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ATH-M50x - Limited Edition (Unboxing + Overview)

what's up guys ed here from tech source and I'm back today to take a look at the blue limited edition ath m50x from Audio Technica now this isn't really something new it's essentially the Audio Technica m50 with an improved design and detachable cables for those of you who don't know the m50 s were some of the best headphones someone can buy for around $200 and that still holds true today in the packaging here we have the leather case that comes in a color that matches the theme of your headphones and it also has some soft material inside the case to protect your headphones from within when I ordered these I didn't think I would like the color but the more I use it honestly the more starting to grow on me but moving on with the unboxing the rest of the stuff in here are basically just detachable cables there's a variation of one point two to three millimeter coiled wires and there are also a few different sizes of straight wires as well as an adapter to be used with professional audio equipment the m50 s have been among the highest rated pairs of headphones out there the question worth of dressing here is if the m50x is worth the price bump from the m50 s the short answer to this is it depends I mean if you really don't need the removable cable then I would try to find some discount and fifties and get those instead but then again if you don't mind the $30 price difference I would just go with the m50x taking a closer look at the m50x we can just see the attention to detail that Audio Technica has put into these headphones the headbands do expand quite a bit so it should fit the biggest of heads out there and the stitching on the phone's just screen quality and you really do feel like you're getting what you pay for I'm actually really picky when it comes to headphones because they do hours of editing and even gaming so I have to have something that's comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time without it hurting my ears well I can safely say that my search ends today because I found exactly what I was looking for the cushions on these are actually the softest I have felt and to be honest this is the first time I'm actually holding a pair of audio Technica's the carrying case is a nice touch and offers a convenient way to carry your headphones I just wish that they would have included a hard case to protect the headphones from an impact or even drops but you know from my time with the headphones I really was impressed like no joke I was impressed the sound quality is the best I've ever heard the comfort is definitely there and the price tag hey I think it's fair I've been using Beats headphones for a long time and I would definitely recommend this product over those any day it kind of feels like I've been missing out on quality audio all this time but I'm just glad to own a pair now but I mean let us know what you guys think of the color combination on the special edition pair are any of you guys gonna pick some up we'll go to leave some links in the description if you guys are interested but anyways that's the video thanks for watching and make sure you guys stick around for more awesome videos coming really soon and this is that from tech source and I'll see you guys next time
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