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BEST Gaming Tech - Holiday Gift Guide

so you want to buy your husband daughter son or even your best friend a gift for this Christmas but you guys have no idea what you want to get them while you're in luck I actually have two videos that are going to help you out a bit in this video I'm going to be going over the best gaming tech that you can buy for this holiday season and then the other video which will be coming shortly will be on the best non gaming tech that you can buy so that wasting our time let's begin alright so let's start off with a few gaming laptops in case you're feeling extra generous for your gift idea first up is the 15.6 inch Dell gaming laptop with a core i5 eight gigabytes of RAM 256 gigabytes of SSD space and an nvidia geforce gtx 960m graphics card this laptop will get you around 40 to 50 FPS on fallout 4 on medium settings this laptop is well-known to be one of the best given its price tag moving up the ladder we have the Asus 17-inch that comes equipped with an i7 16 gigabytes of RAM and one terabyte of hard drive space with an nvidia gtx 970m graphics card which will surely kick some ass in games let's jump into some console gaming will quick an obvious gift for the holidays is a brand new console whether it's an Xbox one or a PlayStation 4 in charter bundle which are both $50 off but let's say they already have consoles well you guys can actually pick up some pretty dope accessories for them like this portable gaming station for the PlayStation 4 it's a traveling bag that holds your controllers power supplies and other accessories it features shoulder straps to keep the console tucked in and a 19 inch 720p LED display which you can use to either game on or watch movies DVDs or even screen media if you travel a lot and take your console with you then this is something worth looking at there's even a version for the Xbox 360 let's take a look at some more accessories for consoles like charging stations we have a few available for the PlayStation 4 the one from PDP which has a pretty cool stand and then we have the Nyko charger which is the one I'm actually using for my PlayStation 4 I like this one better because the charging process is really easy you basically hook up the controller with a dongle and snap it in place using the magnetic base for the Xbox there are a few options we got the same design from energizer that comes with to 700 million power battery packs and one from BD and a which uses the same style of charging like the nichael charger as you need to drop your controller off and it will start charging instead of having to connect it to something the last charging station is from dream gear and this one has a really cool way of charging now to mention the dope green LEDs and two extra rechargeable batteries that come with a charger speaking of charging controllers this one has a different approach this is a 2600 milliamp hour power bank that you can attach to the PlayStation 4 controller and it will charge it one point six times which is perfect if you need to game longer another add-on for the controller is this type pad from don' which is a Bluetooth keyboard you can hook up to your controller which is a much better way of typing than using the directional pads there's also one available for the Xbox one but it's from Microsoft which means that it's overpriced as hell last accessory for the console Department is this vertical stand for the PlayStation 4 that has a cooling fan that will prevent your ps4 from overheating and burning your table from long hours of play there's also three USB ports built-in that you can use to charge your controllers alright so that's enough about consoles let's talk PC gaming we have a set of awesome LED speakers that come in blue green and red which I went over on my cool tech of September these things not only look cool but they have an amazing base that will definitely wake up the neighbors so if you're looking for something to spice up your set up and in the market for speakers you should definitely check these out speaking of setups lots of you guys have been asking me to show off some gaming desks well here is one that's been on my list for a long time this is the Atlantic gaming desk that first made its appearance in set upwards episode 26 made out of steel rod construction and silver metallic steel with carbon fiber finish this gaming desk has it all a cup holder headphone hanger on the side a tray underneath the desk to keep some notebooks and other stuff in a rack for DVDs or console controllers on the right side and another rack which you can use to keep phones and other flat devices on it also comes with a monitor riser but all the things I mentioned can be removed if you want including those speaker trays located on the corners getting some skins for a gift is also a great idea whether they have a SmartWatch laptop or even a gaming console the brand has you covered with premium skins that have the most precise fit in the world from carbon fiber to mat and even leather style skins they have it all I'll gonna leave a link down below if you guys check them out I'm not gonna go over any gaming monitors since I already did a video on it then you guys can check it out by clicking on the card on the top right but I will talk about some gaming gear my all-time favorite budget gaming keyboard and mouse still remains the same with the red dragon s101 set which is only at 26 bucks right now we also have the popular CM storm Devastator combo that's only 5 bucks more and lastly another keyboard and mouse combo by e-sports which has replaceable metal key caps and blue LEDs for headsets we have the Turtle Beach ear force recons which are compatible with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox one and a more premium headset for $80 the HyperX cloud gaming headset still remains one of my personal favorites even till today and this will also work both for the PlayStation 4 and PC however if you're still on a budget that sent a gaming headset is extremely hard to beat for the price point if you want to keep your headphones and add an external mic then I strongly recommend the antlion mod mic which I featured in my cool tech of July video it has a magnetic clasp which is easily detachable and the boom arm is flexible the kinivo 3 port HDMI switch is also a nice add-on for any set up you can plug up to 3 HDMI devices into this thing and switch between them using a wireless remote or with a button on the actual device so basically you can hook up your gaming console DVD player and your cable box to your monitor using this device last night at least let's take a look at some really great TVs for gaming first up is the Samsung 32-inch TV with a 60 Hertz refresh rate for around 220 bucks next up is the sony 48 inch smart TV and this thing has some really thin bezels the last TV on my list is the LG 43 inch and this one 2 has extremely thin bezels all of these are extremely great TVs and you can't go wrong with either one of them so that's it for the best gaming tank you can buy for this holiday season if this video helped you guys out please hit that like button and make sure you subscribe to the channel so you don't miss out on my other video coming out within a week but anyways thank you guys so much for watching I will see you in the next video
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