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Behind The Scenes: Audio

so I promised you guys a few months back that I would make a video and show you guys how I edit and record my videos some a matter my word in this video we're gonna be focusing on how I record and edit my sound and in the next video we'll be focusing on how I record and edit my videos I'm also planning on making a video on the top five best budget microphones and there will be audio samples as well so be sure to hit that like button if you guys are excited to see that by no means my audio is perfect I just want to get that across I don't want to come off as having the best audio on YouTube when I am far from it but if you're watching this video and you think my audio is crispy enough or good enough then this video will definitely help you out so first off I have two setups when recording audio the first one in the most common that you're actually watching and hearing now is the on-camera audio I have my son Heiser mkh for 16 hooked up to my H 5 zoom recorder and this is how I record my on-camera audio so you can't see the microphone it's actually right above me and the idea is to basically get the microphone as close to your mouth as possible at the same time trying to keep it off of the frame also make sure your decibel levels are not exceeding the recording device on my H 5 zoom I try and keep a sound level around negative 6 s oppose anything above that I can start hearing distortion so how do I record my audio well as I mentioned before my on-camera audio is recorded directly into my H 5 zoom which is then stored onto an SD card my second audio setup is for my voiceovers foreign boxing's reviews and other videos where i'm not in front of the camera in fact I'm recording this segment of the video with my voiceover setup I have the focusrite scarlett 2i2 interface package that comes with the CM twenty-five condenser microphone and the interface itself if you're recording audio you need yes need an audio interface and improves the sound output especially if you don't have a sound card in your PC the scarlett 2i2 is one of the best bang for your buck piece of hardware you can buy and a lot of professionals and high-end tech channels still use it today this package does come with headphones but I immediately replace them with my 80 hm 50 X's which I only use to edit and monitor sound since they aren't as comfortable to wear them for long hours at a time as you can see it's covered in some carbon-fiber skins from the brand and they actually release skins for the m-40 X's and M 50s as well so you guys want to spice up your headphones make sure to check them out I'll go and drop a link down below along with all the products I mentioned in this video so my mic is hooked up to the newer boom arm that allows me to position the microphone at a comfortable angle while recording my voice overs at my desk I also attached a pop filter to block out the popping sounds the voiceover audio is recorded on the audacity program which a lot of people use not because it's free but because it offers a bunch of editing tools to improve your audio which I will go over soon okay so what do I do once my audio is recorded well I edit it I drag the file into my audacity program here's what a typical recording looks like of mine and it obviously differs from the type of content and location first thing I do is remove the background sound because the h5 zoom picks up a lot of background noise normally I stay quiet for the first five seconds of the recording so that the microphone picks up all of the ambient noises around me so it's easier for me to select it I then highlight the ambient noises go into effects select noise reduction and click on noise profile after that I go back and double click on the audio track to select the entire recording and then go back into the effects tab and select noise reduction again but this time I hit OK and what that does is it removes all of the background noise here's a quick before and after so you guys can hear the difference so I promise you guys a few months back that I would make a video and show you guys how I edit and record my videos so I promise you guys a few months back that I would make a video and show you guys how I edit and record my videos the other two things I do on my sound edits are normalizing the waveform to negative 3 decibels and lastly I mess with the equalization a bit to give it some extra bass and treble if you want to copy these settings and try them out for yourself you can select the unnamed profile and click and drag the lines to match my graph here's a quick sample I did before and after a full sound edit so I promised you guys a few months back that I would make a video and show guys how I edit and record my videos so I promised you guys a few months back that I would make a video and show you guys how I edit and record my videos so yeah it's basically how I record and edit my sound as I said before I've not an audio expert as much as I want to be I'm sure there are other settings on audacity that you guys can mess with to improve your audio like amplify and compression and a bunch of other settings so don't think that these settings are the best for any recording it just seems to work for my content and my recording style recording and editing audio is definitely something you guys want to improve on if you're a content creator like me it's definitely hard to find really great tutorials online to learn stuff like that I remember spending hours on YouTube back in the day searching on how to record and edit audio actually you guys watch my previous my very old videos you'll see how bad the audio was and how I've actually improved since then I'm still trying to find ways to improve my audio as well and thanks to searching for tutorials has never been easy they have an entire section with 43 videos just on audacity itself which is great for anyone that wants to improve their audio also has thousands of other tutorials shot and HD related to video editing web designing mixing music and a bunch of other categories if you visit slash tech stores you can try them out for 10 days for free and I'll drop a link down below for you guys if you guys are still interested in how I shoot and edit my videos make sure to leave a like and drop a comment down below as always thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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