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Best Tech Deals Of The Week | 02-16-2016

what's up guys at I from Texas and I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day weekend just like last week we also have a bunch of awesome deals for this week so it's going to dive straight in so starting off with some UK deals we have a 480 gigabyte SSD from sandisk going for around 85 pounds using the code SSD this next one is also a pretty sweet deal the new acer predator 34 inch curved martyr is also on sale for 700 pounds hey 3440 by 1440p IPS display with a 75-foot refresh rate and for millisecond response time pretty good deal if you looking for something a little smaller and more for hardcore gamers one of the best gaming monitors on this planet also dropped in price the ROG Swift 144 hurts g-sync monitor is going for around 500 pounds even the website states that it's the best gaming monitor ever then again everyone already knows that sticking with the topic of PC gaming we have an MSI r9 390 graphics card for 275 pounds which only has one and stock currently and the 95 6600 k processor going for 190 pounds which also has only one and stop if you're not a fan of AMD the gigabyte gtx 980 TI overclocked version is going for around 487 pounds as well with currently two in stock some of the UK deals i came across include this 16 gigabyte USB 2.0 for only four pounds a 23 inch viewsonic monitor with a 2 millisecond response time IPS display for 106 pounds and a two terabyte hard drive from Western Digital for only 67 pounds however this one isn't currently available but hopefully by the time you're watching this video it will be back in stock so that's it for all the UK deals now shifting back to the US first up you have a 24 inch LG monitor with a 2 millisecond response time going for 120 bucks this is the closest you can get to an actual gaming monitor for around a hundred dollars also on amazon we have a pretty badass looking 240 gigabyte SSD from PNY that's going for 65 bucks and also from PNY a 32 gigabyte USB flash drive for six bucks this next deal was pretty sweet but it's only available through ebay the very popular 88 m50 exes are going for 140 bucks with a free ATM let me remind you guys that this goes for around 150 bucks on amazon so not only are you saving a few bucks but you also get a free app with your purchase this thing sold over 500 units within the first 24 hours so by the time you watch this video they might be sold out if you're looking for a great deal on a mechanical gaming keyboard a popular CM storm quickfire rapid keyboard with blue cherry MX switches is going for seventy dollars off and also get a ten dollar mail-in rebate which brings your total down to 60 bucks speaking of gaming gear complement that keyboard with the popular courser m65 RGB gaming mouse that's going for only 60 bucks right now I don't know if this next deal is glitched or what but for some reason the sound bought sp2 71 bluetooth headphones are going for only twelve dollars which is like 80 bucks off right now the beyerdynamic t90 Tesla headphones are going for 453 bucks which is still a bit pricey but nonetheless it's on a discount with only three units left last but not least we have another 27 inch gaming monitor but this time from Asus 144 hurts refresh rate formula second response time and a 2560 x 1440 p IPS panel with free sync i personally would have loved to see one millisecond response time with g-sync but nonetheless this is a pretty good deal so that's a far the best tech deals of the week I want to take this time and ask you guys what sort of deals would you guys like to see more of on these episodes which you guys like to see deals on dishwashers or printer ink and stuff like that let me know by dropping a comment down below as always if you guys enjoy these make sure to leave a like and I'll see you in the next video
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