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Anker PowerHouse - Massive 120,000mAh PowerBank

what's up guys it's that from tech source and let me start this video off by saying that this product is definitely not for everyone coming in at a massive 120 thousand milliamp hour but if you often find yourself in situations with no power then this is probably the best alternative to loud and gas power generators for such things like mini fridges phones laptops and even gaming consoles let's go and get the one negative that I found while using this product out of the way and that's the weather sealing or lack thereof I didn't find any IP certification for the power house and if you were to take this outdoors you would have to be careful not to get it wet the aluminum body feels really sturdy and well put together there doesn't seem to be any signs of corners being cut anywhere the interface is simple we have a DC input to charge the unit itself a 12-volt car socket an AC outlet and for fast charging USB ports the ports are all divided into their own sections and to activate one set of ports to charge you have to click on its own corresponding buttons all active force will be displayed on the LCD display as well as an hour indicator when I first saw this I was a bit confused but basically instead of giving you a percentage the power house reads the current output and calculates for how many hours it can keep that up which in a product like this definitely makes sense on the top of the device we get a sturdy aluminum handle that makes lugging this almost 10 pound beast around more convenient with such a powerful battery anchor wanted to make sure it included safety features to protect both the user and the device itself the battery management system undertakes voltage control temperature control and other advanced safety operations anchors also included their worryfree 18-month warranty to further ensure your purchase you can charge a phone up to 40 times laptops for about 15 times keep the mini fridge up for seven hours or a 15 volt light on for a crazy 100 plus hours the unit itself however does have a maximum output of one hundred and sixty watts overall this product does exactly what it says it does it's a giant battery for whenever those just in case moments happen as always thinking guys so much for watching I'll leave links down below if you guys want to check this out and I will see you in the next video
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