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Best Black Friday Tech Deals - 2016

dual source dot tech gets updated multiple times a day with variety of tech products so if you guys live in the US UK in Canada and want to save money on your next purchase consider bookmarking dual source tech and checking back at least once a day what's up guys it's that from tech source and welcome to a Black Friday edition of the best tech deals of the week now there's gonna be a long episode but I promise you guys the deals in this video are insane and you guys are gonna be saving tons and tons of money so with that said let's begin so kicking off the video we have a few amazing TV deals check this out guys starting off with a 65 inch Samsung 4k TV going for only $1000 here's another 65 inch 4k TV but it's from a less popular brand named Hisense it's only up at a 64 but based on the ratings it's not a bad brand you get to save a few hundred bucks because it's not one of the mainstream companies now if you're not a baller but still want a 4k TV then this one is probably your best option right now for Black Friday week since you can pick this one up for only 348 dollars which is actually the cheapest TV I found for 40 inches here's a very cool deal for people that are looking to buy a dashcam for their cars maybe you have an expensive car or maybe you just want to protect your investment either way these cams are awesome first up is a 1080p wide-angle lens camera for both front and back that features a 1.5 inch LCD and a super night vision this thing looks awesome right now it's actually listed for $190 but if you enter this code on the screen you can get it for only a hundred and twenty six dollars there's also an upgraded version with a quad HD display which I think personally is overkill but if you want a higher quality dashcam then this is it this was actually going for $130 but again if you put in this code you can get it for $90 instead changing things up let's take a look at some gaming gear so first up we have the popular Logitech G 402 mouse that's going for $35 speaking of Logitech there g502 is also discounted down to $59 and this is the newer version and features RGB lighting tunable weight and a balance as well the Razer Mamba is also discounted $200 down from 150 and if you guys are looking for a solid gaming keyboard the Corsair straight with the Cherry MX brown switches has been discounted to $70 which is the most I've seen on this keyboard usually they discount this to $80 instead the popular jaybird x2 earbuds have a huge discount on them as well they're not going for around $80 compared to 150 quite possibly one of the best deals right now on a pair of very solid wireless earbuds if you guys have been looking around for a very good looking case then check this out the Roseville ATX tower with a side window panel that's going for only 120 dollars keep in mind that it has a tempered glass side panel this isn't plastic it also comes at four pre-installed fans and a PSU shraddha to cover up the power supply and the hard drives near the bottom just overall a very nice looking case and finally on Amazon we have a very nice 27 inch curved monitor from Samsung going for $220 this is a 1080p panel with AMD freesync and features a 60 Hertz refresh rate and a four millisecond response time it's not the best for gaming but if you need something to spice up your productivity setup then this will do just fine now let's take a look at some new egg deals so starting off is the popular NZXT s340 case that's going for $60 and you also get $2 off if you put in this code seriously $2 now this is a solid deal on a mechanical gaming keyboard check this out guys this keyboard is going for ninety dollars on Amazon but you can get it for only $50 here on new egg it's a full-size mechanical keyboard with blue equivalent switches you also get a full 10 key macros RGB backlighting which you can choose from 13 preset effects overall a very solid mech keyboard definitely something I highly recommend if you guys are shopping around Newegg has also discounted the new 6850 k-6 core processor from 590 all the way down to $500 that's an $80 savings on a very powerful processor which is excellent for gaming and editing as well here's a really sweet deal on a mid tower case from Roseville so $25 after a mail-in rebate that's pretty hard to beat it has a black and red color scheme 2 USB 3.0 ports in the front and 3 pre-installed fans with a PSU shroud I honestly don't think there's a better case out there for 25 bucks here's another huge discount on a gaming headset so this thing usually goes for more than $120 so you will be saving a lot on this it's a closed back full-size headset with a velour ear that provide excellent noise isolation and based on the reviews on both Amazon and Newegg this thing is a beast sapphire is having a pretty small sale on an Rx 484 gigabyte variant which is going for $185 with a mail-in rebate and also if you guys are looking for a power supply for your next build then you should check out the courser CX 550 M which is a modular PSU that's going for 30 dollars after the mail and rebates and also you guys get a $5 discount code listed on the screen sticking with PC parts use a solid deal on a great motherboard so the azrog z170a is going for $60 after a mail-in rebate which is actually a really good deal considering most z170 boards start at $90 and finally we have two CPU coolers the first one is the very popular 212 Evo which does an amazing job on keeping the temps cool for overclocking and you guys can get that for $20 after the mail and rebate and finally for my enthusiasts out there that want cooler temps with virtually no noise at all we have to be quiet dark Rock pro three cooler going for sixty dollars this is clearly going for ninety dollars in Amazon so you will be saving around 30 dollars on this this is actually the cooler I'm using on my test bed believe it or not so that is it for the video as always you guys can find everything I mentioned linked down below if you guys want to see another one of these for Cyber Monday make sure to leave a like also let me know in the comment section if you guys decided to buy anything I mentioned in this video I'm curious to see what you guys picked up thank you so much for watching as always I will see you in the next video
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