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ASUS GL753 Gaming Laptop | GTX 1050 TI

synergy is an awesome software lets you share your mouse and keyboard between multiple computers check it out using a link in the description section being in the tech space I get to see product categories progress as Hardware becomes more powerful and cost-effective gaming laptops have especially been subject to this shift in the past few years Ultra presets and high frame gaming was made possible with the fairly recent release of invidious new graphics cards that bring desktop-like performance in laptop size proportions ibuypower has kindly sent us out one of their 17-inch asus rog laptops equipped with a gtx 750ti & Intel's new KB Lake i7 7700 HQ processor to test out so let's start off with the hardware most of the laptop is made out of plastic but the construction feels tight and there's very little flex both in the body and display the top is made from aluminum it feels nice and has these bright orange accents that light up when a displays backlight is on the keyboard is good the keys are Chiclets and have 2.5 millimeter of travel distance using it for typing and gaming we're great that's the most tactile but this is probably the best laptop keyboard I've tested in this price range through the ROG Ulrich or we can customize these for RGB zones of the keyboard now even though they are not individually lit it's still fun to customize we also get a full number pad which is a must for me the trackpad uses Windows precision drivers so it's super accurate it is a plastic trackpad so not the best feeling but it still has great gesture recognition we get a lot of options in terms of connectivity through USB 3.0 ports one USB 2.0 and hdmi and displayport standard audio connections you got the Ethernet jack a USB type-c port and an SD card reader located at the front underneath the chin also an optical drive if you still use that in 2017 the 1080 panel is bright and has good contrast and viewing angles it has a matte coating which makes it great to use in bright rooms and even outside underneath the Sun if color accuracy is what you're after in a gaming monitor then this is definitely not it although doesn't only affect gaming and watching videos the speaker is add to the experience they do get loud and bacey while still holding on to the overall clarity which I'm actually surprised in a gaming laptop in fact here's a quick audio sample I want to see some damn robot battery life unfortunately isn't the best with three hours of usage being what I typically get on an average today upgradability is easy to do we're moving the screws at the bottom gives us access to two RAM slots that support a total of 32 gigabyte as well as two hard drives but with all that said let's take a look at some benchmarks you with the 1050 TI we were able to run most games at their high presets while staying above 60fps looking back this would have required hardware twice as thick just a few years back which ties into the whole progression thing I was talking about earlier there wasn't any significant throttling going on but the laptop does get loud and hot especially when the 1050 Ti is being pushed to its limit now keep in mind this is running on a quad-core 7700 HQ which is perfect for gaming however when it comes to productivity is not as great especially we're going to be editing and rendering out files it is definitely possible in 1080p but anything other than that it is not recommended so the model I buy power centers cost $1,300 and honestly maybe a bit pricey but for this price you won't find a better gaming laptop with these specs you get a 17 inch 1080p panel a 7700 HQ cabling processor and a gtx 1050 TI and ones all the newest games about 60fps has a great display paired with some surprisingly good speakers the keyboard is well made and there aren't any negatives besides the battery lives i'll doubling to the laptop down below in case you guys want to check it out thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in the next one if you guys use more than one keyboard and mouse because you have several computers then synergy is definitely something you should check out it's an awesome software that lets you use just one keyboard and one mouse across two or more computers whether using Windows Mac or even Linux they do have a couple of different versions depending on the features you need I mean they got stuff like clipboard sharing where you can copy and paste between your computers or even drag and drop files from one computer to another any bunch more features I'll going to drop a link down below where you guys can get 25% off synergy just for my viewers so if you guys are interested definitely check it out thank you so much for watching I will see you in the next one
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