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Best Budget Gaming Gear Under $25 - Holiday Gift Guide

huge thanks to 23andme for sponsoring this episode more about it later in the video what's up guys it's a from tech source and as the holidays get closer and closer it's my job to help you guys out on some gift ideas so can we focusing on gaming tech under $25 because a lot of us are on a budget for the holiday season everything mentioned in this video will be linked below so with that said let's start off with the best mechanical keyboard under $25 actually this is the only mechanical gaming keyboard under $25 and it's from Aki it's an 87 ki mechanical keyboard with blue switches and it's the perfect gift for any gamer out there while it may not have RGB lights or a 10 ki numpad it's still the best choice out there for less than $25 you can't have a keyboard without a mouse and what I recommend is the her LEF 300 which is a 5000 dpi Mouse with an optical sensor and RGB lighting the fact that you can customize the lights using their software is pretty awesome because no other Mouse in this price range offers that level of customization there's a dedicated dpi button up top along with a button to cycle through the colors and this is actually the mouse that end up being my favorite one out of the top 5 mice under $25 video so in case you guys are looking at other options I'll link that video below rounding up the gaming peripherals we got the gqo gaming headset this is the USB gaming headset with a built-in microphone which has a flexible arm these are also really light after a few minutes of wearing them you will forget that they are on your head the microphone quality on this gaming headset is surprisingly good and there's no editing done to this by the way this is what it sounds like in fact it's actually a lot better than some gaming headsets that cost around 50 bucks it's also very comfortable with padded cushions and they are large enough so that it covers the entire ear but don't expect any noise isolation because you can pretty much hear everything around you clearly the only downside is that you can't adjust the height of the headband instead the headset adjusts itself because the padding for the headband stretches out as you wear it this next item is something I actually bought for myself and decided to include it in this video because it's an awesome piece of tech so this is a headphone hanger but it also doubles as a charging dock and a cable holder so in addition to hanging your headphones on here you can also hook up your charging cables or anything similar you can also charge your headphones or other accessories by using either of the three USB ports which is super convenient I'm currently using the Bluetooth headphones and the Mophie ninja's which are both battery-powered so it's nice to be able to juice them up while they're not being used it comes with an extra adhesive tape and three cable management clips to help you route the power cable underneath a desk now if you don't want to use a 3m tape you can actually use the two screws that it comes with and drill it to any surface you want you're definitely gonna see this a few more times on the channel because I absolutely love it and I highly recommend it for anyone with multiple headphones you can actually use those ports to charge your smartphone power banks and other accessories they're not only for headphones speaking of cable management this is something I know you guys are gonna like assuming that you haven't heard of it by now so this is the magnetic cable organizer from the case you get three tiny cable clips which are magnetic and each one has a specific length that it can fit so this here is my charging station in my studio where everything gets juiced up and ready to go I attach the magnetic clips to the side and hooked up a microUSB cable so whenever I need to charge my devices I simply grab it from the base and hook it up to my device the magnetic feature is really convenient and I strongly recommend this to anyone trying to improve their cable management game next up is a laptop bag that I've been using for the past six months now I recently switched to the ghost tech one which I did a video on but Powerbank actually fell off after a few weeks of use so I decided to go back to the cool Bell bag it's a really nice looking messenger bag that can fit up to a 15 point five inch laptop it's got a front zipper near the side and two additional horizontal pockets one in the front and one in the back the middle compartment is where you can store your laptop and it also comes with two pouches what I like about the cool Bell bag is that it comes with a detachable strap so you guys can decide whether you just want to carry it using the handle or strap it around your shoulder but the most convenient feature for me personally is the luggage strap in the I absolutely love this because I travel a lot with a carry-on so being able to hook this up to my luggage is very convenient for me I personally love the gray color but they do have a few different colors to choose from and actually at the time I did pick this up for $20 on sales so it might be a little higher this time around but regardless it's an awesome messenger bag which is why I'm recommending it last but not least we have a vertical stand for the ps4 pro so this comes with a cooling fan and it adds two additional USB ports for a total of four the cooling fan won't give you extra performance but it will keep the temps down on your ps4 prolonging the life of the hardware inside it also comes at two charging docks for the controllers and I think it's a cool piece of tech to clean up your console station-keeping guys a place to store your ps4 and controllers what's cool about the vertical stand is that it will let you know when your controllers are fully charged via the LED indicator down below this one is made for the ps4 pro specifically but they do have one for the slim and for the regular PlayStation 4 as well which I will link below that pretty much wraps up this video if it was very helpful to you guys dropping a like would be awesome but if you guys didn't like it feel free to dislike as well and please let me know your constructive criticism in the comments section below everything mentioned in this video will be linked below as well thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you in the next one have you guys ever wondered who your ancestors are well check this out guys there's this company out there called 23andme who specializes in finding out more about you literally 23andme was named after the fact that the human DNA is organized into 23 pairs of chromosomes so they sent over one of their saliva kits and sponsor this episode and all I have to do is spit in this tube and send it over to their lab so that they can test it out and break down my DNA the cool thing about this is once you get the results back you will know more about your ancestry genetic traits and even your health things like how your DNA influences your facial features hair taste preferences sleep quality and more your 23andme results can help you grow even closer to your family by learning more about the genetic connections you share with them for example I'm actually curious to find out if my mom has the same taste preferences as I do I do encourage you guys to do this with me or if you just want to help support the channel then head on over to 23andme comm slash tech source and pick up a kit for you and your family today I will be showing my results with you in another video so you guys are curious to learn more about me then you're gonna have to stick around to find out more thank you so much again for watching and I will see you in the next video
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