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deal source tech is your number one source for daily tech deals for all of us UK and Canada all of the deals are hand-picked and updated daily so if you guys are interested in saving time and money then just bookmark the website and feel free to check back whenever you want there are always new deals getting added every day I'll drop a link to the website down below what's up guys it's that from Texas and today we're going to be looking at the ROG Strix GT X 1080 overclocked edition starting at 679 so about twenty dollars less than the founders edition the card features a custom PCB and eight plus two para phase and a dope looking back plate with Aurra RGB lighting which can be controlled with the RS software but more on that later the Strix 1080 is using a Seuss's patented wing blade design that provides more air pressure resulting in cooler temps however upon testing the card I actually found that the temps were on the warmer side now do keep in mind that I'm using an open-air testbed the card will hover around 46 degrees during idle and shoot up to 76 degrees during full load additionally the card comes with two four pin GPU controlled headers that can be connected to system fans for targeted cooling the fans would also stop spinning once the card has cooled off and use a quick sound comparison between idle and full load so the Strix ten-eighty comes out of the box with a 1936 megahertz boost clock and overclocking mode and 1898 in gaming mode in terms of power you will need a six and eight pin PCI connector to juice up this bad boy and a 500 watt power supply because even during full load the whole system managed to peak at only 350 watts however I would recommend going with a 600 or 650 watt power supply to future-proof your build in case you do decide to add or upgrade parts later on now let's take a look at the design first off this is a very large GPU it's both wider and longer than the founders Edition measuring almost 12 inches in length and 5.2 8 inches in width this may be an issue in smaller form factor cases that include hard drive cages so that's something to keep in mind I am however happy to see a neutral black color scheme on the card which will make it a great choice in any build the backplate especially is something I really like on the GPU with those subtle gray markings across the surface and ROG logo which by the way lights up as mentioned before the card features RGB lighting which can be controlled with the RS software through here you can give the GPU a static color or choose from one of the few effects they have listed now although I do like RGB lighting on GPU since it helps keep the overall color scheme inside a PC consistent I would I'd love to see it perfected oftentimes the brightness level is not consistent across the card if you pay attention to the lights you can see that the right side of the card is a lot brighter than the left obviously this isn't a big deal since most of the time the card is facing down inside a case anyways in the end the backplate is what's visible most of the time and having a logo the lights up is pretty badass another minor thing I noticed was the side of the GPU now first off I want to say that I love the small ROG text that's not all up in your face like some of the other cards I reviewed on the channel however I would have loved to see more of the heatsink covered with a plastic cover I'm not sure of Asus did this on purpose to allow the heat to escape from the sides but it's something worth noting again I'm just nitpicking here based on my personal preference I'm sure most people don't care about these minor things anyways and finally for the port's we have two HDMI 2.0 to display port 1.4 and 1/2 TVI but enough about that let's take a look at how it performs and gaming now since the Strix GT X 1080 comes in two modes I'm going to run the benchmarks and overclock mode for the best performance all right so pretty interesting numbers the Strix 1080 did produce better results compared to the 1080 founders edition across most of the titles but fell slightly behind at 1080 for the win however the defense was marginal and shouldn't be a deal-breaker when it came to overclocking I managed to squeeze out an additional 75 megahertz for a total boost clock of two thousand thirty eight and an extra five hundred megahertz for a total of eleven thousand not bad when it comes to gaming I did see some healthy numbers some games got a nice FPS boost while others not so much to be honest the difference was so marginal between the manual overclock and the actual overclock mode in the software that it's better to just go off by the overclock mode within the software instead of wasting time messing with the settings unless of course you are water cooling so in conclusion for twenty dollars less than the founders edition you get a better performing card and some pretty cool features like RGB lighting and a dope looking back plates Asus is also giving a one year free xsplit premium license valued at $100 with a purchase of the Strix GTX 10 a GPU in the end the performance difference between the Strix and the FTW are marginal and it really comes down to personal preference basically which car design and features you like best but that will do for my video if you guys are interested in picking up the ROG Strix 1080 overclocked edition then I'll drop a link to it down below for you but if you guys enjoyed the video and want to see coverage on the Strix 1070 then be sure to leave a like thanks again for watching and I will see you in the next video
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