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Beats Studio Headphones (2013) Unbox/Overview + Giveaway!

what's up guys Texas here with another unboxing and giveaway today we are looking at the brand new studio headphones just released by Beats so these are the brand-new Beats Studio Headphones that go for two $99.99 and they also come in three amazing colors they come in a black red and white unfortunately the red and white were sold out but I was fortunate enough to grab the last black one at my store so these headphones do come with a new beats acoustic engine which improves overall sound it also has a much better noise canceling feature which does not degrade the music quality like the last model it does come with a remote talk feature they also added a rechargeable battery that lasts for 20 hours and you can even track the life with a new fuel gauge and lastly the adarand Auto on and off feature all these features will definitely be covered in detail on our upcoming review so definitely make sure to check it out alrighty so without further ado let's get this unboxed I'm really excited to see what beats included with their new headphones apparently these are really popular and they are pretty much sold out in every store near me and it's even out of stock for Amazon so I'm assuming these headphones are amazing I'm not really a headphone type person I prefer using earphones instead because it's much smaller and more convenient for me to carry it around I always keep my earphones on me and I use it at the gym however I do see a lot of people use headphones as well I guess it's more of a personal preference really I mean headphones do provide noise cancellation because it does cover the whole ear whereas the earphones do not what type of person are you guys are you more of a headphone guy or earphones let me know the comments down below I'm pretty curious to find out alright so after removing that top box you see the message from the beats removing that as well you will find the headphones case neatly rested in the box let's go ahead and put this aside for now and remove the second layer of the box hit inside here you will find the paperwork and accessories first up is the Beats brochure that you get every time you buy beats product then you have the Quick Start Guide followed by useless sticker and some more warranty information they also included a microfiber cloth to clean up any unnecessary fingerprints but let's go on and toss all these aside and look at the box that contains all the accessories okay so this is the small box that contains all the cool accessories that comes with the headphones I gotta say I'm a huge fan of any red and black themes as you guys can tell from my past video so because of that I do have a strong attraction to Beats products but enough about that it's going to take a look at the first item we have the charging brick here which has a pretty cool design you can also fold them if you want I mean it's pretty standard for the most part so it's gotta move on to item number two this is one of the three cables that it comes with this one in particular is probably going to be the most used one simply because it is the cable needed to charge your headphones so this next cable is most likely going to be used over the last one because this one has a remote talk one end is an L jack whereas the other is a straight Jack and it's like that because it gives you the choice of which end you want to connect to your phone if your phone has the case preventing an L jack connection and this last cable is a basic cable with no remote talk I'm guessing this is for iPod users but phone users can also use it as a spare if they wish this is something I've never seen in other Beats products I think it's something new they introduced I'm not really sure but this is a clip you can attach to the carrying case of the headphones and return attach it to your belt if you wish to I'm guessing it's for people that don't want to carry it in their hands or maybe it's a new trend having the same from your jeans I'm not really sure but it does come with one moving on to the main event this is the carrying case for the headphones itself which we will be looking at very soon this case has a hard top and bottom to protect your headphones if it does drop or if it comes to contact with anything I gotta say that the material does feel very nice in your hand and it's very convenient to grip with just one hand because of how small it is I think overall this carrying case is a huge improvement than the studio ones finally we can take a look at the headphones I'll bring this up so we can take a closer look starting on the left side you will find your battery fuel gauge you press the button once and it lights up showing you how much juice is left in the battery remember that the battery lasts up to 30 hours so for a quick estimate just think that each light represents around 7 hours so the inside of this headband is actually made out of pure aluminum as you can see here when I extend the headbands but the material for the outside is made of pure plastic tuning the headphones over looking on the bottom here you will find your charging port on one side and on the opposite side you will find your headphone jacks also on that side you will find a play in pause button but if you use your remote ah cable this won't be necessary the cushions are extremely soft and feels really great when you wear them honestly one of the most comfortable cushions that I've felt and I think that's the most crucial element of any headphones if you're going to use them for hours overall I love these headphones it's so comfortable you barely hear any outside noise when you're puttin them on without any music and you can't hear even thing when you are listening to music the noise cancellation definitely works and one of the main things actually love about this is that they have no batteries simply charge them overnight and you are ready to your next day as I said I'm not really a headphone guy but these headphones definitely changed my mind so that wraps up on boxing thank you so much for watching you guys if you want to win this simply subscribe comment on the video and like the video to qualify I will announce the winner on August 31st on my facebook the link to our Facebook is in the description below if you guys enjoy our new style of unboxings please leave a feedback on the comments below I want to know what you guys think this is the tech source and we'll see you guys next time
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