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Best Budget Gaming PC Builds - Holiday Buyer's Guide

what's up guys it's a from Texas and welcome to my gaming PC buying guide for the upcoming holidays I am making this video in mid-november so by the time you're watching it the prices have either increased or decreased so please keep that in mind also make sure you guys are checking dual source tech because it's gonna be crazy packed with deals during the holidays I'm talking pages and pages of PC hardware that are going on sale so if you guys want to save some money on tech make sure you're bookmarking via source not tech I'm gonna be giving you guys my personal recommendation for two very powerful budget gaming pcs on their $700 we're gonna be doing one for Intel and one for AMD and both these pcs will get you 60fps maxed out settings and 1080p for most triple-a titles out there and fact I'm actually gonna be building one of these PCs and benchmarking it for December and I want you guys to vote using a strop holding below which one of these pcs you want me to build and benchmark and also maybe even do a build guide the Intel PC or the rise in PC let me know guys vote alright so let's click off the video by looking at the rising build so I'm gonna be going with the rising 3 1200 which is a 3.1 gigahertz quad-core processor that can easily be overclocked to 3.9 gigahertz or if you're lucky enough a 4 gigahertz clock speed just using the stock cooler the value you get out of the CPU after overclocking is why it's so popular and that is why I've included it in this build we don't have to spend any money on the cooler since the stock heatsink is good enough but we do need a solid motherboard that supports overclocking right now the asrock AV 350 M has the best value out there for risin that goes for only $60 but I'm actually gonna be going with the MSI B 350 M for only $20 more because this board is much better and more reliable based on my experience between these two boards I've had way more luck with the MSI the overclocking is more stable it's more reliable compared to the asrock and I think I've built three pcs using the azrog a B 350 M and all three times I've run into problems using that board now I'm not saying that the boards I'm sure a lot of people out there have actual positive experiences with asrock and for $60 it's actually a really good deal but I'd rather spend extra $20 and get a better motherboard oh and also the MSI be 350 M supports faster memory speeds for RAM I went with eight gigs rated at twenty four hundred megahertz because there will be little to no gain by going with faster rated RAM sticks twenty four hundred megahertz is the sweet spot for Rison and I went with team Vulcan this time around because of the price and color scheme ddr4 prices right now are all over the place and currently these are the best ones that fit the budget and color scheme for storage we're going with the usual one terabyte from WD however you can add any other type of storage you like so for example if you want add SSDs or I'm not to drive you are welcome to do that for the graphics card I picked up his attack GTX 1060 mini which is the six gigabyte variant and this card will pretty much handle anything you throw at it in max settings in 1080p when compared to the rx 580 they're actually both neck-and-neck this card isn't that much better but looking at overall performance the 1060 does come out on top it's also the most affordable 1060 available at the time of purchase coming in at only $240 but I guess it's back up to the original price of $260 which is still the lowest price next to EVGA both of these cards are going for $260 the EVGA does have a slightly higher boost clock and in case they raise the prices of the zotac 1060 again I'll leave a link to the EVGA version as well powering the build is a 450 watt power supply from EVGA and the case we are going to use cost only $27 and it also has a clear side panel with four USB ports two of which are USB 3 and it comes with two fans pre-installed we got a 1/2 20 millimeter fan in the front and an 80 millimeter rear fan for $26 and free shipping this is really hard to be the entire build will cost you a little under $650 and it's one of the best budget gaming PC's you can build to achieve 1080p gaming and high settings this next build is very similar we're going to be using the same graphics card the same power supply and storage however we're going with a different CPU and the total build is gonna cost around $80 more so we're going with the new i3 8100 quad-core CPU it is a locked processor with no hyper threading or turbo clock however does feature for physical cores and clock speed of 3.6 gigahertz which should hurt through games without a problem it is a locked CPU which means that we can stick with the stock cooler since we can't overclock anyways and since this is a coffee like CPU we do need a Z 370 board and currently the most affordable option is from MSI it features two PCI by 16 slots it also has four dimm slots and that to support an eight USB 3 ports in the back it has all the essentials for a low-end a Z 370 board and in the near future if you guys ever want to upgrade it to an unlocked CPU and overclock it you can do that easily with this board now for RAM I'm actually going to be using the g.skill ripjaws 5 instead of the Patriots because these have a higher clock speed 3200 megahertz compared to 2400 and according to benchmarks everywhere the i3 8100 shows a noticeable performance increase with faster memory you can see potentially up to 10% more FPS going with the 32 hundred megahertz compared to a 20 400 megahertz rated memory stick and I'll go ahead and drop a link to this article below if you guys want to see the full benchmarks finally the case we are using is the DIY pcp 48 just to change things up a bit it's a white mid tower chassis with a closed side panel but it does feature a front panel USB 3.0 port and it can support up to three hard drives and two SSDs the entire build will cost you a little over $700 as always I'll leave a link to everything down below so yeah guys those are my two personal recommendations for budget build in fact these are the pcs I would build for a friend or relative if they had a budget of around $700 it's definitely hard to beat but let me know guys again vote using the scroll polling which one of these pcs you want me to physically build and do a benchmark the intel or the Rison build let me know by clicking that strawpoll link and voting as well as in the comment section let me know if you guys want to see a build guide because I haven't done one of those in a long time so I think I'd be a pretty cool package for December again I think I so much for watching I love your faces I will see you in the next one peace
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