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Behind The Scenes | Gear Tour - VLOG #5

what's up guys it's ed back again from tech source and welcome to cool tech under 50 for the month of December anyways that's up the video I hope you guys enjoyed it and as always I'll see you guys in the next video so yeah that's basically my entire life about five days at least at an entire week alright so after filming the video and recording the sound it's time to pull out the SD cards from the camera and then pull out the SD card from the h5 zoom so both my audio and video files are now basically you coming to the computer when I plug them in and then extract the files and put them in a folder so it's easier to organize so here are my two video files over here and these are my two audio files before I sing them together I need to remove the background noise and just adjust the equalization and base on my audio files so I'm using audacity it's all boring stuff really I'm not gonna go detailed step-by-step on what I do but if you guys really want to see a specific separate video on how I edit my videos and how I edit my audio make sure to let me know in the comments section down below also the program I'm using to edit my videos in the Sony Vegas Pro 13 and Ibanez since the beginning if I can go back in time and change my mind I would definitely start off with Adobe Premiere but since I'm so used to Vegas 13 that's the program I've been using this entire time and honestly it works well it's an awesome program and I have no complaints alright so I just finished editing the top 5 gaming mechanical keyboards on the 50 bucks if you're watching this vlog the videos only up on the channel as you can see it's currently rendering slowly but surely in 4k resolution utilizing my 780 Ti I've been meaning to upgrade my PC to the Titan build which I've talked about a lot in my other videos but I have so many other bills to get through first before I can work on my actual personal wig so I want to get those out of the way before I work on my own so yeah that's basically what I do every single here at home I'm actually at least five days out of the week if you guys think I sent a front of a camera and talk you are sadly mistaken there is so much more work that gets put into these videos from brainstorming to scripting to voiceovers to shooting the video color grading and just getting the perfect shot I mean just it's I can go on and on but for those of you that actually want a tech channel you know exactly what I'm talking about but it's stressful there's a lot of work to be put in but at the end it is rewarding because you know it's it's a passion of mine and I do this because I love doing this and I love reading you guys feedbacks on my videos that's one of the main reasons I actually do YouTube so I guess I'll just take this time real quick and go over some of my recording equipment real quickly to show you guys what I use on a daily basis to get these videos out so yeah starting off with my camera I'm sure you guys already seen this setup many times this is my camera that I use for the channel this is the Panasonic gh4 which can shoot in 4k resolution it's horrible in low-light situations but other than that it is a pretty awesome mid-range camera it's not that expensive I think it goes for like 1,400 bucks now by the way I'll leave links to all this down below if you guys want to check it out this is the Sigma lens I'm rocking eighteen to thirty five-millimeter really awesome lens I have it hooked up to the meta bones speed booster that gives me the option to use this lens with the camera because otherwise it won't be compatible I also can get this thing down to one point for writing 1.2 aperture which is insanely fast and super crispy up top I have the autonomous Shogun that I've hooked up to the gh4 at 6:00 it's basically an external monitor the viewfinder and it has a 1080p display and it also records externally and 10-bit color and using this SSD so yeah this tripod setup is called my mobile tripod setup and reason why it's mobiles because there's really not much on it it's very light I can grab a little one and and I can move it around it's got the camera slider Manfrotto fluid head and the man photo tripod all the fluid heads and tripods I get from man photo because the other ones I've tried from other companies are complete crap and man photo has gonna be best filming gear that I've ever used so that's kind of like stuck with them this one is more complicated setup it's a lot heavier this is what I use for a lot of cinematic shots and basically on videos I want to perfect because this has G's organ I start okay so this is basically the wireless slider system from I footage I can control the speed at which it slides as you can see and it's perfect because all I need is one take I don't need to use my hands which constantly messes up the shot and you get extremely smooth shots so on top of the slider plate we have a another man photo 128 RC fluid head and then under the slider to support the slider I have another fluid head by Manfrotto again I'll have all this link down below if you guys want to check it out and then we have one of the discontinued man photo tripods on the bottom for lighting I have the flora easy softbox in one corner of the room and the second one is in the other side of the room to kind of balance the lighting in this entire office as you can see it's dark outside so that is why I have my lights on but if I'm shooting in the afternoon or even in the morning I don't really need the lights put my microphone that I use for on-camera videos use the Sennheiser MKH for 18 P 48 condenser microphone yeah absolutely loving the quality of this it's really crispy and I hooked this up with an XLR cable to my zoo h5 and I basically record the sound on here with the SD card but this is temporary I actually ordered a fort or Forte audio interface that's coming up soon I'm going to be using that to record my on camera video so hopefully the sound quality will be a lot better because the h5 is just way too noisy picks up a lot of background noise even with all the editing I can still hear it in the background so that's why I kind of picked up the new Forte audio interface and last but not least this is my voiceover setup that I have hooked up to my desk this is the Scarlet studio interface package that came with the audio interface and then came with the Scarlet cm 25 condenser microphone it also came with a pair of headphones but I tossed that away and I was using the Audio Technica m50 X's which are absolute beast and I'm sure everyone has heard of that heard of those headphones oh yeah with the audio interface I you hooked up the XLR cable straight to the microphone and it's a connected with this newer boom arm extension boom arm which I can move around and get the perfect angle for my voiceovers so yeah that's basically what goes on behind the camera did I know this vlog was kind of different than my usual vlogs but I did it because a lot of you guys were requesting this and you guys kind of wanted to see what happens behind the scenes and stuff like that so I will resume to the normal vlog style I should say starting Thanksgiving so yeah it's basically if you guys enjoyed it let me know by leaving a like and as always I'll see you in the next video
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