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Acer Triton 500 - RTX 2060 (This is the one you want)

Invidia max-q gaming laptops have arrived with geforce r-tx graphics cards and i managed to get my hands on one this year is the Acer Triton 500 it's got a 6 core processor 60 gigs of ram in the r-tx 2060 GPU personally I think that these specs are perfect for a thin gaming laptop if you want the most value for 1080p gaming compared to the r-tx 2070 or 2080 laptops I gotta say though I really like the design of the Trident 500 over there Helios it doesn't have that overused black and red gamer aesthetic it's much cleaner in my opinion with its sleek design and those thin bezels the predator logo also lights up which looks pretty cool there isn't that much flex on the keyboard deck or the display since the frame is made out of aluminum it doesn't feel cheap though feels like it's built pretty well the keyboard is nice its backlit and RGB but only through three zones however you can't set some pretty cool lighting effects using their predator sense software all the keys are spaced nicely and I didn't run into any issues reaching any of the keys the trackpad is a bit small for my taste but it works really well it's using Windows precision drivers it's very responsive and it recognizes all my gestures so no real complaints here the screen gets really bright with very great viewing angles and it's also accurate enough that you can edit videos or do color sensitive work on it the speakers are located on the back now they don't sound that great they're more on the tinny side but either way you should be wearing a headset because the fan noise is pretty loud while gaming they do wrap up quite a bit but if you end up overclocking the GPU then it gets even louder for ports you get a decent selection you got three USB 3 ports a full size Ethernet jack one HDMI and on the other side you get a mini display and a USB type-c that's done about three compatible unfortunately it does not have an SD card which is something I expected on a laptop with this price tag you can even use the Thunderbolt 3 port here to charge any of your devices while the laptop is off which I find very useful ok now let's talk about the performance because that is where this laptop shines first off this laptop is great for productivity specifically editing 4k video the 6 core 12th red processor was able to edit my 4k files from my a7 r3 very easily using Vegas Pro I was actually very surprised that the laptop was not only able to cut 4k video but I was also able to provide smooth playback even after adding effect transitions and color grading so if you do plan on using this laptop for editing videos whether it's 4k or 1080p files then you'd be pleased to find out it can handle it when it comes to gaming the Arctic's 2060 kicks ass I was getting around 90 FPS on average for Apex legends on high settings achieving over 100 is definitely possible if you tweak the settings or lower the quality the rest of the games I was getting well over 100 FPS on the highest settings and I didn't experience any lag or stuttering once if I can only pick one thing that I really liked about the trying 500 I would have to pick the software the predator sense gives you many options to tweak your laptop from fan settings to RGB lighting and even overclocking the GPU which is my personal favorite there's even a dedicated button for it right on the keyboard and once you press it it will launch the program the overclocking feature is very useful and it actually works if you set it to extreme it will overclock the GPU up to 100 megahertz on the boost clock and it actually increases the performance in games I was getting an average of 4 FPS more per game in exchange for a louder fan noise again I don't recommend taking this to a library or somewhere quiet because the fans do get annoyingly loud especially if you're overclocking the GPU the highest the CPU peak while gaming was 92 degrees which is pretty toasty but I didn't experience any lag or thermal throttling I much prefer a louder fan noise over thermal throttling the Trend 500 is using an 82 watt hour battery which got me around 5 hours of use with a screen brightness of 200 nits I think I should did an excellent job with a new Trident 500 it's a thin gaming laptop that kicks ass in gaming and productivity with 144 Hertz refresh rate and a decent battery life I'll drop a link below if you guys want to check out the Trident 500 from Acer I hope you guys enjoy the video if you did consider dropping a like and if you didn't you know what to do thanks again so much for watching as always I will see you guys in the next one
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