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Best Bluetooth Keyboard -Logitech k480 (4k)

what is up guys bar back here with tech source and in this video we are going to be taking a look at the new Bluetooth keyboard from Logitech the K or 80 now I usually don't get excited for Bluetooth keyboards but this one has a neat little feature built in that really stood out to me unboxing the package you get the keyboard itself and some documentation and that's pretty much it now if you haven't guessed by now the feature that I was talking about a little earlier is this knob it allows you to switch in between three Bluetooth enabled devices with ease but more on that later this keyboard does come with batteries so when you take it out of the package you're ready to go and there is no need to run out and get some which is always nice on the back there is also the power switch which i think is a great location for it so you won't accidentally switch it on or off when you're using the keyboard prepare the keyboard with your device all you have to do is hold either the PC button for PCs or Android devices or the I button for iOS devices for three seconds add three seconds a blue light will start blinking letting you know that the keyboard is ready to be paired all you do then is go into your Bluetooth settings menu and click the Logitech Keyboard option and that's it with this keyboard you get a nice amount of control over your device like being able to go back home access Siri multitask play or pause music and even change the phone's value now on to the important part the keyboard I have to say it feels pretty good just enough tactile feedback to make typing enjoyable now don't expect a gaming keyboard when you buy this but it's perfect for typing it's as easy to pair your Android phone as well switch the knob to the number you want your phone assigned to hold a PC button click Logitech keyboard and then confirm the code by typing it on the keyboard and hitting Enter now you can easily use both iOS and Android with this keyboard just by switching through the three options with the knob this keyboard works great with Android as well there is no lag and it features a lot of actual control over the device right from the keyboard you can go home access Google now take a screenshot and much more now I wanted to see just how much devices I can fit onto this keyboard and I managed to get up to three modern size smartphones to fit in the groove which is great since the knob supports up to three different devices again it couldn't be easier to switch in between all these devices something to note here are the rubber feet located at the bottom of the keyboard they are extremely grippy and thick this is important for a keyboard when you're using it you really have to be pushing it to be able to make the keyboard notch a little you shouldn't have any problems at all with typing on this keyboard well that is it guys the best multi Bluetooth keyboard you can buy and only just that 50 bucks it does also come in a white color in this video I used it with phones but there is no reason you can't hook it up to your computers or anything really that has Bluetooth and just have one keyboard for your whole house if you guys enjoyed this video be sure to leave it like and if you're interested in this keyboard you can find a link in the description section that will take you to the product page but anyways guys this is Bob from tech source and I'll see you in the next video you
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