Apps like Gmail YouTube Google+ and so forth which obviously requires the internet to be used so when you open the chrome box it comes with a user guide some warranty information and a quick set-up guide to help you get started right below that there is a VESA mount which you can use to mount your chrome box to your wall or other compatible services if you choose right below that are the screws needed for the mounting it looks like there are different sizes in here that you can choose from moving along we have the power brick which has the Asus logo on it I mean other than that is pretty much standard and last but not least we have the chrome box this is this thing is actually unbelievably small and very light you can see here that I can hold it with pretty much just one hand and with that question portability is one of the strongest suit you can probably fit this in your pocket and take it to your friend's house without any problems so this model of the chrome box cost 179 and it comes rocking an Intel Celeron 1.4 gigahertz dual-core processor with 2 gigs of RAM and 16 gigabytes of SSD Asus also announced two other models alongside this one which are expected to launch later this month one of them will have an Intel Core i7 processor which will be able to playback 4k videos and the other will have an intel core i3 and all models will also have either 2 or 4 gigabytes of ddr3 1600 memory taking a look at the chrome box you will find a two-in-one card reader right next to the Kingston lock port followed by the power button on the corner of the device and 2 USB 3 ports on the other side on the back of the chrome box we can see the AC power connector a gigabyte Ethernet port additional USB 3 ports on hdmi and displayport along with a headphone or microphone port I was impressed by how fast this thing actually boots up it literally took about five seconds to boot up to the user screen and about half that time to actually power there's really nothing new about the operating system it's the same ones that you find on Chromebooks so instead I will show you how well the device runs watching videos in 1080p and playing games now if you saw our HP Chromebook 11 video then you saw how laggy the video playback was on that but looking at the asus chromebox i see nothing but smooth streaming I even opened up another video side-by-side here's the test its power and it seems like it can handle it without any problems the chromebox also ran games very well not even once that any of the games in choppy overall the experience was very pleasant for me and if the low-end model performs this well I can only imagine what the higher-end models can achieve I gotta say I'm really impressed at what this little box can do although you can access the Chrome store and download any game that's available you may run into a few that won't be playable on the Chrome OS and instead you'll get a message saying that it's only available on Windows or OS 10 overall I gotta say I love the chrome box it's a great way for me to get more out of my TV and it's a great substitute from an Apple TV or Roku which to me are kind of limited in functionality with a price tag of being 179 bucks I gotta say it's definitely worth buying one if you love streaming videos or just aren't satisfied with a chromecast or Apple TV features we left a link in the description below if you guys are interested in checking it out and I make sure to leave a comment down below on your thoughts about the chrome box I always read all of your comments so I'm interested to hear what you guys think this is at from tech source and I will see you guys next time
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