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Become an MSI Tester and take home a 27” Curved Monitor!

what's happening guys eyeball man here from tech source and in this video I'm gonna tell you guys why you should consider buying a curved monitor instead of going flat but before that we're gonna box this msi mag 27 CQ it's a 27-inch 1440p curved monitor with a 144 s refresh rate any one millisecond response time msi is also giving out five of these monitors to five contestants as part of their tester program for more information on how to enter stick around to the end of the video so I'm going to go over three reasons why you should pick a curved monitor over a flat monitor reason number one immersion it's no secret that a curved display offers gamers an immersive viewing experience with flat monitors you look at the visual in a two-dimensional way but with a curved monitor the arc design both horizontally and vertically makes whatever display on the monitor into your peripheral vision area which offers a wider viewing angle hence you get a more realistic gaming experience also if you're running a multi-monitor setup you get that seamless curvature compared to flat displays reason number two comfort a curved monitor helps reduce eye fatigue for its curvature physically matches your eye shape so your eyes tend to feel more relieved when you're constantly looking at the screen in short distance MSI gaming monitors use curved display panels that have the curvature rate of 1800 R which is the most comfortable and suitable for a wide range of applications from general computing to gaming and last but not least it's more affordable than you think a lot of people think that just because the monitor is curved it's more expensive than flat gaming monitors however the truth is curved monitors have become more and more popular and prevalent in the gaming market MSI for example has a wide range of curved gaming monitor options for people with all types of budgets from attainable ones to premium 4k UHD monitors and even e-sports levels g-sync monitors now then for the tester program MSI is looking for a total of 20 individuals to unbox and review their curved gaming monitor of course they get to keep it afterwards out of that total twenty people I get to pick five from this channel if you're interested in participating make sure to click the link below and fill out the tester program application I get to pick the five most creative responses on how they will unbox the monitor using this eyeball mask and those five people will receive the monitor from MSI so that they can unbox and review it and post it on their social media channel good luck to whoever enters thanks for watching and I'll see you guys around
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