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Ask Me #2 - PC Giveaway, New Series

what's up you guys inside from tech source and I'm actually really excited to do this video today there's a bunch of really cool announcements that I want to share with you guys also the PC giveaway announcement is in this video as well so make sure you guys stick around for that but before I get into the requirements of that I want to give you guys some update on what's going on and that's what some of your questions all right so first things first the PC bill for next month for June is actually already happening I posted a poll on my Twitter page and have you guys vote on the budget amounts so I'll also leave the link below if you guys want to participate on the budget amount I'll check back later this week so I can start picking the parts and ordering the parts so I can begin working on it for the month of June so once again the link will be down below if you guys want to participate on the budget amounts so I've been thinking about starting a new series on tech source and I want to know what you guys think about this so basically the idea is I will have you guys submit your desk setup tours whether it's a video or pictures and I'll be selecting five of the coolest best set up tours that I found and I'll be featuring it on my channel for everyone to see I'll be leaving my compliments some feedback and I think it's a really cool way to interact with you guys but I'll maybe host it once a month for now and see how that goes but let me know what you guys think about that that's something you want to see happen definitely let me know by dropping a comment down below alright so on my last video you guys asked me a bunch of questions and I also reached out on Twitter today and asked if you guys have any more questions you want to ask me and they get a bunch of questions so I'm gonna go ahead and answer some of them that I picked out and once again if you guys want to ask me any additional questions you can ask me through twitter at hashtag ask Edgar and I'll definitely feature your question in my next ask me video but anyways I'm gonna go through some questions here real quickly and then we can move on to the next segment all right so the first question comes from Jack bond and he asks what's the knife called that you always use in your videos to unbox new products and I picked this up actually about a year and a half ago and this is the firefighter I'm knife I guess from TAC force and I guess you can call this official unboxing knife it's a really cool looking black and red of course is black and red knife and I've been using it for all my videos so I'll leave a link below if you guys are interested in checking that out but yeah this is what I use I saw the next question comes from a Mason Bonnell and he asks how do you try and set yourself apart from other people also doing these types of videos that's actually a really good question if you guys have noticed but my channel's motto is technology with spice but one of the things that really sets my channel apart from other tech youtubers is I guess the way I filmed the videos the cinematic angles I use and the way I incorporate the music in my videos as well it's a very huge factor music is such a big form of entertainment that if you incorporate that into your videos it just makes it that much more enjoyable to watch I've been doing that since the beginning and so far it's kind of been the trademark of tech source and it's been working really well for me I think alright the next question comes from Scotty and he asks who are your biggest inspirations on YouTube that's also another good question my main inspiration that actually made me want to start my own channel was Lou from unbox therapy back in the day I just really loved the way he filmed his videos the way he incorporated music into his videos the cinematic style and stuff like that so that really inspired me to create my own channel and start doing the same thing right now he's got more of a laid-back chill style for his videos and that actually works for him now so you know more power to him but like 2 or 3 years ago the way he was filming then was one of the reasons why I got into YouTube I so the next question comes from Sergio and he asks what happened to Bob did he quit tech source or did he just stop for a while after his computer broke those of you that been with me for a while probably noticed that there was somebody else helping me with my videos his name is Bob he was my cousin well after you stole my cousin and he's actually taking some time off to focus on school and his work he can't really commit to tech stores full-time which is why I'm currently running this by myself but I can definitely see him coming back and helping me out later this year especially when the iPhone 6s comes out I'm gonna need a bunch of help for that so he's not really entirely gone he's just chillin for now ice the next question comes from Curie when did you start YouTube and did you thought you would get a hundred plus subscribers so I started YouTube in May 2012 which is a little over two years now and to answer your question no I had no idea I'll be sitting here right now in an empty office talking to a camera with over a hundred thousand subscribers that's insane and I owe everything I owe all this to you guys so thank you so much for that alright so the last question comes from Arlene and he or she asks would you consider setting up a patreon account to help you with building pcs and doing giveaways PC bills are expensive yes to build one and to especially give it away it's gonna be very expensive for me to do it once a month the PC that I'm actually giving away now is sponsored by the Lockean company they're the ones who actually pitched in and made it possible so that's kind of why I'm able to give it away even before I set up something like that I would obviously have to ask you guys if you were cool with that and what your opinion is on that if I do set up a patreon account any contributions I get would go into a PC build and the PC build would be given away back to you guys so I wouldn't really keep any of the contributions to myself also whoever contributed to the PC build would obviously have higher chances of winning but again this is all new to me and I'm not really considering anything yet and I want to hear what you guys have to say so definitely let me know by dropping a comment down below if this does happen then you can definitely see a PC build at least once a month and it will definitely be a giveaway but anyways let me know what you guys think so that's it for the questions I'm really sorry if I didn't get to answer yours I'm trying to make this video as short as possible but if you have any additional questions you want to ask me use the hashtag ask Edgar and ask me on Twitter and I will feature your question in the next ask me video but let's go to move on to the giveaway announcement which I'm sure 900 sent of you are here because of that so before I get into the requirements of the PC giveaway I want to clarify something that's been a topic for this past few months and even the past year on tech source so as I mentioned before this PC is sponsored by the locking company comm and those of you that don't know the other main sponsor of tech source they make it possible for me to purchase smartphones and basically do coverage on them and I do at least two unlocking videos per month for them there's a lot of people that are annoyed of those videos that keep popping up on the subscriber feed my advice to you guys is honestly you just don't watch it it's not made for you guys it's specifically made for whoever searches up that video if the person wants to lock a note for their gonna type in how to unlock Galaxy Note 4 they're not gonna type how to unlock Galaxy S six so that is why I do one for every one of the phones that come out I try and balance my videos as much as possible you guys won't see two more locking videos back-to-back consecutively so if that video does pop up you guys don't have to watch it honestly they're not meant for you guys they're meant for people that search up that video this isn't their first actual giveaway that they have done with us those of you have been with the channel for a while know that actually did other giveaways is there a white ps4 destiny bundle giveaway and a $600 gaming PC giveaway last year and they're doing this to show appreciation to you guys my subscribers for being really cool with the unlocking videos as long as the awesome feedback continues on the locking videos like if you guys stop by and leave a like or comment stuff like that then they'll definitely be a lot more giveaways from them but this is basically as a thank you to you guys okay now for the giveaway requirements thank you for sitting all the way to the end you guys really appreciate that I know this video has been dragging on but I just had to make some things clear anyways the requirements are simple all you have to do is go on to their Facebook page I will leave a link below and just leave a like on their page that's basically all you have to do and you are automatically entered I will announce the winner on my Instagram or Twitter page you guys can follow me on either or or if you don't want to follow me there just make sure you guys check back within the first week of June and there I will announce the winner the winner will have 24 hours to respond otherwise I'll have to go on and select another winner I will leave a link to my Instagram and Twitter page if you guys want to check those out but that's basically it good luck thank you again for watching thanks so much for subscribing for liking disliking all that stuff I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you guys 100,000 subscribers is a lot of people and I thank you guys so much there's gonna be a lot of really cool stuff happening so make sure you guys stick around for that but anyways thanks again for watching this is that from tech stores I will see you guys in the next video
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