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Best 144Hz Gaming Monitors Under $200 - 2019

if you guys are on a budget and are in the market to buy a hundred forty-four Hertz gaming monitor then you click on the right video I want to be going over eight of the best gaming monitors that you can buy with the 144 Hertz or higher that cost $200 or less let's begin I want to give you things to Dollar Shave Club for sponsoring today's video because without them I wouldn't have done this video seriously as a guy it's important to keep yourself groomed especially for me since I appear in front of hundreds of thousands of people I've been using Dollar Shave Club products for years now and I just love the convenience of it all of my products get shipped in a box directly to my doorstep on a schedule which you can choose I never have to worry about going through a store and paying for overpriced razors or shaving products my routine consist of using the dr. 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discontinued I'm not doing this continued or use monitors only brand new monitors that they are still selling online also at the end of this video I'll be doing a full recap of all the monitors featured in this video I'll be going over my top picks the worst monitor from the list and I'll give you guys a full of the monitors and its pros and cons to kind of give you all the information you need to make a purchase decision so let's begin first monitor we're taking a look at is the MSI g24 see it has a 24 inch curved VA panel with freesync that goes for 190 it's a decent looking monitor with slightly thicker bezels then I prefer but it's built really well with a nice stand that doesn't take up much space on the desk however you can only tilt using a stand and it doesn't support vasa mounting viewing angles are really great because it's a VA panel however it doesn't get that bright maxing out at only to 25 minutes at peak brightness it does however have accurate color reproduction with srgb coverage at 100% so it can be used for gaming and color sensitive work in fact this is the only monitor on this list that achieves this high of rating so this next few test unfortunately I can't capture exactly what I'm seeing with my eyes because my camera shoots in 25 P and it just doesn't do it justice hence why you guys are gonna have to rely on the rating system the first test is ghosting the faster the response times the less ghosting you'll see the MSI monitor has a considerable amount of ghosting from this test so unfortunately does not have a 1 millisecond response time as advertised I will be ranking the response time is based on the ghosting test so 3 means no ghosting present 2 means average and 1 means a lot of ghosting present black levels are also really bad looking dead in the center squares 1 2 3 are not distinguishable whatsoever I am happy to report that the monitor doesn't have any noticeable backlight bleed so for that I'm giving it a 3 accessing the menu isn't too terrible the buttons are at least labeled so you know what you're pressing and it's easier to find certain settings like enabling overdrive and free sync and finally for ports the monitor does have a display HDMI and a DVI port by the way I'll be giving a rating on each monitor for each category 1 means poor 2 means good or average and 3 means great due to the slight curve the monitor does offer a slight immersive experience compared to the other monitors on the list and because of that I would say it was more fun to play on I don't know how BenQ continues to make some of the ugliest monitors out there the Zoe Excel is no exception with a bulky stand and thick bezels is definitely not that pleasing to look at but in exchange it's built really well the stand is really sturdy and offers a lot of adjustment points aside from the usual tilt you can also raise and lower the monitor and rotate it up to 180 degrees to its side this is also the only monitor on the list that can swivel from one side to the other but if you don't want to use the stand then you can mount it because it is basic compatible so the stand has this tiny clip in the back which is a nice plus for cable management and the way you raise the stand is by pressing down on the tab and lifting the monitor also locks in place when you lower it all the way down which I find very useful when you need to move the monitor around this is a TN panel so don't expect amazing viewing angles however I was surprised to see noticeably less color shifting compared to the other TN panels on this list the BenQ monitor does really great in terms of color performance with an sRGB rating of 98% and peak brightness of 355 nits making this a pretty good choice for professionals on a budget response times are pretty fast on this monitor I experienced very little ghosting black levels are really good too the only box I can't distinguish is number one while the rest are clearly visible and I didn't notice any backlight bleed from my testing the menu buttons are kind of annoying since they are not labeled and the OSD menu might take some getting used to in order to figure out which icon does what reports the BenQ does come with a single display HDMI and an audio port off to the side the BenQ Zoe gets a 2.57 out of three making it the highest weighted monitor from this video and for good reason it pretty much checks all the boxes for a solid gaming monitor if you can look past aesthetics this model will meet both your gaming and productive needs the biotech is one of the largest 144 Hertz monitors on this list it's a 27 inch display that uses a Samsung VA panel it's a really good looking monitor actually super thin bezels and a nice looking stand although I wish it wasn't in red that might be a turn-off for some people who have a very specific color scheme in there the build quality is very disappointing this is probably the most flimsy stand I have seen on any monitor it wobbles way too much because of the type of stand it's one of those snap-on stands but it's executed badly they should have just stuck with screws it also doesn't offer much tilt but luckily you can mount it if you want you just have to remove the stand and replace the existing screws with longer screws and washers the viewing angles however are great since it is a VA panel I didn't notice any major color shifts also the panel isn't super accurate but it does get pretty bright over 300 nits when it comes to ghosting there is a significant amount present so you're definitely not getting that one millisecond response time as advertised however the black levels are great I can just barely see the first square looking directly at the center of the screen the monitor does have very slight bleeding on the corners but it's nothing to complain about what you should complain about is the speaker's very low output on max volume and they sound very tinny definitely not usable in any scenario accessing the menu is fairly easy at least the buttons are labeled however there is a blue LED that illuminates straight down and it's kind of annoying especially if you use your PC at night it might bother you in the back you'll find two HDMI and one DisplayPort along with a back cover which is pretty hard to take off so you might as well just leave it off it's not a terrible monitor for the price there aren't that many 27-inch gaming monitors out there with these specs next up we have the AOC g20 590 FX a 25 inch frameless monitor with G sync support I don't know why manufacturers insist on adding color especially red on gaming peripherals which can easily be a turn-off for people who are anal about sticking to a specific color scheme like me for example other than the unnecessary red accent color on the chin I would say the monitor looks gorgeous really thin bezels and an unobtrusive mount which only offers tilt I do like to cut out in the stand allowing for cables to pass through for a cleaner cable management however it's not as sturdy as I would have liked it's one of those snap-on stands the viewing angles are really bad on this display even when you're looking directly at the center you will see lots of color shifting towards the top and bottom and even on the sides color performance is also lacking on this monitor the advertised 96% srgb on Amazon when in reality it's only 94% either way it's not accurate enough for color sensitive work but the panel does get really bright at 393 nits where the monitor lacks it makes up in speed very impressive results no ghosting present which means it definitely has less than a three millisecond response time black levels however are really bad on this monitor if you're looking at a dead center you're not able to see squares one two three unless you look down on the monitor which is when color-shifting takes place and revealing the other squares the monitor does experience very subtle backlight bleed from the bottom center of the display but I'm not gonna take off any points like usual since it's not that noticeable accessing the menu is by far the best experience compared to the rest simply because they included a joystick making it a lot easier to navigate around I feel like every manufacturer needs to dish the button method and go with a single joystick to make lives easier and finally reports you get to HDMI a single display and AD sub port next to an audio jack with a low score of 1.86 it puts this monitor and last place compared to the rest and with this $200 price tag it's gonna be really hard for me to recommend when there are other better options available the Acer xfa 240 is the only other monitor on the list to have G sync support for $200 it might not be the best looking monitor with those ugly thick bezels but damn it is built like a tank a very sturdy mount and quite versatile too it offers a good amount of tilt and you can also raise or lower the monitor from 2 inches off the table all the way up to 8 inches you can also rotate the display a full 180 degrees making it a really great choice for programmers or engineers who like the game the stand has an opening in the center to help route cables for a cleaner look however you can completely ditch the stand altogether and mount it since it is basic imperil as well it is a TN panel so viewing angles aren't the best but it's not as bad compared to other TN panels on this list looking directly in the center of the monitor you will clearly see color shifting from the top corners one of the pros of this monitor is the peak brightness I measured 418 nits which is really high for TN panel response times are fast enough that ghosting is not present however the black levels suffer because of the color shift backlight bleed isn't too noticeable unless you are really looking for it but there is slight bleeding near the top once again nothing serious to complain about speakers are terrible as always however the many buttons aren't that bad even though there are no icons it's fairly easy to navigate since the buttons are located on the front in terms of ports you get a DVI n HDMI and DisplayPort along with audio and for your headset and mic the Acer monitor checks a lot of boxes when it comes to peer gaming Calvin for the price it's hard to recommend considering there are other monitors on this list that offers the same or better quality but for less this next marker is the cheapest Marlar on the list that has a 24 inch curved VA panel with free sync it's a good looking monitor with super thin bezels and a very thin panel near the top but it's very light and flimsy the stand let's give you the option to tilt but not as much compared to other monitors which is why I strongly recommend mounting this to get a better angle since it has a VA panel the viewing angles are great with very minimal to no color shifting the colors are not that accurate out of the box with the necessary GB rating of 94% and it doesn't get that bright either with a peak brightness of 271 nits response time on this monitor is pretty slow there's a good amount of ghosting presence definitely nowhere near the 1 millisecond response time as advertised the black levels however are great I can see all the squares clearly without any issues and by the way keep in mind that all this testing is done with default settings I'm also going to give it a 3 for the backlight bleed test because I didn't see any noticeable bleeding anywhere accessing the menu is one of the worst I have experienced not only are they positioned vertically behind the monitor but there are no icons that'll definitely take some time getting used to in the back you'll find two HDMI one DisplayPort and an audio jack and I do love the convenience of a horizontal plugin instead of a vertical plug-in like the rest of the monitors the stuff there does come with built-in speakers but the audio is so terrible it's very quiet at max volume and it sounds extremely tinny please wear headphones with this monitor for the price of $160 I really feel like you're getting what you pay for following that is another septum monitor however this one has a 24 and a half inch TN panel with a hundred sixty-five Hertz and the crazy part is that it goes for only $155 after the coupon code which saves you an extra 10 bucks the build quality on this monitor is a lot better than the previous one its slim and it has a sturdy enough stand that offers decent tilt angles and having a best amount is a nice plus super thin bezels all around and pretty good viewing angles from the sides despite it being a TN panel however you will notice some vertical color shifting 96% of srgb coverage is pretty good for a TN panel and it does get pretty bright as well over 300 nits beautiful fluid motion on the 165 Hertz panel with no ghosting but it does fall short on the black levels this monitor actually has the worst black levels compared to the rest I'm not able to see any of the squares from 1 to 5 looking dead center no noticeable backlight bleed and just like the last monitor the speakers are terrible I honestly don't know why they even bother putting speakers on a budget monitor if they're gonna sound like crap the button layout is also the same and back here you'll find the same ports two HDMI one display and an audio jack I gotta say though gaming on this martyr was the most fun out of the rest simply because of the high refresh rate and I know the difference between 144 and 165 Hertz isn't as noticeable coming from 60 to 144 but if you're an active gamer you can tell the difference there's a reason why professional gamers often go for the highest refresh rate possible because every little bit adds up the ld27 19 is one of the more popular gaming monitors in the market the build quality is really great and personally I think it's a good looking monitor with really thin bezels The Stand doesn't offer much flexibility other than tilt but it's really sturdy with little to no wobbling and just like most monitors on its list it's basic compatible there is noticeable color shifting from top to bottom looking dead center of the screen but not as much from side to side the wear fall short is color reproduction the Dell monitor does the worst in this category but it does get really bright at 395 the response time is pretty fast however there is slight ghosting present if you really look for it the black levels really suffer on this display as well boxers one two three aren't visible from the center backlight bleed is also present on the bottom corners slightly more noticeable than previous monitors what surprised me on this monitor are the speakers he actually sound pretty good they do get pretty loud and the audio doesn't get distorted at max volume the highs are crisp and clear but it's definitely lacking in the bass Department the menu is really easy to access since the buttons are located underneath the display and all of them are labeled this monitor is also the only one on the list that has a pass-through with two USB ports the LD 2719 might have the lowest score compared to the rest but don't let that fool you because this is still a solid gaming monitor for the price in the 27-inch category so here is a full list of the monitors and their ratings the BenQ came up top with a 2.57 out of three it's a well-built monitor that offers a lot for the money a flexible stand great color reproduction and better viewing angles compared to other TN panels on the list I would recommend this monitor to any gamer out there who also does professional work the sceptre e to 55 be surprised me the most simply because of what you get for a hundred and fifty five dollars really fast response times with no ghosting that combined that the 165 Hertz refresh rate gave me a really smooth gaming experience if you're simply looking for the highest refresh rate with the fastest response time under $200 then this monitor is the one you're looking for now if you're looking for something bigger like a 27-inch display then I recommend the Dell monitor over the vo-tech even though got a lower score it's built way better it has a much better stand better speakers and a faster response time the worst monitor is the vo-tech it has a very flimsy stand bad color reproduction and one of the slowest response times from this list I really hope this video was somewhat helpful to you guys I took me over 70 hours to review and put this video together so any type of support would be greatly appreciated I'll drop a link to all the monitors featured in this video and also if you guys use any of these monitors feel free to let everyone know your experiences with it in the comment section down below thanks again so much for watching as always I'll see you in the next one
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