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Beats Wireless Headphones - Unboxing/Overview

what's up guys Texas over here with another unboxing today we're looking at the beats wireless headphones so let's get started so these are the beats by dre wireless headphones these go about 270 $9.99 on retail and they are available in either white or black so I'll be doing an in-depth review of this as well the next three days and I'll be going over the controls the sound quality and even show you guys how to pair this with your phone so for this video I'm just going to stick with unbox and do a simple overview if you guys want to be into it for this giveaway all you have to do is subscribe comment and like the video and I'll throw you in the drawing for May 7th ok so let's continue on with unboxing I would like the quality of the beats boxes they always have the same theme it's a red box or the magnetic tab you can already feel the quality and I just buy unboxing it the sound quality and these are so crisp that it makes you enjoy listening to the music let me release it does to me so the box itself is basically just hard cardboard covered in our red finish let's go to and open up this box and see what's inside it real quick right there you see their headphones itself already in its pouch I'll take a look at it that later actually we're going to go through its accessories first and it seems that I've been skipping my gym days because I can't get this to open come on almost there and there we go ok so here the cables that comes with this first one is actually the straight Jack with the remote mic this obviously obviously gives you access to your mp3 controls for volume control pausing or skipping your songs this is the standard 3.5 millimeter jack that fits all the standard mp3s and even your smartphones and just like all Beats cables of course these don't get entangled I think that's just another one of the reasons that beats are notorious for okay so let's move on this second set of cables are the same as the previous ones only difference is that the jack is an l-shape instead and this does not come with the remote mic okay so comes with a total of three cables two of them we just saw and this last one is the charger itself it's a micro USB cable that connects to your computer or any device rather that is made for USB charging and of course you can still listen to your music while charging the headphone okay so let's move on and see what else they have in this box of here this looks like a patch where they keep all their warranty information and product information and stuff like that so let's go ahead and take a look at a little quick this looks like a catalog actually what all their products listed on here and honestly bees just has so many different products out there and it just makes it really difficult to choose just one okay moving on let's see what else we got here this looks like a sticker a simple sticker they provide to you this is warranty information they give you a standard one-year warranty for free replacement parts if it breaks down which is always great to have we have an information page to consumers about the product no one really reads any of these and the last but not least we got the wireless guide showing you guys how to pair the headphones what each button does and some more useful tips basically on charging and things like that this actually also comes with a microfiber cloth I failed to mention that in the video or even show it to you but it's basically uses to wipe off the fingertips and stuff on the headphones or the glossy section of the the headband okay so moving on to the actual headphones itself it comes with this neat carrying pouch that comes with a zipper I myself prefer zipping up things instead of using buttons because it's much more secure and I'm sure that's why beats one with this kind of setup okay so let's go to unzip this up and see what's inside the pouch well I mean obviously the headphones are inside there but I'm going to put that aside and see what the pouch actually has inside of it so it's actually really neat how you can fold these making it really convenient to store in small places so I think that's a really great feature on these headphones so inside the pouch here you can see a small slit actually on the side of it and I'm guessing this is the way you can store all the charging cables so that the headphone jacks it's actually it's big and it looks big enough to store all three cables if you even like so that's it for the pouch I mean it's really not much to say I mean it looks like a sturdy really nice material so let's actually bring up the headphones and take a look at that real closely okay so let's look at the functions on the side of it basically shows you what each button does I'll go over them later in this video but honestly I think the glossy finish they implemented on these headbands really gives it a nice premium look to it instead of using a cheap plastic just like the other headphones just overall great build quality in your cellphones and I think that's just one of the reasons why the price is a bit higher compared to the other brands so these questions actually feel extremely so I've had many head phones in the past where the ear cushions I'm not putting my ear after using them for about 15 minutes or so I actually put this on for about an hour listening music and it didn't bother me at all it feels so light that you can barely tell it's there so these headphones also extend out a little in case you have a giant head and the material is made out of aluminum which looks pretty sweet I just love how it's really easy to adjust the headpiece making it really effortless to putting them away I think honestly beats did a really good job on the design okay so the last thing I look at is the buns on the side well quickly I'm just going to go over them the top on you have the actual power button you have your track back and forward buttons the usual volume down over here and the volume up ons and that middle one over there is the actual indicator light and last button in the middle here is the play and pause button you press it once for it to play and you press it once for it to pause and I think that's the easiest button to find obviously because it's the biggest okay so that's it for the buttons I'm going to turn this upside down real quick and here's actually with a microphone is that I was talking about earlier and of course you have your headphone jack as well right next to it so on the other side is I'm going to show you a quick this is where your charging cable connects to if you're going to be charging your headphones right there in between the cushion and the outside right over there so repair the system it's actually fairly easy all you have to do is push the power button and this lights up at LED as you can see here and blinks lighting your notes waiting to connect to your Bluetooth device so that's it for the unboxing guys if you want to get notified for future giveaways make sure to subscribe thank you so much for watching and I'll see you next time you
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