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Best Protective Case For iPhone7? | Ghostek ATomic 3

what's up guys is that from tech source and in this video we're going to be taking a look at the atomic three case from ghost tech you guys know I wouldn't make a video just for any case but when I saw the ip68 certification as well as the stylish design and premium material I had to see what this was all about I'm going to be unboxing the iPhone 7 plus model but they do have one for the iPhone 7 as well for me the unboxing experience is part of buying a product that I think goes tech did a great job with the packaging so inside here you get the case a lanyard and a microfiber cloth it feels a lot more premium than I thought it would for a few reasons one of which is its weight it comes in at about 95 grams and for contrast the iPhone 7 weighs 138 grams so that's like adding more than half of the weight of another iPhone 7 that's not to say it doesn't feel nice or it's heavy instead the added weight combined with the aluminum bumper makes the phone feel a lot more substantial and less prone to drops looking on the device we see raised rubber corners for increased drop protection tactile buttons a large round switch for your mute a go and rubber plugs that protect the Lightning port installation is straightforward appealing the screen shield off I inserted my iPhone 7 into the case and we installed a screen shield making sure the rubber seal was fully seated in its correct position and with that in place it's ready to go the one worry I had when purchasing this case was the shock absorption in case of a drop but when looking inside the frame you can see that there are rubber gaskets all around that separate the iPhone from the aluminum alright so testing out the waterproofing we went about five feet deep into a pool and left the phone there for about 45 minutes now keep in mind that the ip68 certification guarantees up to four feet for a maximum of thirty minutes but we wanted to put it through a bit more stress than that after drying the case and peeling the screen shield off we can see that the phone was still completely dry now what's the point of an IP 68 certified case on an already waterproof phone you guys might be asking well for me it's the type of water my phone comes into contact with saltwater for example will either damaged or destroyed ports that meets the corrosion I learned this the hard way one day when I went to the beach with my Galaxy s7 and nothing to worry about until I tried to put my phone on charge with no luck as the salt water had destroyed my charging port and then you have water that is filled with chemicals such as chlorine which is also harmful in the same ways just because your phone is waterproof doesn't mean you should be exposing it to all types of water without precautions and for me the atomic three adds the extra level of protection I need now usually with waterproof cases the sound takes a hit both in terms of calls and playback but surprisingly the audio wasn't impacted at all with the atomic three on you have a listen for yourselves I thought this is the microphone the quality tennis that I'm using the case on my iPhone 7 and I'm going to do the same test without the case on alright so again I'm talking on my iPhone 7 but this time I don't have a case on and this is what it sounds like you I don't really know how they achieve this with their engineering but good job nevertheless I did however see a slight impact and the responsiveness of the screen there were a few times where I wouldn't recognize my input but after using it for a day now I've gotten used to the screen shield and it barely happens besides that all the other buttons are easy to use and provide good tactic feedback the knob they decided to go with makes it easy to mute and unmute your phone with one hand and all the buttons seem to be made from metal there is one complaint I had and that is with the small lightning port cut out at its current size you'll only be able to use the Apple included cable or the ones really close to its size but unfortunately most docks seem to be out of the question the atomic three is priced at $55 for the iPhone 7 and $60 for the iPhone 7 plus and that is a pretty good deal not only are you guys getting a premium protective case but in my opinion a stylish one as well compared to other cases like lifeproof but anyways you guys are interested there will be links down below then guys so much for watching as always and I'll see you in the next video
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