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Affordable Drone That Can shoot 4K! - X-Star Premium Drone

lots of guys is that from Texas and today we're taking a look at the x-star premium drone from Alltel robotics so just from taking the product out of the included hard protective case you can immediately tell that this drone is the real deal the quadcopter design helps to create superb aerial imagery and the bright orange finish ensures that you won't lose sight of the drone when it's up in the clouds the drone uses a fully modular 4k camera and a 3-axis gimbal system so any necessary replacements or future upgrades can be done with ease you can shoot videos at 4k and 30fps all the way down to 720p at 240 FPS for buttery smooth slow motion the battery is rated for 4900 milliamp hour which will provide up to 25 minutes of recording and allow for HD streaming to your mobile phone at a maximum range of 1.2 miles what's great about the charger is that it can supply power to the battery and remote control simultaneously I'll tell robotics even includes a 64 gigabyte microSD card so you'll have everything needed to get flying immediately what's even better is that the x-star premium drone retails for just $8.99 USD an absolute steal for this kind of bundle setting up your first flight is very easy you just power on the remote control followed by the drone then secure your mobile device to the remote control and then tether it with a USB cable of your choice launch the Starling app and you're ready to go the remote control is extremely comfortable and has a selection of buttons to perform quick actions such as preparing a Jone for liftoff the LCD on the remote control will display messages and real-time statistics such as altitude and battery life for your flight session the Starling gap is smooth and easy to navigate it will display a live view of what the drone is recording and also you can playback previous recordings as well this is how you start and stop a recording as well as take a picture flying this drone proved to be a fun experience the 4k footage was clean and sharp and I even snapped a few 12 megapixel photos as well with no interruptions during the flight if you're feeling creative and want to add slow-motion footage to the mix go for it even at 1080p video from the drone is crisp and doesn't take away from the overall the x-star premium uses dual gps and glonass navigation to provide solid positioning no matter how weak the signal could be paired with these smart flight features this shown is extremely easy to get the hang of follow mode tells a drone to follow you Orbitz makes the drone circle specified areas and waypoints allows you to create a plan for the drone to travel auto robotics goes above and beyond the product itself and wants to ensure an overall satisfying experience for every user for those that plan to use the x-star premium drone for commercial use auto robotics will waive $150 fee required to take the test administered by the FAA the company also takes pride in their customer service as well offering us-based assistance seven days a week so there you have it guys the x-star premium drone from auto robotics if you've been on the fence about picking up a drone this may be the one to get it packs all the features you would need in a very cost friendly package be sure to leave a like if you enjoy the video as always and I'll see you in the next video
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