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Best Tech Deals Of The Week | 02-09-2016

what's up guys is that from Texas and welcome to another episode of best tech deals of the week now i'm not sure what happened over the weekend or why but this week we have a buttload of amazing deals so i'll try and rush through these as quick as possible so it's going to start the show so let's start with some deals on amazon we have a logitech type plus ipad 2 case that's going for around 50 bucks now it's normal prices sixty dollars which means that it's only ten dollars off but nonetheless it is a deal the corsair k70 keyboard is going for around 90 bucks and the course rm65 RGB gaming mouse is also at an all-time low coming in at just fifty dollars if you're looking for a great CPU cooler the cooler master 212 evo dropped only five dollars on amazon but it's going to take a look at some games real quick mad max on the Xbox one is going for $25 uncharted the Nathan Drake collection is going for 28 bucks for the ps4 and finally the metal gear solid 5 the phantom pain for the ps3 is only eighteen dollars the last deal at amazon i came across is this bluetooth speaker from em pal that's going for thirty-six dollars and this is the same exact bluetooth speaker that I featured in my top five bluetooth speakers video so you guys want to hear the quality make sure to check out the video for my UK subscribers out there I found a few deals for you guys the first one is a smartphone the 1+2 currently dropped its price down to 249 pounds for the 64 gigabyte model and I no longer requires an invite to buy for my console gamers out there you can find a great deal on either the xbox live or PlayStation Plus subscription for one year and lastly we have a gigabyte gaming laptop that's about 80 pounds off right now it's running on an i7 6700 HQ a GTX 970 M graphics card and 8 gigabytes of RAM also real quickly for my UK subscribers out there if there's a really cool website or a newsletter I can subscribe to to keep an eye out for some amazing views each week let me know by dropping a comment down below so I can bookmark it and use that every single week as well thanks so we have a crap ton of amazing deals on newegg this first one will expire on wednesday the 13th so keep that in mind if you're interested in buying one we have an EVGA 650 watt power supply going for 80 bucks after $20 mail-in rebate if you've been wanting to get your hands on the amazing Nexus 6p that now's your chance at a really good deal you can pick it up for only 450 bucks and not only do you save fifty dollars but you also get a $25 newegg gift card along with it also on newegg you can find a 23 inch 5 millisecond response time IPS monitor going for around 140 bucks which is currently sixty dollars off right now if you look in to upgrade your GPU we have a gtx 980 TI going for a 630 bucks with a twenty-dollar mail-in rebate and a free copy of rise of the Tomb Raider alternatively for my AMD guys out there there's a good deal on the XFX Radeon r9 390 which is going for 305 dollars with a thirty dollar mail-in rebate antec is also having a sixty percent off their psu's and pc cases so i'll leave a link to this main page down below for you guys to check out if anyone is interested for anyone out starting a pc bill the popular FX 6300 that i used in a lot of my budget PC builds it's currently ten dollars off from the usual 100 dollar price tag it isn't much but it's still something now this one is a pretty good deal you can get a for freaking terabyte hard drive from seagate probably $125 keep in mind that a one terabyte hard drive usually costs around 50 bucks so you do the math the g.skill ripjaws km 780 gaming keyboard that I featured in one of my cool tech videos also dropped forty dollars in price down to ninety dollars and if you're looking for a comfy and super cheap gaming headset the gambia's he be or hebei as you covered it's only 15 bucks and she'd be compatible with the ps4 and Xbox as well since it has a 3.5 millimeter jack but you guys might want to double check on that and finally we have two great deals on gaming monitors first up you have a 27 inch gaming monitor from Dell that not only has a 144 hurts refresh rate but also has a 2560 x 1440 p resolution on a TN panel oh and it also features invidious g-sync it's currently two hundred thirty bucks off which makes it an amazing deal now if you don't care for g-sync or have an AMD graphics card instead then the asus mg 279 q is the one for you it's a lot cheaper and has the same specs except that it's not a TN panel instead you get an IPS display which means that you might experience a motion blur and as a 4 millisecond response time instead of one from Dell but with an IPS display you do get vivid color and great viewing angles so that's for this week's best tech deals of the week if you guys enjoy these quick series of deals make sure leave a like on the video as it does help me out a lot and I will see you guys in the next video
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