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ATH-M70x vs ATH-M50x - Full Comparison + Sound Test

what's up guys it's ed from Texas and in this video I will be doing a hands-on comparison between the audio technica m70x and the m50x as well as a sound test at the end of the video so you can hear a difference between both headphones so if you're deciding to pick one of these up you're in the right place so the m50x is priced at 155 whereas the m70x is priced at 300 by the way I will leave links to both headphones in the description section if you guys want to check them out so before we get into the good stuff let's take a quick look at the packaging of both headphones so on the outside both boxes are identical taking a look inside is where you will see the difference both at phones come with three separate cables a single 1.2 meter straight cable and 2 3 meter cables with one of them being coiled and they also both come with a 6.3 millimeter steel your plug adapter now the difference is that the m50x comes with a bag whereas the m70x comes with an actual hardcover case I mean this comes down to personal preference really the carrying bag is perfect for people that want something quick and portable to carry around that doesn't take up much space the hardcover carrying case however offers more protection but also takes up more space in terms of build quality I'm actually disappointed that the m70x isn't made out of premium materials like the m50x was instead you get hardened plastic with a matte finish instead of a glossy plastic I mean the attention to detail is definitely there on both headphones but I feel like the m70x is lacking overall in the premium department especially for that price tag even the slider section is pure plastic on the m70x at least on the m50x there is some aluminum flexibility is also majorly lacking on the m70x s these are by far the stiffest headphones that I have ever used the ear cups only rotates slightly above 90 degrees and not only do the ear cups on the m50x rotate 180 degrees but they also flip completely to the back on the m70x is not so much the hinges also fold on the m50x is hence the reason it comes with a carrying bag but on the m70x there is no folding you guys get what I'm trying to say right the m70x just isn't as flexible as the m50x and that's fine honestly I doubt anyone's head is shaped like a strange polygon so even with the limited flexibility he can still be comfortable wearing these speaking of flexibility both headbands actually stretch pretty far so it will accommodate the biggest of heads out there so if you have one of those giant heads a key talking about in my videos then hit that like button there is nothing to be ashamed about so audio-technica decided to ditch the white headband and go with a slimmer one with an embedded logo instead also the cushions on the headband don't reach all the way down to the hinges like they do on the m50x which is fine since the sides of the headphones don't really touch your head anyways now the cushions are very soft Audio Technica does these very well and you can always expect the comfort level to be there when purchasing Audio Technica headphones these also do a very good job isolating outside noise if you set the volume to at least 50% the outside world becomes mute sound wise the m50x has very rich deep lows with balanced mids and detailed highs they also have noticeably more bass than the m70x --is if you enjoy watching movies listening to music or playing games like me then the m50 x's are definitely for you the m70x has a flat natural sound and they provide more clarity so you can hear the notes at its purest so if you're mixing music then I can recommend these to you so what all that said here is the sound test between both of the headphones recorded under the same controlled environment the purpose of this test is to hear the difference between both headphones since you can actually tell the sound quality of each in this video as the song goes you all right so I'm sure you guys heard the difference in bass and clarity between the two but my honest conclusion if you have the em 50s or even the m50 X's don't waste your money what you have now is just fine if you're an audiophile or mix music I think the $300 price tag is fair for what you are getting a high-end popular brand studio monitoring headphones it's as simple as that otherwise don't make the jump save your money and buy a ps4 or even the m50 X's if you don't own one yet as I said before I have them both linked in the description section down below if you want to check them out I also want to hear your opinions do you guys agree with everything I said let me know what's in your brain by dropping a comment down below once again thanks so much for watching this is that from tech source and I'll see you guys in the next video
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