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Alienware Aurora R7 + Intel Optane Memory

what's up guys it's a from tech source and in this video I get to talk to you about Intel obtain memory until sent me this dope Alienware Aurora r7 so I could show off how Intel obtained memory works and how it benefits your PC's performance it may not be the most aesthetically pleasing PC but it's sure packing some power it's equipped with the i7 8700 6 core processor along with 16 gigs of RAM a gtx 1070 and a 2 terabyte hard drive that's combined with the intel obtain memory module so what exactly is it well as a system accelerator Intel obtained memory basically makes your PC perform like an SSD based device for example it can make your everyday tasks twice as responsive you can launch web browsers up to five times faster start games up to 67% faster and overall make your system performance up to 28 percent faster imagine having an SSD like speed with the capacity of a hard drive so what if you're going with a dual drive system you know when you have your SSD as your main drive and then you have an extra hard drive basically for mass storage well not only are you adding more devices to your PC but you're going to be spending more money that way you don't really need an extra SSD because the Intel optin memory acts as a bridge between your processor and your hard drive speeding up access and helping to prioritize tasks in short it makes the small SSD unnecessary okay so what tasks are affected by Intel obtain memory and do you really see difference in real-life tasks well based on my previous benchmarks you guys can see that the speeds are very similar and in some instances the update memory combined with the hard drive is actually faster than a traditional SSD setup but the main takeaway here is that we're getting s as these speeds but we're actually paying less for it a simple task like booting or restarting a PC is also affected and I was curious to see how long it would take the Alienware Aurora r7 to boot up using obtain memory all right so around 18 seconds from pressing the power button that's actually pretty fast and comparing it to an SSD it's not that far off I'm sure it would have taken over 20 seconds on a tradition a hard drive searching files within windows is also up to three times faster on Intel obtain memory basically letting you find and access files faster I misplace files constantly because I have way too many folders that hold my setup or submissions and all the footage I shoot for my YouTube video so it's nice to be able to look them up quickly that way it doesn't waste any additional time from creating content a speed of creating content Vegas Pro 15 which is my editing program currently has also gone faster not just by launching the program but also by loading save projects and importing a bunch of other files have you tried transferring 5k raw files from a red camera let me tell you guys it takes a while but thanks to Intel obtain memory I don't have to wait as long because of its ability to prioritize my most used tasks editing is all about the workflow the smoother the process is the faster I can get done with a project and move on to the next I switch between applications a lot whether it's to look up background music for my projects or finding images to include in my videos so it's nice that everyday tasks have up to two times faster responsiveness and finally the most noticeable difference coming from a hard drive is gaming with Intel obtain memory your PC can boot games up to 67% faster as well as load games faster one of the games I play a lot on my PC is pop G and typically this takes around 20 seconds to load from my personal PC which is running games on a hard drive however with the opt in memory we can see that it only takes a little over 10 seconds to launch combining the Intel obtain memory module with the hard drive is the preferred route for anyone that is looking for large storage space and SSD speeds while also being on a tight budget huge thanks to Intel for sending over the Alienware Aurora r7 and giving me the chance to check out Intel obtain memory if you guys want to check out the Beast PC or the Intel obtained memory module I'll drop a link to both of them down below as always thank you so much for watching and I'll see you guys in the next one
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