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Best Holiday Tech Deals - 2015

so the holidays are here once again and our wallets we'll be going on a diet I feel like it's my responsibility as a tech channel to share with you guys some awesome tech deals for the holidays and since Black Friday and Cyber Monday are around the corner why not make a video about it GT Way is your one-stop shop for extremely cheap cd-keys for any game out there never pay full price again for your favorite games guys check it out by clicking on the link down below so this is a series I'm planning on hosting on tech source every Tuesday and if this is something you guys want to see done every single week on tech source make sure to backhand that like button so I know how to continue so I'm gonna zoom through this list real quick because there are a bunch of items I want to feature in this video you guys can find the links to them down below in the order that they are featured so it's easier for you guys to find them oh by the way in depending on when you're watching this video some of the deals below may or may not have expired already so starting off with some PC parts we have a 4790k processor down to $300 that's like $50 off right now on a very solid quad core CPU which is excellent for gaming you also get three free games with it csgo Just Cause 3 and world of warships which all cost over 100 bucks so not a bad deal if you guys have a slightly bigger budget than the 59 30k is going for only 460 bucks right now which is ridiculous this processor is usually around 540 bucks so you're saving like $90 over here so you get 6 cores clocked at 3.5 gigahertz which you can easily overclock and it's one of the best CPUs you can buy for gaming and productivity in fact this is the CPU I use for EXCI on the $5,000 gaming PC for August alright that's enough about Intel for you AMD guys out there the most popular budget CPU the FX 6300 is going for only 90 bucks and the FX 8350 is going for 150 all right now let's talk about some GPUs the MSI GTX 970 is going for 320 bucks it also comes with either Rainbow six siege or Assassin's Creed syndicate for a limited time and you also get $20 in a mail-in rebate the same games come with the EVGA GTX 980 superclocked edition - the rebate which you can also pick up for six hundred twenty bucks which is normally around six hundred and fifty so you're saving like thirty bucks over here for my budget gamers out there there's a gtx 960 that you can buy for 180 bucks which isn't really a big deal since the normal price is like a hundred and ninety but nonetheless it's on sale we also have a Sapphire Radeon r9 290 for two hundred twenty bucks and an r9 380 for three hundred bucks that comes with a $20 mail-in rebate my personal favorite budget CPU cooler the 212 Evo is currently at its lowest price ever coming in at just $27 if you guys want a really solid CPU cooler for your PC then this thing has your name on it I actually use this in my xeon pc build for october two Intel's newest 750 series PCIe SSD is also have a huge discount this usually costs over 400 bucks which is weird that they have it going for only 300 you get some seriously crazy speeds with this up to 2200 megabytes per second read and 980 right that's ridiculous if you're looking for a gaming laptop then you won't find a better deal than the Asus DB 71 listing rocks and i7 4720 HQ 8 gigabytes of ram and a gtx 950 m on a 15.6 inch 1080p display it's currently $200 off the retail price and you also get an additional $20 off via rebate card so you guys are looking for a gaming laptop for a holidays honestly I don't think you'll find a better deal goodness Samsung's 500 gigabyte 850 Evo also has a huge price cut $240 and the same goes for these SanDisk's 480 gigabytes for only 110 bucks next up is the coarser carbide series 200 our case which is 62% off now a very solid ATX pc case with lots of room for cable management fans and even the biggest GPUs it also features two USB 3.0 ports in the front and comes with a side window option for 26 bucks more so remember the top five gaming headsets under 50 bucks I did a few months ago while the G 430 headset is on sale now for only 40 bucks it's very similar to the g2 30 in terms of this but this is the newest version and also has Dolby 7.1 surround sound this is for my multi-monitor setup people if you guys thought ultra wide curb displays are too expensive then now's the time to make this switch we have a Samsung 34 inch curb monitor going for only 700 bucks now guys that's like over 50 percent off and as a 34 40 by 1440p resolution 4ms response time with a 60 Hertz refresh rate if you like gaming for fun and all you need a great display for productivity honestly bust out your wallet right now and get this because it's the lowest you will ever see if I don't have my LG ultrawide monitor behind me this is definitely in water I'll be picking up seriously those 70 bucks that's crazy now let's talk TVs we have an LG 43 inch 1080p 60 Hertz TV going for 285 bucks we also have an LG 49 inch 4k smart TV going for 504 the big boys out there a samsung 50-inch 1080p smart TV also for 500 bucks for console gamers you guys get 50 bucks off an Xbox one and 50 bucks off of the ps4 Uncharted bundle lastly here are some really great deals on other tech we have the NX 80 earphones that I've featured before on my cool tech videos and they're actually going for a little over twelve bucks now and these are the best earphones I have ever used and even still used today that costs under 50 bucks hell even cost under 20 bucks we also have one of the best and most affordable gaming mechanical keyboards that comes in at just 30 bucks normally this is $50 but the price has been lowered again as you can see for Black Friday it features 26 keys for anti-ghosting 7 LED backlit options and the keyboard is water and dust proof for mice we have a badass one from have't that comes in under 10 bucks it features 4 dpi settings 7 different LED options and 6 buttons but if you guys must go wireless then the Eagle tech mg0 10 is definitely the one you should check out coming in at just 11 bucks so that's basically my top picks on the best Black Friday deals so far but I go ahead and leave a link through a full page down below you guys when I check out other cool tech deals that I've been a cover in this video Amazon is also having a Black Friday special they're calling it the deals of the week or something like that and they're constantly adding items every hour on the page so what I did for you guys is I left a link to the Black Friday page for Amazon that you guys can bookmark and constantly check throughout the week because they always add some pretty cool stuff on there anyways that's it for the video if you guys enjoyed it make sure to hit that like button and if you guys want to see this done every single Tuesday let me know by dropping a comment down below also let me know what other tech products I should mention in these videos whether they're PC games or dishwashers or other cool tech items but feel free to drop a comment down below and I'll make sure to gather a list for that as well that's basically it thanks again so much for watching this is that from tech source and I will see you in the next video
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