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Best Tech Deals Of The Week | 02-02-2016

what's up guys is that from tech stories and welcome to another best tech deals of the week video so without wasting any more time let's jump straight into this so starting off with a really great deal on a pair of RAM sticks I'm not really sure how long this one's going to be around but if you're building a new pc or are looking to upgrade your ram sticks and you should definitely pick these babies up for only thirty bucks staying on the topic of pc parts we have another power color r9 380 on sale for 170 bucks with a twenty-dollar mail-in rebate we also have a 58 20k processor that's only three hundred eighty five bucks and lastly on newegg we have a 25 inch LG monitor going for 160 dollars which is a pretty good deal too and as a 2560 x 1080p IPS display with 5 milliseconds response time and 60 Hertz refresh rate now let's take a look at some UK deals for you guys out there first up we have an acer 28 inch 4k gaming monitor and this baby has a 1 millisecond response time 60 Hertz refresh rate and a TN panel that's also g-sync compatible if that one is a bit too much we also have a 21.5 inch 5 millisecond response time 60 Hertz refresh rate monitor from Acer that's going for around 73 pounds and finally the last UK deal for this episode we have a one terabyte seagate hard drive going for around 38 pounds switching gears to amazon you can find an xbox 1 500 gigabytes lego movie bundle for around three hundred dollars and also the v-moda LP 2 headset that i recently featured in my top five headphones and our two hundred dollars also got a price job as well all the way down to 118 bucks the last item on amazon is this logitech g7 10 plus gaming keyboard with cherry MX brown switches that's currently going for 82 dollars and on ebay you can find a pretty good deal on an LG 60 inch 4k smart TV for only nine hundred dollars which is crazy stupid I don't know if this is still going to be available since I'm actually making this video on Monday but more than sixty-five percent of these TVs have been sold already if it is sold out the next best deal available for a 60 inch 4k smart TV is this physio m60 TV which is going for around 160 bucks more but still a great deal so that's about the best tech deals of this week if you guys enjoy these make sure to that like button and I'll see you in the next video
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