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BEST Cyber Monday Tech Deals - 2017

I by power is having the biggest sale of the year for Black Friday and it starts in a few days if you're looking to pick up a sick gaming PC or a laptop this holiday season be sure to check them out I'll drop a link below what's up guys it's a from tech source and in this video we're gonna take a look at the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday tech deals that I found on the internet just for you guys and if you don't wanna sit through this entire video you guys can find everything mentioned in the description section below alternatively you can check deals or tech because that is where we post the best deals we find on the Internet starting off I do want to mention that LG recently came out with a refresh of their gram laptops featuring the new coffee Lake processors the one I have with me now is the 13.3 inch and it's equipped with an i7 8550 you quad-core processor it's also got 8 gigs of RAM and a 256 gigabyte SSD everything is exactly the same coming from the previous models except the new processor one of the things I love about the Graham series as the battery life and how light these are weighing under one kilogram and somehow they even packed a 60 watt hour battery in here giving you up to 14 hours of usage now since they came out with their new lineup LG is actually having a sale on their previous models for Black Friday if you guys want to check them out or take a look at the new 8th gen laptops I'll drop a link to it down below next up we have a really great deal on the popular treks Titanium's from aftershocks these are open air headphones that use bone conduction technology now it's not one of those cheap bone conduction headphones that you see everywhere on YouTube these guys actually know what they are doing and then one of the biggest companies out there that actually do it right one of the benefits of using bone conduction technology is that you are always self aware your ears are not covered and you can hear everything around you while listening to music at the same time it's also very comfortable and won't cause any ear fittings and snapping is going inside of your ear right now they're going for $80 which is $50 off their original price check it out by visiting the link below Samsung is selling a 4k 50-inch TV only for $400 with free shipping you can save $20 off the ps4 controller and check this one out guys $200 on the Xbox one battlefield one bundle not bad at all this next deal is gonna blow your mind are you guys ready for this a 27 inch 144 hertz refresh rate one millisecond response time monitor only for $200 if you guys search up any monitors with these specs they start at $300 minimum so if you guys are in need of a fast gaming monitor snag this while it's cheap here's another great deal on a 1080p monitor from Asus it's a 23 inch widescreen monitor with an IPS display and a 60 Hertz refresh rate it's going for $80 using the code listed on the page and after the $10 mail-in rebate if you're looking for something with a higher resolution we got the LG 27 inch 4k monitor that's going for 247 which is ridiculous it also features free sync and a 5 millisecond response time with a 60 Hertz for fresh weight if you guys are rocking a high-end amv card like the vega 56 or 64 then you can take advantage of free sync I actually have two of these and it's also the monitor I've been using to benchmark my PC built on the channel and I know a lot of you guys keep asking me in the comment section what model that is well this is the one I've been using but only difference is I paid $300 for mine the extremely popular PG 3 for 8 Q from Asus that we always see in setup wars is going for $970 on wiki by it's currently going for 1135 on Amazon which is still discounted but if you guys buy it on wiki by you can save two hundred sixty three dollars this is arguably one of the best ultra wide gaming monitors out on the market right now let's switch over to some PC parts now so the 1800 x8 core processor is on sale for 320 which is at its lowest price ever normally this would go anywhere from 400 to $440 so you're saving at the minimum $80 for Black Friday alternatively the 1700 processor is going for 270 which is down from the retail price of 330 the six core Rison 5 1600 is $30 off from retail and finally the 1950 X thread Ripper CPU is off $200 from the original $1000 MSRP looking at Intel prices it's no surprise that discounts aren't that great but we still have some nice deals nonetheless like the 77 Andrew K it's currently going for 289 which is $50 off the original price of 340 the 7600 K keeps switching from 230 down to 200 the past few weeks is kind of fluctuating but it is down again to $200 just for Black Friday the six-course 7800 ex also has a nice discount it's down to 310 dollars from 360 so you're saving around 50 bucks there there's a ton of GPU deals out there and I can't go over all of them because it'll be very long video so I'll link some my favorite ones out there and I'll link the rest below if you guys want to check it out but here are some deals you can expect the GTX 1080 from Asus is currently the cheapest 1080 on planet earth right now it's coming in at $500 after a male and rebate these cars usually go for 550 or higher GTX 1080p I usually sell in the high 700 but for Black Friday you can pick one up for 740 either from gigabyte EVGA and you can even get one for 735 from msi you even get a free copy of destiny 2 so that's pretty awesome the best-performing gtx 1060 for its price is from ZOTAC and it's going for only $240 compared to 260 from the other brands like EVGA this is actually the card I'm using for both of my budget builds in December and this little thing packs a lot of power and I highly recommend it if you guys want to game 1080p and high or max settings over 60fps ZOTAC is killing it for Black Friday they have another deal on their gtx 1050 TI and it's going for only 124 dollars compared to other prices that start at 150 we also got a killer deal from msi on their gtx 1070 you can actually get it for just $400 after a male and rebate right now 1070 start at $430 and go all the way up to 500 so this is a really great deal here's a great deal on the rx 580 from msi only $230 guys that's the same price of an rx 570 and by the way you get a free copy of quake champions speaking of rx 570 is the lowest price right now is from Asus and it's going for 190 after a male and rebate so check this deal on the RX Vega 56 from msi $470 guys these cards start at 5 hundred dollars minimum if you're lucky enough to even find them in stock if the one from MSI is sold out which I'm almost positive it will be by the time you watch this video there's another one from XFX that's going for five hundred and this is just some of the amazing tech deals that we found on an Internet unfortunately it's impossible to upload every single deal we found this video will be like an hour long but fortunately we do have a place that we do store all these amazing deals and that is our website deal source tech we have like five people constantly updating meals throughout the day to bring you guys the best tech deals on the internet it really is a one-stop shop to save money on your next purchase you don't have to do any research because we do it for you we basically compare prices over a six-month period and determine if the product is in fact on sale before we post it on our website definitely expect more deals coming in the next few weeks and the entire month of December we're gonna be packing the website with as much deals as we find on the internet and we're trying to save you guys money that's kind of the purpose of the old stores tech but anyway so you guys so much for watching everything mentioned in this video will be linked below and I will see you guys in the next one you
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