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Best Tech Deals Of The Week | 01-19-2016

what's up guys decide from Texas and welcome to another episode of best tech deals of the week we have a very short episode this week but we still have some pretty sweet deals but before I start the show I'm gonna share something pretty awesome with you guys if you've been following me on twitter and instagram i posted a picture of my new m50 exes and as you can see they are sexified if you will these are actually the brand's new skins they launched them I think sometime last week and you guys can pick them up in carbon fiber or matte black or titanium leather and a bunch of other combinations and colors they also even launched a new carbon fiber color it's actually blue carbon fiber and I'll go out and drop a link down below if you guys want to check them out but tell me that these don't look sexy I mean these look pretty damn sweet yeah these are pretty damn sweet I'm not gonna lie they're gonna make a great addition to my setup but yeah I'll go and drop a link make sure to check them out down below if you guys own a pair of m50 exes so we're gonna start off by taking a look at a great laptop deal for my UK followers we have an acer 11.6 inch laptop with two gigabytes of ram wedding on a dual core celeron processor for 109 pounds off the tests go website I will slowly add more UK deals in each week's episode since I now have a sh Taylor helping me out from the UK and for those of you that don't know who ash Taylor is he is a legend and making some of the best tech videos you have ever seen I'll drop a link to his channel so make sure you guys check them out this next deal is an amazing combo we have a pair of Mackay cr4 speakers that come with a THM 40 x is for only 170 bucks so you get an 80 dollar discount right off the bat the popular refract will define our 5 case dropped thirty dollars in price on newegg and holy hell guys this is by far the best deal I've ever found on the channel you can buy a 60 inch 4k smart TV from Samsung for about a thousand dollars you get like 800 bucks off the total price for my xbox fans out there you can buy a 12 month membership for 42 99 from CD keys com which is a legit website speaking of gaming the logitech g502 proteus is on on best buy for only 50 bucks I probably butcher the crap out of that name but if you're looking for a power supply for your high end pc build the corsair tx750 em dropped a few bucks on newegg and you also get twenty dollars back in a rebate this one is actually a pretty good deal as well for only seven bucks you guys can buy a 32 gigabyte USB 3.0 flash drive using the promo code listed on here and lastly an ace raag z97 motherboard going for 100 bucks with an additional twenty dollars mail-in rebate a few more awesome deals on newegg include a gtx 960 that has a twenty-dollar mail-in rebate and a 24 inch scepter or skepta monitor that has a built-in DVD player what anyways it's only going for 110 bucks when it's normally over two hundred thirty dollars lastly on vh photo we have a thirty dollar mail-in rebate for the gigabyte Z 170 x gaming 7 motherboard and an instant savings of eighty dollars off of the Philips 28 inch 4k monitor like I said this was a very short week thank you guys so much for watching if you enjoy these videos make sure to hit that like button and definitely make sure to check out the brands before you guys head out thanks again for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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