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Are you Married? - AskEd #15

what's happening guys before I jump into the QA I have something really important to tell you guys that's gonna be affecting the channel people that don't watch this video are gonna be really confused on what's happening in the next few weeks so if you guys have a few minutes to spare please at least watch this portion of the video before you skip to the Q&A I'm gonna try and make this as fast as possible so when I started making YouTube videos back in 2012 I was working with the unlocking company you guys probably remember that I was doing a bunch of unlocking tutorials for smartphones and if it wasn't for them I wouldn't be here right now if it wasn't for the alarm company tech source wouldn't be what it is today I was able to because of them I was able to quit my job and also get an office and produce a lot of content and because of that the channel blew up so honestly I owe everything to be locking company so about a month ago I got an email from YouTube saying that they took down one of my locking videos because it violated the Community Guidelines and then I got a strike on the channel I freaked out I got paranoid and of course what did i do I went and deleted every single locking videos because I thought maybe they're gonna take down the other videos and if I got two more strikes this channel is pretty much gone and I'm done I'm done making videos and there goes my entire life that goes my career so me being impulsive instead of making those videos private I went ahead and deleted them just to be on the safe side so obviously that made some people upset I believed it over a hundred unlocking videos that was already paid for that was supposed to stay up on the channel indefinitely apparently that strike was only for that specific type of the video but how was I to know you know I was just looking at for myself and the channel so I thought they were gonna go after the other unlocking video so I panicked and I deleted so I want to make things right with the unlocking company so I agreed to upload 25 of those hundreds of videos I think was like 200 videos or something so I'm gonna upload five videos every Sunday night for the next five weeks so if you guys see videos like that pop up on your sub box every Sunday night don't freak out my channels not hacked it's only temporary and it's gonna be like that for the next five weeks only I know people don't like their sub box being spammed especially this content they don't enjoy so that's why I'm letting you guys know in advance but if you guys do see those videos and you want to help support the channel feel free to drop by leave a simple like or a comment whatever you guys do will be greatly appreciated of course you guys don't have to watch any of it you can skip all five of the videos every Sunday night and just wait for the regular content from my channel but anyways that's all I wanted to say I'm thing guys so much for understanding now let's get into some questions what's your opinion about Apple's cheesegrater Mac Pro is it good and as it worth it obviously if you're asking this question it's probably not made for you these products are made for professionals who take advantage of the software and the hardware inside of these so I'm not gonna sit here and say that these products are overpriced or if it's worth it in my opinion it's worth it to whoever thinks it's worth it what's the biggest mistake you've made while building a PC the biggest and probably the dumbest mistake I've done was while I was building titanium the black and green Christmas themed PC I don't know when it was I forgot to peel off the the paper or the plastic sleeve underneath the CPU cooler and I installed it like that and I was wondering why the temps were so high and I almost fried my CPU so that was um that was fun that was fun one of the next building with a subscriber episode coming out are you continuing the series or not I've actually filmed episode 3 I think two months ago or something but I didn't upload the video because I wasn't happy with the quality I was only using a single camera so I only had one angle and I thought I was gonna be very boring for you guys so that's why I scratched the video but at least I spent the whole day helping a fan build a PC which didn't work the GPU was defective but it looked pretty cool was the next ultimate setup video coming out hopefully in July I've already announced that I'm doing an all-white gaming setup with an all-white gaming PC it's gonna be sick stick around Sean asks are you gonna revive a memorable setup backdrop that you've been known for are you happy hosting between it's about time somebody noticed that yes it was inspired by Zach gallon a fact if a gallon effect galliston Galef and Sackett I'm definitely not going back to the acoustic foams I personally think that's just very dull and boring it's just black and red acoustic foams in the back it's there's no there's no lighting and doesn't look cool so that's why I decided to go with between two ferns and some RGB lighting because it's 2019 when did you start building computers my first PC I ever built was senior year of high school 2005 and ever since yeah Here I am in the video you said that you switched to Adobe Premiere was it true yes it was true I was actually trying desperately to learn Adobe Premiere for three weeks straight and then I gave up because what games have you spent the most time playing honestly guys I've been chucked apex legend so many times that it got me addicted to the game so that's the only game I play now if I have any extra time add me on Origin if you guys want to play with a new what's your favorite PC you've built ever that's an easy one the PC I just built for myself big red version 3 when is the next subscriber setup remodel I'm guessing you're talking about setup makeover and I'll just announce it now get it over with the first country I'm visiting for setup makeover is gonna be in Armenia that is my home country and I don't know if I'm gonna do that later this year or early next year but that is 100% happening but in the meantime I do want to put up one more episode this year hopefully before Christmas somewhere in LA maybe like two hours radius in LA I'll be making a video taking submissions hopefully in the next few months so stick around why don't you do reviews I don't know how long you've been subscribed to the channel but that's kind of how texts are started by doing reviews so my last review was actually last week it was on an Avon gaming laptop so it may not be as frequent but I still do reviews you just have to watch it sérgio asks are you married our baby's something that may be coming soon not sure on the baby's part but yes I am married and it's surprising a lot of people don't know that even though I wear a ring in most of the videos but yeah instead of just talking about it I'm gonna let or introduce yourself to you guys and look at the lens your name is Suroosh where are you from we're in Armenia oh how long have we been married eight months since September of 2018 yeah so kind of new at this but yeah here she is in the flesh you can go now how do you deal with situations of slow channel growth and producing high effort content that gets lackluster viewing performance results that's a good question do you think we will live to see an eventual robot takeover happen I definitely don't think we will live to see that happen but I don't doubt that it will happen in the future I don't know when but I'm pretty sure it will happen eventually in terms of high effort content that gets lackluster viewing performance results believe me I've been there multiple times and it's very this motivating is that even a word it definitely gets you upset and it doesn't motivate you enough to continue doing it for example my last set of makeover season didn't crack a million views and I spent five or six months planning and shooting the video and editing and it took a lot of time to make that happen and then I see other videos on YouTube for example a simple PC give away to a relative you know and all the parts are paid for by sponsor and that video would be like a million views within a few months so it's kind of like that didn't take as much effort as the set up make over you know flying over someone's house and completely rebuilding their setup so yeah it's kind of disappointing to see that but you can't let that get to you just pretty much focus on you and continue making content that you love and that your viewers love watching I pretty much made a habit to not care about views anymore or how many subscribers you have I'm just going to continue making content that I have a passion for and that's what's the brands name of the t-shirt and the pant in this photo the pant is from gas actually everything is from guests the t-shirt the pants and even the shoes as a bizarre question to ask me a very random question to ask me I don't know if guess still makes that t-shirt but check it out on the website plans on ma tu model X anytime soon absolutely not I love Elsa the way she is I am not touching any part of her body can you do a potato build guide I've actually haven't done one in a while but I'm waiting for the new rising ships to arrive before I do some budget build so stick around how come you've been late in reviewing our TX cards and all the AIB model cards you did it back then when GTX series was out and what reveal at e3 has got you most extent for like I said III was kind of a letdown for me but the game I'm excited about is cyberpunk mostly because Keanu Reeves in it and I don't review GPUs any more on the channel because it's not interesting to me anymore I find it very very tedious and boring and plus there's a lot of channels out there that do it way better for me I'd rather use the GPUs and a build and then show you guys the actual gaming performance so yeah what are your thoughts about eks new lineup of fully wood design I saw that I did I'm not a fan of would I get wood in the mornings but I'm not a fan of wood blocks how do you feel knowing you're inspiring others like me to get into tech it's always an awesome feeling to read stuff like this or even meet fans in real life telling me that they're inspired to build a PC or start a channel or even just tech in general and inspiration is everywhere you know I when I was young when I started a channel I was inspired by big techie tubers and honestly I feel like it's an endless cycle you know you get inspired by others you make content and then you inspire others so that's awesome favorite piece of tech you have right now that is hands-down have to be the oculus rift s that is the new view are from oculus I've been playing that thing constantly every single day and I made an embossing video once they proved the video I can launch it to you guys next week but favorite piece of tech hands-down and you'll see why are you excited for Rison and any plan builds app so freakin lutely as soon as I get my hands on a third generation rice and chips I'm going to be doing a lot of builds some budget ones some mid-range and of course some high-end builds coming up so very excited and the last question is when you were a child what was your dream other than owning a Lambo which I feel like was everyone's dream when they were a child my dream was to find a job or have a job that I have a passion for that I love going into that makes me happy that doesn't make me wake up every single day saying I hate my job that was my main dream up until my early 20s and now I can safely say that I'm living that dream for anybody out there who hates their current job or hates going to school or just doesn't happy with their current life if you're not happy where you are right now life I have one very corny but very true advice to give you and that is things will get better but here's the kicker you got to do something about it you got to go out there you got to put in the time and effort just like everybody else you can't just sit on the couch and have your dream job just fall right on your lap right it doesn't work that way it may take some time I'm not gonna lie it may take a very long time but at least you're fighting for something that you believe in don't settle for what you have right now life if that's not what you want for the rest of your life it literally just made that up I'm putting that as my Instagram headliner don't settle for what you have right now if that's not what you want for the rest of your life anyways that's it for me thank you guys so much for watching as always I will see you guys in the next one I was gonna let her introduce herself she has I'm just gonna let her introduce herself to you guys okay what else introduce yourself what is your name well you're looking at me look at the camera we're in I mean you don't look at me look at the lens how long have you been here in the States Connie Yami sister look at the lens
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