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BadAss PC Cases - IN WIN (CES 2015)

we couldn't end CES without visiting the in win booth which is hands-down my favorite PC case company right now right above NZXT for those of you that I've never heard of in wind they are essentially the Lamborghini of PC towers this is where the innovation meets design in fact our next ultimate gaming PC will be in one of these cases so anyone really didn't announce anything new for 2015 but it did manage to pick up a few innovation awards for their amazing s frame pc tower surprisingly in one has been in business since 1985 and they are based in taiwan they did bring a few their cases to show off here at CES however there were two of them that really caught my attention one of them is the d frame mini which is basically an open mini ITX case i mean talk about air flow it does cost around 300 bucks and it's made out of aluminum tubes with a four millimeter aluminum motherboard plate with two tempered glass side panels and who says you can't water cool a mini-itx build the water cooling tubes don't come with the tower unfortunately but you can certainly purchase them separately from bitspower to spice up your rig I'm definitely going to try and build my next mini ITX build in one of these cases the question is what color should I go with if you guys want to leave a suggestion drop a comment down below one thing I also noticed is despite it having an open frame structure it's insanely quiet I couldn't even hear a single fan noise and that's pretty impressive okay so the other case that caught my attention is there s frame tower and like the D frame case this too has an open frame chassis I mean look at the design this is art right here it's not a boring rectangle or square shaped box I mean yes dust will get inside the case easily from the top but if you're buying an expensive case like this in the first place it means that you really care for your pc and dusting it once every two weeks shouldn't be a problem so this frame starts at eight hundred bucks and even though the black and gold color looks dope I'm gonna have to go with the black and red combo hands down all aluminum body with tempered glass side panels and enough space for a micro or regular ATX motherboard there is one graphics card installed in the setup but I don't see why you can't hook up another one in sli this build also is water cooled using bitspower parts but lies said before it is optional and you don't have to have a water cooled system to use this case it also has four base for either hard drives or SSDs and a power supply up to 300 millimeters in length no doubt that this case is more geared towards aesthetic stand functionality if you're looking to hook up for graphics cards together with a custom loop then this case might not be a wise choice it's definitely catered to a select few consumers anyways that wraps up the video and our coverage for CES 2015 let me know what you guys think about this case company and whether or not you will build your pc in one of these cases i'm interested to hear your thoughts so feel free to drop them down below once again this is that from text source and I'll see you guys in the next video
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