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ATH-M70X - Review + Sound Test (Audio Technica)

what's up guys it's ed from tech source and today we're gonna take a look at the Audio Technica m7 the X's which is an upgrade from their previous and 50 X's that I also own but what's unusual this time around is their price point a whopping 300 dollars which is a normal coming from audio Technica's they have a reputation of having amazing quality headphones for a much lower cost compared to its competitors so I'm really curious about the price jump I will unbox these and find out if it's actually worth the Steep $300 price tag so the box itself is actually the same style from the m50x model so nothing new there but opening it up you can see some new additions first off they included this really nice hardcover carrying case and the usual set-up guide and warranty info I really like the new hardcover carrying case instead of the previous carrying bag since it will definitely provide more protection if you decide to travel with your headphones and it also looks a lot cooler so inside this tiny pouch you will find all three cable versions you have the 1.2 meter cable which is used for portable devices and then you have the two three meter cables one of them is a straight cable and the other is coiled you can add the 6.3 millimeter steel your plug adapter on those two cables if you want to use your headphone amplifier mixer or even audio interface other than that pouch you have the headphones inside the case now I won't go too much into detail between these 70 X and the 50 X because I will have a separate video comparing the two but right after bad I noticed that the m70x is a lot lighter the headband cushion also doesn't extend all the way to the side like the 50 X does the build on the 70 X also doesn't feel premium at all when holding them at the same time it feels kind of cheap and stiff something I didn't expect from Audio Technica especially something that surprised this high so on the headband itself you will find the brand name etched on there and it's actually a lot thinner than the previous model which also contributes to its light weight the ear cushions are as soft like the previous model so the comfort is definitely there like all Audio Technica headphones the spider feeling flimsy it's actually pretty durable too so if you have a Fathead he should be fine because these can stretch pretty far now the ear cups can turn up to 90 degrees like most headphones and these do a phenomenal job blocking outside noise even if the volume is set to only 50% it blocks out all the noise around me so how is the actual sound well it's not better it's just suited for different types of people the sound is more pure the 50x has noticeably more bass when comparing the two the m70x Alvar has more clarity and a much clearer sound it doesn't have any extra lows or highs it's just pure true sound it's basically unenhanced and it has a flat natural sound so if you're professional DJ or mix music and want to hear the notes at its purest then the m70x is definitely for you however if you're like me and you enjoy listening to music playing video games or watching movies then i strongly recommend you to stick with the amphib the x's it's definitely not worth the extra 150 bucks of course I can't end the video without giving you guys at least a sample of the headphone sound and I know that you won't know exactly how it sounds because of compression and sound cards and just the type of headphones you are using which is why I'm only gonna compare the sound on the m70x with the sound on the m50x so you can at least hear the difference so without wasting any more time here is the audio samples recorded from both headphones in a controlled environment the song goes so I'm sure you guys noticed the difference between the clarity and the bass between both headphones but my honest verdict just stay away from these headphones unless you're a professional in the music industry the price tag of $300 is ridiculous and I feel that Audio Technica is moving away from the average consumer market by releasing these so anyways that wraps up the video I really want to hear your opinion about this headphone so please drop them below in the comments section and I will be reading them and for those of you that are interested in picking one up for yourself because you're a baller then I will leave a link in the description section for pricing and availability anyways this is that from tech source thank you so much for watching I will see you guys in the next video you
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