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Beats by Dre Solo 2 Headphones - Unboxing and Review!

this video was made possible by the unlocking company the fastest and most affordable way to unlock your phone what is up you guys it's ed from Texas and today we are going to take a look at the new beats solo2 headphones you can pick one up for 200 bucks in six possible colors I will leave links in the description below for those of you that are interested believe it or not but this is the cheapest pair of headphones you can buy from beats so sign wise I'm not expecting the same quality that comes with they're more expensive headphones but we will have to unbox this and find out I went with the red model because red and black are my favorite color combinations and everything that I own is either in red or black or both so I try and keep that thing going for all my equipment so removing the cover we are greeted with their usual message that says change the way you hear sound and below this flap are the headphones and some accessories beats decided to use the same headphone case as their original solos so nothing new here moving further down you will find some warranty information the beats stickers and the headphone jack with volume control since these are made for the Apple devices the volume control feature does not work with Android devices and fortunately beats also included their usual carabiner clip which you can use with the headphone case so as I said before these are the cheapest pair of beat headphones you can buy mostly because they are made of plastic now if I were to compare these to the SMS Audio Street by 58 phones I would definitely say that these headphones feel more premium even though both are made out of plastic they come in a glossy finish and are very light in weight the cushions are also very soft some of the softest cushions I have ever wanted to be honest you can wear these for hours without realising that they are on your head something I have not yet experienced with other headphones then I mentioned that they are flexible yep just like the SMS audio headphones these are built to withstand pretty much anything the ear cups also allow for less sound leakage but there is still a fair amount since these are on on ear design instead of the over the ear we don't recommend listening to these at anything over 70% in some we're like a library but anywhere else where there is ambient noise should work just fine speaking about sound beats really had toned down the bass and added more to the lows and highs the sound as always sounds crisp one thing to take a note here is even though these headphones do not feature active sound isolation they do an awesome job of getting rid of noise outside of the ear cups when you pump the volume up the outside world becomes completely mute anything over 70% is the sweet range where you can just mute out the people sitting next to you in the bus or completely isolate yourself in the gym I wouldn't buy these headphones if I was an audiophile or if I was on a tight budget and wanted to get something that gave me the most bang for my buck but the solo twos do offer great noise isolation and great audio experience you can really get lost in your music with these headphones and if you're looking for a great pair of workout headphones then I could definitely recommend these they are comfortable and well designed and they are also small enough to be able to carry around without much hassle so what do you guys think about the solo twos is this something you might drop 200 bucks on let me know in the comment section down below this is at thumbtack source and I will see you next time this guy's loaded ready let's close this little model banana on the ground you let's be true swab face
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