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ASUS ROG Rampage V Edition 10 - Mother of all Motherboards!

what's up guys it's ad from Texas and today we are going to be looking at a Seuss's new flagship motherboard based on the x99 chipset this is the rog rampage 5 edition 10 a completely specked out high-end motherboard for both haswell-e and Broadwell processors if you guys have been in the market for a high-end ei TX motherboard that offers all the bells and whistles then this may very well be the motherboard you've been waiting for don't get too excited though because this will cost you 600 bucks which puts the ram-paige 5 Edition 10 out of reach for most so before we get into all the good stuff let's take a look at the box and the contents inside when it comes to packaging Asus never disappoints I feel like presentation is just as important as everything else so opening up the flap we are greeted by a plastic shield protecting the motherboard and below that we have another box which includes all of the additional cables and accessories you get 10 SATA 6 gigabits cables SLI bridges four to three and even four way configurations they've also included their dual band Wi-Fi antennas one fan extension card along with the i/o frame and two ROG coasters which I thought was very cool the motherboard also comes with supreme FX hi-fi a front panel headphone amp that delivers sound exactly how the studio intended pure unadulterated audio delivered straight to the listeners ears the ESS DAC and amp work in harmony to faithfully reproduce every detail without distortion or jitter it's perfect for hardcore gamers that need to hear every little detail from gunshots to enemy footsteps essentially this eliminates the need to buy an aftermarket sound card the only gripe I have with this is that you will need to connect your audio device to the front of your case which can be annoying at times especially if your case has a front door panel that doesn't close all the way due to the knob sticking out aesthetically this is one beautiful motherboard an all-black PCB with stealthy black heat sinks and i/o armor I do wish that the top heatsink didn't protrude out as much or better yet if it was located slightly lower on the motherboard because installing a radiator with 120-millimeter fans proved to be impossible the heatsink on the board came in contact with the fan so I was forced to go with an alternate route for I Oasis has gotten rid of the ugly I owe shield and now everything is pre-mounted which not only looks cooler but will help make the installation process easier I'm very glad that asus has gone with a neutral black look combine that with the new ARRA RGB lighting and this motherboard will practically look good in any build the lights are controlled by the ARRA software and you can change the LEDs to any color you want using the color wheel you can not only give it some pretty cool effects but you can also change the color individually for each area or synchronize all the colors together the parts of the motherboard that light up are the armor for both the IO and supreme FX the RG text in the middle each PCI slot the ROG logo and lastly the entire right side of the motherboard additionally there is a four pin RGB strip header near the bottom of the motherboard that allows for additional LED strips to be connected aesthetics aside you can expect high-end performance from this board as well I mean it didn't break three world records and set 14 global first places for no reason you get 40 lanes support with four PCI 3.0 16x slots and one PCI 2.0 for X and 1 X as well this means you can have up to 4 Way SLI or crossfire configurations depending on how many lanes your CPU provides speed of graphics cards rampage 5 Edition 10 also comes with 4 we enforced PCI slots which they are calling safe slot it basically prevents the GPU from sagging and adds overall strength to each slot meaning that they are less prone to breaking off for memory you get eight dem slots up to a maximum of 128 gigabytes of ddr4 ram with speeds up to 3300 33 megahertz overclocked the motherboard also doesn't shy on connectivity giving you 4 USB 3.1 ports two of which are type-a and the other two being Type C you also get four additional USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 ports the motherboard also features dual Gigabit LAN ports and 802 11 AC Wi-Fi for transfer speeds of up to 1300 megabits per second hooking the antenna up is also a lot easier than before so instead of screwing them and you simply snap it in which is a lot easier and finally for storage you get 1m to 1 u dot 2 and 10 SATA 6 gigabits on the motherboard you get 2 USB 3.0 headers and 2 USB 2.0 headers which is nice to see considering some high-end motherboards only give us one and sometimes none at all for powering the CPU socket you get an eight pan up top with the optional four pin for a multi GPU configuration and stable overclocking the board also comes with seven fan connectors and one extension fan header for the included fan extension card out of the seven fan connectors one of them is actually a dedicated water pump header which is nice to see and finally let's talk about the software asus is UEFI bios is personally one of my favorites because it's user friendly and at the same time it's advanced using the cue fan feature you can individually control either PWM or DC fans via curves that can be adjusted according to onboard or manually position temperature sensors and of course you can't forget the overclocking you can either do it within the BIOS or use aces dual intelligent processors five software and overclock your system by a press of a button I was able to overclock my 69 50 X from 3.0 gigahertz all the way up to 4.2 with a core voltage of 1.42 the program basically detects your hardware then a stress test your PC to give you the best possible overclock it can now I do advise against using overclocking software because most of the time it sets the voltage higher than necessary to give you guys an example I actually manually overclock the CPU through the BIOS not only did I get a higher clock of 4.3 gigahertz but I did it with a much lower voltage of 1.35 so in conclusion if money isn't an issue and you want the absolute best motherboard in your rig with all the bells and whistles then this is it this motherboard is targeted for hardcore enthusiasts that plan on pushing their system to the extreme and by doing multi-gpu configurations or even water cooling now if you don't care for most of these features and don't have $600 laying around then the Asus Strix x99 gaming motherboard is the next best option for a fraction of the price you still get most of the same features including the ARRA RGB lighting safe slot and supreme FX audio but if you guys are interested in checking out either one of these I will leave a link to them down below as always if you guys enjoy these types of videos we should have hit that like button and I will see you in the next Oh
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