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Best Cyber Monday Tech Deals! - 2016

so guys before I start this episode I gotta let you know that nice is having a Cyber Monday special just for my subscribers by now most of you guys are probably familiar with the nice app it's where you can watch my videos early find amazing deals and try some really cool tech for free the best part is that the app is free and it combines the best of shopping and watching videos from any other youtubers so make sure you guys click on the link down below if you're interested in checking out the app and maybe save some money on Cyber Monday alright so before we get into the juicy deals anchor is having a cyber week deal on their products from portable chargers wall charger speakers iPhone cases and a bunch more the discount codes are listed on the page so all you guys need to do is click on the product which will take you to Amazon and then you can check out using their discount code on top of that anchor is doing a daily giveaway so if you guys sign up you'll be eligible to enter anchors daily giveaways I'll drop a link with more details and the link to their page down below so definitely check them out guys so for example one of the deals on their website is their power drive - which is an advanced car charger that features power IQ which provides the fastest possible charge up to 2.4 amps per port if you put in a discount code you can pick it up for only $6 next up is a solid budget gaming headset from said's that features a flexible microphone and it's compatible with PCs Xbox one and the ps4 but if you guys put this code in you can save 10% off this headset bringing the total down on their $20 here's another cool deal on a wireless gaming mouse from habit so it features seven buttons and three LED colors to match your setup and based on the reviews you can't go wrong picking this up especially at $20 but if you guys want 25% off make sure to use this code which will bring the total down to $15 making it one of the best deals out there for a wireless gaming mouse eBay is killing it with their cyber monday deals in fact most of these might be already sold out by the time you guys are watching the video but regardless here they are so the first deal is a 34 inch ultrawide monitor going for 250 dollars now this is a 2560 by 1440 P display that features free sync not the best for gaming but for productivity and casual gaming it is perfect there's also a canon pixma color printer with scanner and copy going for $41 which is currently 72% off and the reason why I'm recommending this printer compared to the others is because their ink is much cheaper if you buy in bulk I personally use a Pixma myself an unlocked note for is going for a ridiculous price of a hundred and sixty dollars but keep in mind that this is refurbished but regardless it's a hell of a deal the Logitech G 9/10 orion spectrum mech keyboard is also discounted to ninety dollars this exact same keyboard is going for one hundred and forty dollars on amazon and features full RGB lighting macro keys and a spot to hold your smartphone which is pretty cool the new google chromecast is not only discounted to twenty-five dollars but also comes with three months of HBO now for free this thing is sold over 16,000 units and it's almost depleted and finally on eBay is the popular 6600 K quad-core processor which is excellent for mid-range gaming PC's and it sold more than 95% of stock so apologies if it's already depleted by the time you guys are watching this video but those shopping around for a solid plug-and-play microphone and check these deals out the snowball ice microphone is going for 40 dollars which is normally around 50 dollars and if you guys want to hear some sound test check out my top 5 microphone video under $50 which I'll link down below this was actually the best sounding microphone compared to the other four featured if you guys have a bit more to spend then the blue Yeti is the next best choice for around $100 perfect for voiceovers screaming and even recording music right now it's at the best price ever as always Amazon is having a sale on their own devices so the Amazon tap is $40 off and their echo is $10 off for my Sony boys out there the DualShock 4 controller is going for a ridiculous price of $34 which is the lowest I've seen on these normally they would be discounted only by $10 so I decided to grab two of these for backup speaking of consoles the Xbox one s 500 gigabyte minecraft bundle is going for only 212 dollars the regular 500 gigabyte xbox slim goes for $300 so this is a really awesome price this is the perfect gift for Christmas for your younger relatives or maybe you guys have children out there but definitely snag it now while it's this cheap the popular UE boom 2 speaker is going for $130 and there are a few deals on mice this time around the Logitech g600 2 which is going for $40 the Razer DeathAdder chroma for $48 and the Roccat Italian Gaming Mouse for a solid 50 bucks if you guys remembered the video I did on this a few weeks ago but didn't pull the trigger on it yet then you're in luck because it dropped in price by $200 making it the best drum you can buy for this price tag but just in case you guys did buy it a few weeks back you can actually return it back to Amazon and buy this one instead if you want to save 200 bucks a jaybird X tubes are still the same price since Black Friday still making it the best pair of Wireless buds for that price point finally let's take a look at some awesome GPU deals now first up is the cheapest GT X 1080 that you will find anywhere guaranteed the MSI GTX 1080 is going for five hundred and seventy-five dollars after a male and rebate you guys won't find a cheaper ten eighty anytime soon if you guys have a bit less to spend then check this deal out instead I did find one of the cheapest 1070 s available online so this one happens to be one of my favorite GPUs as well the EVGA 1070 Super clock Edition then there's the gigabyte g1 gaming 1070 also for $400 so it depends on what color scheme you're going with that matches your current build for the people that have budgets out there the XFX RX 484 gigabyte variant is currently the cheapest rx 4ad out right now coming in at just 210 dollars as opposed to 240 dollars from other brands and finally on Amazon we have another deal on the AR X 480 from gigabyte but with a slightly higher core clock and this will cost you $10 more than the XFX but in the form of a rebate these last five deals from you egg are all PC parts as well first up is the cursor h 115 i cpu cooler going for $95 after a mail-in rebate then we have the 6800 k-6 core processor which is still on sale since Black Friday coming in at 380 dollars and then there are three more GPU deals the XFX rx 480 at $210 which is actually a better deal than the 4 gigabyte from Amazon since this one is the same price but you get 8 gigabyte of memory and stead here's another awesome deal on a gtx 1080 from gigabyte is going for six hundred and thirty dollars now this is a much faster 1080 with a higher clock speed compared to the msi armor at 575 which we just looked at so in the scenario you are paying a little more for performance speaking of gigabytes they also have a deal on their 1070 and it's actually cheaper than the one on amazon by fifteen dollars assuming you guys are okay with email and rebate and the reason why i include multiple deals of the same card is in case the other one is sold out so those are all the best deals I've found for cyber monday if you guys live in the UK or canada make sure to check out the links down below I will leave some really awesome deals for you guys as well and also guys make sure to bookmark deals or tech because we will continue to upload daily tech deals throughout the rest of this week for cyber monday and there will be awesome deals for UK in Canada as well thank you so much for watching I will see you in the next video
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