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Best Budget Gaming Mouse Under $20

what's happening guys seven tax tourists welcome back to another roundup video but we look at the best budget gaming gear on there a certain dollar amount if you guys remember last time we took a look at some dope RGB mouse pads and I'll jump link below if you guys want to check that out but in this video we're gonna take a look at the best budget gaming mice under $20 so I went in Amazon and I bought all the gaming mice on the $20 that had high ratings and lots of reviews so with that said let's kick off the video with the popular Logitech G 300s so this goes for $20 and it's an optical gaming mouse designed for people with tiny hands if you guys have large hands like me do not buy this mouse it's very uncomfortable the cool thing about the g 300s is the extra buttons on top which are great for macros it will take some getting used to but the software allows you to easily change the functions on there as well as control the RGB lighting on the side the mouse is really light so it's easier to pick up during gaming but one thing I noticed while using the mouse is that it requires a little more force than usual when clicking and they're pretty loud too I do wish the added some type of texture for the scroll wheel because it can get slippery if you have oily or sweaty hands but I don't know it's a decent Mouse for tiny hands I give it a 3.5 next up is the popular red dragon m6 a1 with over 6,000 reviews it's going for 12 dollars and it might already be a deal-breaker for most people due to the color scheme it has red accents and red lighting which can be disabled using their poorly made software when it comes to comfort it's not the most ergonomic Mouse on the list it feels very rough due to the texture of the top mouse buttons and I'm not a fan of the ABS plastic side grips it's also a very flat Mouse so it's not ideal for claw or finger type grips for Palm users however it's great what I do like what the mouse or the textures on the side button as well as the scroll wheel for gaming it's not bad it definitely gets the job done it's very light it tracks well and you can actually adjust the weight by removing the rear cover and adjusting the weights that way personally the mouse is light as it is with the entire set on but the option is there to make it lighter the feedback on the clicks are also much quieter than the G 300s and for $12 I feel like you really are getting what you pay for I'm surprised this has a lot of positive reviews on Amazon my waiting on this is a 2.5 next up is the her lef 300 which comes in at $18 I gotta say the lighting on this mouse is pretty cool there are some noticeable hotspots but if you keep the color cycling then it's not that noticeable there's even a dedicated LED button right next to the DPI button which lets you cycle through a few different effects however you do have more options for lighting through their buggy software you might experience issues setting up the RGB lighting I'm hoping they can fix this in an upcoming update because they now work for me even using two different pcs lighting aside is very comfortable in the side grips along with the light weight to make it very easy to lift and slide around during gaming the buttons are very easy to reach however I would have liked to see some texture on the scroll wheel but it's not a big deal considering it does have a rubber type grip on it I would say this mouse is great for all grip types it's not too flat or round however it is designed for right-handed users only it's also not loud and the clicks provide great feedback it's really a shame because I really like this mouse if it wasn't for the buggy software I would have given it a higher rating but for now it's a solid four for me next on the list is another red dragon Mouse the m7 11 Cobra which is way better than the m6 so one for several reasons first off the design it's way more comfortable and the software is so much better there are two DPI buttons on the top to cycle through the sensitivity and the third button controls the RGB effects but you do have more options to tweak the sensitivity and the lighting through the software the mouse has a nice smooth surface with textured grips all around including the scroll wheel the clicks provide great feedback and tracks really well on both cloth and hard surface mouse pads I really enjoyed my time gaming with this mouse and so far I would say it's the best gaming mouse on the list I can't find any reason not to give this mouse a five out of five well done red dragon next up is the cheapest mouse on the list coming in at just $10 this mouse is more on the larger side and its slightly heavier than the others but it is still comfortable to use I'm personally not a fan of this cracked look style that it has going on and the fact that you can't control the lighting might be a deal-breaker as well too people so it mouse has a really smooth surface and the grips on the sides combined with the concave design makes it really easy to lift and slide around I've been in 1 & 2 any issue as well gaming on it I do like the grip on the scroll wheel however the side buttons are a bit too high and they're also too thin for my taste the clicks on the mouse are noticeably louder than the other mice on the list and it does feel like it requires a little more force as well just like the G 300s from Logitech I mean for $10 you can't really ask for much I don't even know how this company is making money selling this mouse I give this a solid 3 out of 5 these next two mice from pic tech are very similar in terms of build quality and specs it's got the same dpi in the same sensor so the mouse on my right hand is actually the newest version and it has a different design and RGB lighting but for the most part both the mice feel the same the newer version of the mouse also happens to be the number one seller on Amazon they both have a texture to grip on the side button and the scroll wheel which is nice and they're both very comfortable to use during gaming they're not that life at the same time they're not heavy as well making it very easy to lift and slide across the mousepad the newer Mouse has one extra button on the side which you can program and the software is more advanced giving you more lighting options to choose from personally I like the design of the older Mouse better but the RGB lighting and the software on the newer version is way better you have more RGB options on the newer Mouse compared to the older one this company over here definitely knows how to make mice I gave both of these a 4.5 last minute least we have another red dragon Mouse this one is the m602 and it goes for seventeen dollars this mouse is the widest one from the list so it's more cater to people with larger hands it also has a contour shape to it so it has these subtle resting points for your thumb and pinky finger on the other side I have to admit though it was a little weird coming to this Mouse from the others because of the contour shape so it might take some getting used to but I did find it comfortable near the end despite it being a really light Mouse it's not so easy picking it up because of how wide it is so I don't recommend it for fast paced games the scroll wheel has a textured grip to it and so does one of the side buttons to help distinguish the difference and there are two things I don't like about this Mouse the red braided cable which defeats the purpose of heavy RGB mousepad in the first place and once again the software it's very buggy and I can't get the RGB lighting to work looks like it's stuck on the default a rainbow cycle so if you're looking for a static color I would look elsewhere if they change their cable and they fix their damned software I would have given this a 3.5 but for now it's a solid three and that does it for my roundup of the best gaming mice under $20 if you guys enjoyed the video feel free to toss that like to show your support and if you didn't you know what to do I'll jump link below of course to all the mice feature in this video let me know also in the comment section if you guys are planning on picking up any of this gaming mice for yourself also let me know in the comment section if I missed a gaming mouse under $20 that should have been in this video because I might do a follow-up in 2019 we still got keyboards headsets microphones and game runners coming up guys so make sure you're subscribed I'm done talking I love your faces thanks again for watching and I'll see you in the next one
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