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Bad WiFi? Fix it With ASUS Lyra | Review

what's up guys it's that from tech source and today we're taking a look at a smart router so this is the Asus Lyra and not only is this tri-band router easy to set up but actually solve my connectivity problems everywhere in my house the Lyra uses a mesh network which is a bit different than a standard home router system because it pushes out multiple data streams to its three receiver sets this allows for a great Wi-Fi range across your house extending out to six thousand square feet this will be great if you have multiple floors in your house like me or have a backyard and would still like to have a great Wi-Fi connection everywhere on your property and my testing this router has worked far better than a traditional hub-and-spoke setup due to its 5 gigahertz backbone network it also does the job of a Wi-Fi range extender but far better since all three receivers are connected onto the same smart antenna system this allows the hubs to always test signal strength against other hubs and connect to the strongest node this will ensure a great and stable connection another great feature about the Lyra system is how its configured and controlled all through the mobile app which we will talk about shortly the AI protection messaging feature protects all connected devices by showing security reports on the screen unlike a lot of competing routers the lera does this without the need of a paid subscription service alright so in the box you'll receive three Lyra receivers a power adapter for each one as well as a high-speed Ethernet cable setting up the Lyra is actually very quick and simple just download the app on your iPhone or Android and from there just follow the simple instructions to configure the first lateral receiver and set up the network name and password from here the process is very simple once you have found the place to put the other two receivers select the plus button and set up the second Lyra in my case I set up a receiver on each of my floors and keep in mind it's best to minimise obstacles between each receiver for it to work at its full potential you can actually set a destination name for each receiver which makes managing them super easy from the app over here you can also monitor connected devices and real time traffic reports in the family members tab you can restrict users on the net from accessing certain sites or you can allow guests to access the network very simply as for a speed test the latter are consistently I performed my previous router and I picked up a strong Wi-Fi signal everywhere in my house for my time of use with the library I'm actually pretty impressed with it I do recommend it for anyone that's struggling with Wi-Fi dead spots in their house or if you just want a router that's easy to set up and manage I do want to give a huge thanks to Asus for sending out the Alera and sponsoring this video as always I drop a link to it down below in case you guys want to check it out if you enjoy the video feel free to toss a like to show your support and if you guys didn't like it feel fit of this like as well that's completely fine - thank you so much for watching and I will see you in the next one
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