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Benchmarking the $5000 Ultimate PC | August 2017

what guys that from Texas and this is big white it is big Reds bigger brother and it's rocking the 7900 X and to msi gtx 1080p is in sli and yes this is definitely overkill after all this is a text source build it also has 64 gigs of ram because why not and the new msi x2 99x powered gaming motherboard obviously I was going for something that was aesthetically pleasing and I haven't really done a black and white filled with grey accents so this is officially the first one on the channel the case I picked up is the corsair v 7 the x crystal edition which is exclusive and only available on Newegg basically it's a full ATX tower with tempered glass titles all around and it looks stunning one of the things I love about the case is the fact that it comes with a Raceway near the back which helped me a lot when it came to cable management I'm not really a fan when cases come with a back tempered glass panel because for one you barely even see it in the first place and too even if you do see it you get to see the ugly cables behind there as well as the storage devices especially if your SSD hard drive comes with those nasty stickers on there it really does mess with your build now what's a 570 X crystal edition it's not that bad because the cable management raceway really made a huge difference in hiding most of the cables I also like the fact that it came with three RGB fans and you can actually change the colors on the fly using the control panel on the top of the case that's pretty cool so the things I don't like about the case first off the PSU shroud it doesn't extend all the way to the front which kind of leaves this empty space near the bottom I don't like that because now the bulk of the cables are visible and that doesn't have any space to hide them I don't expect it to go all the way to the front otherwise it would block the bottom intake fan but just enough to cover the cables under here would have been really nice another thing that it doesn't have is a cutout on the PSU shroud so that way I can route Pui are straight down for a much cleaner look but instead I was forced to run them through the side and out the back which honestly it doesn't look that good to me it looks a little messy but other than those minor gripes the case is really cool and I had a lot of fun building inside it the MSI motherboard is the piece that brought this entire build together it was the perfect choice for the color scheme as well with an all-black PCB and gray accents it kinda has a spaceship design which really looks cool in my opinion the X power of gaming AC is also packing tons of features it's currently the best x 299 motherboard that msi has to offer with a total of 14 power faces to help with stable orbit clocking and it comes equipped with three m dot two slots four-way SLI support and mystic light which lets you customize the light on the i/o cover and that spaceship looking heatsink overclocking was also very easy on the motherboard I was able to push the 7900 X all the way to 4.8 gigahertz on a 1.45 core voltage out of all the motherboards I've tested this was actually one of the most smoothest experiences I've ever had when it came to overclocking the board even comes with a cool m dot to shield that kind of snaps in place near the top and under here I drew in a 480 by m2 SSD from Corsair the other storage device is a 960 gigabyte Corsair force LS SSD that I hooked up in the back and a 4 terabyte hard drive from Seagate for mass storage some mods I included were custom MSI back plates yes Ally bridge and even some fan grills to cover up the ugly back of the corsair RGB fans they are all from v1 tech and as always they do amazing work so make sure you guys check them out and I'll drop a link to it down below the cables I picked up are from cable model which is my go-to right now for custom sleeving since I can completely customize the length color and even a type of material I want for my cables it's just way more convenient than other websites which is why I love using them for all my builds I also decided to modern sticks without thinking them so basically what I did was I removed the stock heat spreader and I install the cable mod memory kit instead I went with white so that it matches with the back plates and the fan grills I personally think it looks way better than stock they do have other colors to choose from which is awesome you can definitely find the right one to match your bills color scheme however it's only available for the corsair dominator platinum they also released a new product which is their new a iOS leading kit which you guys can clearly see on my h100 ID - it was a bit difficult to install at first but after I got used to the method it became a lot easier it comes in several different colors and it definitely makes the PC stand out compared to the default boring black tubing from AIO coolers currently it's available for the NZXT kraken series and the courser gen 2 series but be sure to check out the website for more info once again I'll drop a link to all this down below performance-wise this is a fiery beast and I say fiery because we got some pretty high temps we all know that the 7900 X gets extremely hot especially when overclocking even with the H 100 IV - I'm hitting temps of around a hundred degrees on max load even though the PC is stable I wouldn't recommend overclocking this trip unless you are water cooling it or have a beefier cooler the GPU is on the other hand are hitting temps of around 80 degrees on max load which isn't too bad so this is the sound test for big white Sony got a full load SLI is enabled and I put back the tempered glass side panel but you know what guys to 1080p eyes are definitely overkill as a lot of games out there are not fully optimized for SLI in fact I was getting lower frames with SLI enabled then with a single GPU a good example was Doom in OpenGL the game was lagging so bad hitting around 10 sts and 4k resolution but once I disabled as to lie I jumped back up to the low hundreds the same goes with battlefield 1 I was getting around 35 fps went in to 1080 s and SLI but once I disabled it I went back up to 75 FPS obviously battlegrounds is a newer game so I didn't expect SLI support so you would be getting around 45 s GS which do 1080 eyes but if you guys drop it down to 1 GPU you will increase your frames past the 60 mark so there's definitely a huge difference there Ghost Recon wildlands and SLI was also horribly optimized giving around 32 fps and one vessel I was disabled we nearly doubled an FPS to 62 this was in high settings though games are optimized for SLI support include GTA 5 which hit over 60 fps and maxed out settings we got hitman absolution in ultra settings which gave us around 110 FPS and finally we got Metro last light maxed out which gave us around 71 FPS so I guess I'm trying to say here is don't take up to 1080 T eyes it's overkill and it's not going to be worth your money if you guys really want a game in 4k a single 1080p I will get the job done or if you guys have the money don't care pick up a Titan XP this build wouldn't be possible if it weren't for courser MSI v1 tech and cable mod so thank you guys so much for saying its parts out I'll jump link to everything I mentioned down below as always if you guys enjoy my monthly PC build and are feeling awesome trophy to drop a like to show your support and also this like if you guys do not like my builds that is cool too thank you guys so much watching as always I'll see you in the next one you
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