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oh god no oh my head hurts oh the pain this can be please tell me it isn't so two silvers made of what so whadda two silvers made of who so whatta material all the pretentiousness is palp what would you last meal be if you could choose yo you got any last requests Oh actually yeah I do I thank you so much for the offer I'm like a chicken pasta very light marinara sauce I don't want it to overpower the taste maybe with some garlic bread on the side and a glass of wine would be phenomenal thank you so much now here is something we have never seen on the show before we have an Intel G 32:58 CPU what if you had to pick between YouTube boy or girlfriend what would you pick you can only choose one alright starting off with egg wait wait a great question already obviously YouTube I also notice your Baretta right next to your keyboard why would you put that on your desk and me my friends are gonna go out to a bar tonight come in you have to be out of your damn mind to buy one of those I mean the iPhone last but not least you can buy a 120 inch full array LED smart TV by Vizio for a measly $130,000 but if you sign up to the newsletter you guys can save 5% which means that you can save 6,500 bucks on this TV sell your house if you have to and buy this TV you can show it off to your friends your family I guess you won't have a home to put it in job well done sticking with the Green Team and what a better way to complete the build than a PC rocking a nvidia gtx 980ti inside that case and oh my dog when in God's name is going on in that case how do you get the names for your PC builds I get this asked so many times the process is simple I sit there lonely at night thinking of my past all the things I regret things I love and care about what is the meaning of life is their purpose today I don't give if this was made out of Jennifer Lawrence's hymen no cell phone case is worth $1,000 but I guess if you want to blow your money on something useless these are worse things you could buy Jennifer Lawrence's hymen totally chamfered Brad dude last but not least we have your wife with a there are literally LEDs everywhere you basically have enough lights in here to throw in your own grave drops phone my case this is obviously a Productivity type setup and like most productivity setups the wire management is great my heart under the giant is next up with a you I mean a triple monitor setup I rather into my hands and clapped and spend $1000 on
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