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ASUS (PB287Q) vs SAMSUNG (U28D590D) - 4K Monitor Comparison (Which is Best?)

what's up guys it's ed from Texas and today we are going to be comparing the two best budget 4k monitors that are currently on the market the Samsung and Asus 28 inch 4k monitors so without wasting any more time let's start by comparing their sizes it's pretty obvious that the asus monitor is much bulkier than the Samsung's but measuring at its thinnest point they are relatively the same coming in a little under one inch taking a look at the back of the monitors we can see that this is where the buttons are located the asus monitor uses multiple buttons that make operating the menu system confusing and we find the support choice from asus and which they did something more like samsung which implemented a joystick like control to navigate through the menu system and if you click on it the panel will turn on and off also on the back are the ports asus has a panel that can be removed to access the ports more easily which is still kind of inconvenient as the ports become more recessed and harder to access as I said in my boxing video of this monitor I prefer a vertical connection layout instead of a horizontal set up like asus has here for the simple reason of it being more convenient to access the monitors connections connections located at the back of the monitor include a power n 2 hdmi s1 DisplayPort 1.2 and your audio jacks Samsung however has no covers and it's much more easier to connect your cables with it also has a power n2 HDMI is one DisplayPort 1.2 and an audio jack if you decide to use the speakers on the monitor so how flimsy are the mounts well since the Samsung stand is connected right under the monitor it really isn't that sturdy the Asus mount however has a much more solid setup since it is mounted right on the back of the display adjustability wise both monitors can tilt a fair amount however that's pretty much all the Samsung monitor can do ASIS on the other hand can adjust its height and it can also be rotated up to 90 degrees for a vertical setup the Asus monitor can also be connected to a VESA mount while the Samsung monitor cannot which gives it the automatic win in this category since both monitors are matte I wanted to see which monitors matte coating would do better against glare from light sources so we use one of our studio lights for this test which is very bright and it would simulate what it would be like if you were to use the monitor close to a window when the Sun is out and facing the monitor if you pay close attention to the top corners of the start you can still see them even with the glare right on top of the monitor now if you look at the same location on the Asus monitor it is barely visible which means that the display on the Samsung monitor is more resistant to glare from other light sources now let's take a look at some 4k video samples the panels are very similar when looking at the spec list both monitors use 10-bit color which provide for smooth color gradations for a more natural-looking transition between hues the Asus huan'er does however use flicker free technology to eliminate any flickering that may present itself reducing eye strain now when it comes to actual color both monitors are strikingly similar however I believe that the Samsung monitors colors are a tad bit lighter than the Asus model if you look really closely I did not mess up the color settings on both monitors I did use the default settings for the sake of the video and I'm sure with some tweaking you guys can find the best settings for your needs you the viewing angles are also similar no matter the position of the monitor and honestly this isn't something to be even concerned about because once you find the perfect angle then you don't need to change it you for 4k gaming both doing awesome sixty Hertz I didn't notice any lag or screen tearing I can definitely say that you can't go wrong with either monitor when it comes to gaming they both deliver you so that is our comparison on the two best budget 4k monitors that are currently available based on my time with both monitors I have to say that I went with the Samsung model I like the overall design I have no problem with it being more flimsy because I never come into contact with my monitor at all I really don't need a VESA mount option on the Asus model because I don't mount my monitors anymore but for those of you that want a more sturdy mount or want to mount your monitors then Asus is probably the best choice for you at the moment Asus also has a three year warranty with one year of zero bright coverage which is better than Samsung's one year general warranty to their monitor so which monitor would you guys choose if you wanted to buy a 4k monitor the Asus or the Samsung model let me know in the comment section down below as always we have a lot of awesome videos coming soon including the ultimate PC build which you guys have been waiting for for weeks we are still working on that but make sure you guys stick around because that's coming up pretty soon this is that from Texas and I will see you next time you
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