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Best Tech Deals Of The Week | 01-05-2016

what's up guys welcome to another episode of best tech deals of the week for the first week of January starting off the new year we have some pretty sweet deal so let's begin let's first start off with a great deal on a laptop if you have $350 to spend towards one I suggest picking up this Asus 15.6 inch with a core i three four gigabytes of ram 500 gigabytes of hard drive space that comes with Windows 10 a laptop with these specs in this price bracket is definitely a great by jumping two TVs real quick an LG 42 inch 1080p TV is going for 340 bucks right now which is currently two hundred twenty dollars off normally the video shield goes for 200 bucks without a remote but for a limited time you guys can pick up this entire bundle with the remote for the same price for my Halo fans out there the Guardians limited collector's edition for the Xbox one dropped in price on Amazon and I also did a video on it so if you're curious what it comes with feel free to check it out if you're looking for a sweet gaming desk to change up or even start your own setup on then the Atlantic gaming desk is worth looking at there's currently one more left in stock and it's selling pretty fast because of the price cut staying on the topic of games batman arkham knight for the ps4 is going for thirty-eight dollars for the physical copy whereas the digital code is going for fifty bucks the hell's amazon doing we also have a pretty sweet wireless gaming mouse going for 13 bucks that's available in blue and red and if you looking for a pair of bluetooth earbuds under 50 bucks then you should check out the jar and motion pro sport earphones which are 50 bucks off right now jumping into headphones real quick you can find a pair of sennheiser HD 550 headphones for a little under 100 bucks and for those of you that don't know about these headphones I strongly suggest you to do some research because these are one of the best sounding headphones that you can buy they're comparable to the popular ath m50 exes but this one is fifty dollars cheaper for now if you're in the market for a widescreen monitor you can find a 22 inch auc monitor going for only 100 bucks you get a 5 millisecond response time 60 Hertz refresh rate on an IPS panel with super thin bezels it's crazy that's going for only a hundred dollars right now looking to upgrade your graphics card while the msi gtx 960 is going for 180 bucks with a twenty-dollar million rebate which also comes with a free copy of heroes of the storm keep looking for something a little more on the budget side the XFX r7 370 is going for 170 dollars with a ten-dollar mail-in rebate if you're building a budget gaming PC you can also pick up 8 gigabytes of RAM from crucial for $27 by using this code on the screen for five dollars off this one is actually a really great deal as well a 128 gigabyte USB 3.0 flash drive for only 29 bucks but it's only available for Prime members if you don't have prime you can find the same deal on newegg and i'll leave a link to both of them down below you lack cases for the iphone 6 and 6s are going for only two dollars if you put in this code so if you only have two dollars in your pocket and I looking for a new case for your phone then you better jump on this deal right now because it won't last long next up is a 27 inch IPS monitor from LG going for 170 bucks but the discount lies within the $35 mail-in rebates last but not least we have a 90 dollar discount off of the logitech g930 7.1 surround sound wireless gaming headset so everything I mentioned in this video will be linked down below as always if you guys enjoy these make sure to hit that like button and I'll see you in the next video
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