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Awesome Wood + Aluminum Case for iPhone - VESEL

hey guys it's ed from Texas and today we're gonna look at an awesome case from vessel well technically it's a bumper case and what's so special about this is the fact that it's made out of wood and metal so inside the sleek packaging you get the wood series bumper case a tool needed for the installation that you can also attach to your keys it also comes with a quick installation guide and a unique certification from vessel along with a very huge branded microfiber cloth and some extra screws now the vessel case I picked up is the frozen titanium and walnut combination but it also comes in frozen brilliant silver and oak along with a few other combinations be sure to check out the link in the description section for more details now what sets this case apart from other wooden cases is the premium look and feel the top and bottom of the vessel wood series is made out of solid aluminum while the sides come in either walnut or oak finished with brushed oil so the quality is definitely there now the installation is really simple as you would have expected all you need to do is remove the screws on the top and pull out the metal piece and slide in your iPhone then you put back the top metal piece and screw it in it's that easy now it's obvious that this case won't offer your iPhone full protection but it will protect it if it were to drop on its side the wood series also offers a small lip around the case which protects the front and back of the phone and also provides a solution to the protruding camera problem most case companies just can't seem to get the button functionality right oftentimes it would be hard or inconvenient to press but vessel has done an amazing job with its slightly protruding aluminum buttons making it really comfortable pressing the case also has accurate cutouts for the headphone jack charging port and speakers I gotta say the case feels really good in the hand the wood and aluminum pieces really work together to bring a premium feel you should expect for a premium device what's also great is that vessel guarantees 100% that the case won't interfere with signal loss so overall a really solid wood and metal case probably the best I've seen yet for an iPhone and I will leave links down below if you guys want to check them out and I also leave a discount code that you guys can use to knock down the price a little bit anyways this is that from tech stores and I'll see you guys in the next video you
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