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Best Tech Deals Of The Week | 01-11-2016

what's up you guys is that back again from Texas and welcome to another best tech deals of the week please remember as always depending on when you're watching this video some of the products i go over may not be available so without wasting any more time let's check these out alright so let's start off with some dope deals from BH photo we have a 42 inch LG TV going for only three hundred bucks after the two hundred dollar discount also from BH photo we have a 24 inch samsung monitor going for 139 after an instant savings of 60 bucks it's a 1080p display with a 2 millisecond response time and a refresh rate of 60 Hertz which is pretty good for gaming moving forward we have a logitech mk5 20 wireless combo that comes with a wireless keyboard and mouse for around 35 bucks and finally a 128 gigabyte memory card from sandisk for twenty dollars off this is actually the SD card i used to shoot my 4k videos including this one for the channel and it's currently one of the fastest memory cards you can buy I strongly recommend these if you're shooting video especially in 4k resolution if you're looking for gaming laptops the lenovo y50 laptop is going for only nine hundred fifty bucks after the six hundred and fifty dollar discount but you do have to use this code in order to unlock that price the laptop supports a 15.6 inch 4k display with 16 gigabytes of ddr3 ram it's also running on Intel's i747 20 HQ processor a gtx 960 m graphics card and one terabyte of hard drive space which a cube item that is in a form of an SSD so it's technically considered a hybrid hard drive moving on to amazon we have a few other awesome deals like this asus 15.6 inch laptop that comes with an a350 10u processor and 4 gigabytes of ram you can also find the popular corsair k70 gaming keyboard for twenty dollars off and since we're on the topic of games Borderlands the handsome collection for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox one is going for only thirty dollars and if you were too broke to pick up the new call of duty black ops 3 game before well now you can sense it dropped in price as well for the playstation 4 xbox one and even pc sunset drive also dropped in price to $23 and although it's not and stock as of yet more will be available on the 14 so if you want a copy make sure to order it now sliding to newegg we have whew great deals on gaming parts a gigabyte gtx 980 TI going for six hundred dollars that comes with a free copy of rise of the Tomb Raider and a nice Rock fatality gaming motherboard that's going for only a hundred ten dollars it also comes with a twenty-dollar bill a rebate that drops the total price down to 90 bucks courser is having a new year sale on some of their best pc cases and power supplies from the RM 650 series all the way to the air 540 cases you also get free shipping so make sure to check out this page if you're looking to upgrade or start a new pc build and i'm going to drop a link to this page down below some of the great deals on newegg include this one terabyte external hard drive going for 55 bucks and this 22 inch 5 millisecond response time monitor from skepta that's going for only eighty dollars which is like 90 bucks off right now and finally you can pick up a gaming headset from Gambia's for only fifteen dollars that's compatible with pc ps4 and even xbox and the last deal isn't really a deal but if you pick up a SteelSeries variable 300 gaming mouse you also get a free qck gaming mouse pad which is valued at 12 bucks so those are the best deals for this week as always if you guys enjoy this series they want me to continue doing them every single Tuesday make sure to hit that like button and I'll see you guys in the next video
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